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About this mod

This mod contains a small collection of magical utilities, including Mark and Recall spells, craftable teleporters, a Bag of Holding, and more!

Permissions and credits

This mod contains a small collection of magical utilities, including Mark and Recall spells, craftable teleporters, a Bag of Holding, and more!

Craftable Teleporters

This mod allows you to craft two varieties of teleporters -- teleport orbs and teleport platforms -- using the Glass Smithing and Ebony Smithing perks respectively. Alternatively, you may very rarely find teleport orbs in random loot.

If you are skilled enough in Enchanting and Alteration, you can use these teleporters to create your own teleport network across all of Skyrim. Using a teleporter will consume a soul gem from your inventory, its size depending on the distance being traveled.

All of the skill requirements and soul gem costs can be customnized in the MCM.

Mark and Recall

Spell vendors now sell the "Mark / Recall" spell from previous Elder Scrolls games. Using this spell, you can mark a location, return to your mark, or return to one of your teleporters.

Bag of Holding

Arcane Blacksmiths who are skilled in Enchanting and Conjuration can craft a Bag of Holding, an interdimensional bag with no weight but infinite storage space. If you aren't a good enough blacksmith, you may find some Bags of Holding lying around the quarters of a few powerful mages.

Again, the skill requirements can be adjusted in the MCM.

Bits and bobs

If you explore the world, you may find four more spells of varying usefulness. Three of these can be bought from various merchants, but one can only be found by exploring! If you want to spoil yourself, read the very bottom of this description.


  1. Make sure you have Hearthfire installed.
  2. Install the newest versions of SKSE, SkyUI, and JContainers.
  3. Install Jaxonz Positioner or a similar mod; otherwise you won't be able to place the teleporters from this mod.
  4. Install Magical Utilities.
  5. Use LOOT to sort your load order.

Known issues

  • The names of your teleporters may use a different capitalization from the names you entered. This is because of how Skyrim treats strings, and cannot be fixed.
  • Sometimes when you leave and reenter a cell in which you have just placed a teleport orb, the orb will have changed its position. You will need to use Jaxonz Positioner (or a similar mod) to lock it in place.

Credits and Thanks

  • Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit
  • The SKSE team
  • The SkyUI and SkyUILib teams
  • silvericed for creating JContainers
  • Grantyboy050, whose mod Immersive College of Winterhold gave me the idea for the craftable teleportes found in this mod

Spoiler: Other Spells

Change Appearance

A master restoration spell which, you guessed it, allows you to change your appearance. This spell can be bought from Collete Marence or found in her room.

Fortify Speed

An adept restoration spell which doubles your speed for 60 seconds. This spell can be bought from various merchants.


An expert alteration spell which when aimed at an opponent makes them drop all of their equipment to the floor. This spell can be bought from various merchants.

Malicious Destruction of Vegetables

An apprentice destruction spell guaranteed to cause great disarray among any grocers in your vicinity. It can be found on the nightstand in Brelyna Maryon's room.