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This mod allows your character to sleep in bed.

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  • Polish

This mod for those, who don't like to sleep standing next to bed. It allows your character to go to bed before he fall asleep.

Yes, I know about at least four mods, that doing similar thing. Main goal of my mod is stability and safety. All scripts are event based and doesn't use polling, so it will not bloat saves even if something go wrong. I don't assign scripts to beds itself, so it will not harm beds even if something go wrong, bed will still work as usual.

How to use

  • To go to bed, use the bed as usual ( Alternative ways*: press assigned key/use sleep ability ).
  • To sleep, use the bed again ( Alternative ways*: press assigned key/use sleep ability ) when your character is in bed.
  • To get up, use movement keys.

* Alternative ways are available when corresponding method was set in MCM settings.



Use any mod manager or extract/delete mod files in Skyrim folder.


Should work with any bed furniture including custom beds from other mods, if those beds have proper sleep markers and proper navmeshes, so that the character can reach them.
May conflict with mods, which adds custom actions to beds.

  • Animations by Genebriss - version 1.21 and newer doesn't require patch. If you use 1.11 - 1.15 versions, then look for patch in Old files.
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases - install patch from Optional files and put it below Realistic Needs and Diseases. It should be compatible with any version of Realistic Needs and Diseases ( original, USLEEP, 2.0 and etc. ).


-Closed eyes-
Some people have an issue when their character get up with closed eyes. In version 1.0.1 scripted fix was added. To use it go to MCM and check "Closed eyes" option.
Another way to fix this issue is to install Mfg Console ( thanks to Elgar82 for hint ).

-Noble and dwemer double beds-
If you experience issue with noble double bed, which work only from one side, or with dwemer double bed, which don't work at all,
then install Unofficial Skyrim Patch ( USKP ). Noble bed was fixed in 1.3.1, dwemer bed was fixed in 2.0.7.

-Coffins in Hearthfire homes-
Coffins in Lakeview Manor, Windstad Manor and Heljarchen Hall cause your character to stuck. Use "Reset state" in MCM to unstuck your character. Install fix for Hearthfire coffins from optional files. Note that it requires both Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

-Rotated animation-
Sometimes "lie down" animation is playing oddly rotated when third person camera was not aligned straight behind the character when animation was started. You can use "Rotated animation" option in MCM. It will reset third person camera each time before start animation. Resetting the camera will also cause it to zoom in.


  • fixed issue with gamepad controllers, as from now movement stick can be used to get out of the bed;
  • fixed issue with inability to command your follower to go to bed ( your character goes to the bed instead of your follower );
  • fixed issue with inability to move when you found yourself near one of the stones after sleeping on Solstheim.


  • 1.27 > 1.28 - uninstall and install new;


SkyUI Team for SkyUI
SKSE Team for SKSE
Bethesda for Skyrim