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This Mod is extend Poser Hotkeys last version (v1.06) and add poser selective menu that can be select from pose list like the ShowPoseMenu.
The poser menu show a list of poses just by pressing the poser menu key, so can be easily select of pose!

Permissions and credits
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  • Chinese - Mandarin

This Mod is extend Poser Hotkeys last version (v1.06) and add poser selective menu that can be select from pose list like the ShowPoseMenu.
In the original, you must specify the pose from the MCM by number to select the pose, or if use a hotkey, you also have to playback poses one by one.
This "Poser Hotkeys Plus" show a list of poses just by pressing the poser menu key, so can be easily select of pose!

There is a not limit to the number of poser, packs, and poses.
You can add as many many poses as you like to the menu!
Each menu to show the last selected pose page, so does not have to be traced from the poser menu every time.
Also, the last selected pose number is displayed at the top of the menu, so you can easily check the currently selected pose.
Let's omit waste time for choose a poses!

Presents by Vatiwah (6:24~)
Presents by Ikari (7:00~)

  • SKSE 1.7.3+
  • SkyUI 4.0+
  • FNIS 6.0+
  • Mfg Console 1.1+
  • PapyrusUtil 3.2+
  • UIExtensions 1.2+
  • RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+
  • JContainers 3.3.0+

ScreenShot Assist 1.4 (Only "SSAssistQuest.pex" and "SSAssist.dll" are required)

This MOD has standard supported of the following posers.

Poser files is not include.
It is necessary to download and installed the poser you want to use from the above URL.
Enable "Poser Merged Module.esp", eps of multiple poser Mod becomes unnecessary.
also a lot of rings and spells will not be add to inventory so Inventory will be clean up.
Poser presets can be select when installation.
If no longer needed, please delete JSON presets. (SKSE/Plugins/PoserHotKeys/PoserData)

Basically it is the same as Poser Hotkeys.
First, select a pose from the poser menu (default: 0) or MCM.
Next, press the show pose key (default: Home) to play the selected pose.
Also can be next or back poses and change packs by press the arrow keys when playback of the pose.
To clear a pose is by press stop key (default: END) or jump.
If you target an NPC in the crosshair and press show pose key, the NPC will pose instead.

For more informations, Please check the Poser Hotkeys page.

In addition to the above poser mod, you can add more poser by creating preset.
If you have poser mod is updated, or added another poser mod, please run "PoserDataGen.exe" to auto generate the JSON file.
"PoserDataGen" should be download from original Poser Hotkeys.
(In case of MO environment, you need to register PoserDataGen.exe in MO and run it)

Please see the Readme for more details.

- 2018 / 11/4 v2.1

- Add launcher menu
- Add shortcut menu for poser,favorite and face settings.
- Add show launcher and settings menu spell.
- Add option to automatically show face with show pose.
- Add setting to specify facial mood when automatic show face.
- Add option to specify mood strength when showing face.
- Add option to randomize mood strength when showing face.
- Add random show face function (default: Shift + 9)
- Add detail setting for random show face function.
- Add a hotkey to get current Player or NPC face.
- Add a hotkey to delete selected face from face pack.
- Add all posers to gravure mode.
- Fixed a bug that pose will not be played back in order when two or more actors playing simultaneously in gravure mode.
- Fixed a bug that mind control and undress spell is not disappear even if the poser spells is disabled.
- Each option settings is shared with other saved data. (option settings will be handed over to other save data)
- Changed to use ConsoleUtil if ScreenShot Assist is not installed.(TFC & FOV Function)
- Other script improvements.

- 2018 / 10/15 v2.01

- Fixed a problem that automatic effects TFC,FOV,HUD are canceled when sneak or sprint key is pressed.
- Improved to display more detail messages when switching face pack from hotkeys.

- 2018 / 10/14 v2.0

- Split to MCM and main script.(Fix bug that MCM is not startup on environment and If change the hotkeys, does not necessary to reopen the MCM every time for to load keybinds in other save data)
- Categorize face menu (can be switch with change pack hotkeys [default: "Shift" + "↑ ↓" ])
- Add Face presets
- Add option to show mood strength list in face menu.
- Add mind control function
- Add player / NPC position adjustment function.
- Add invisible/visible for player function.
- Add function to change the moving speed of free camera in MCM.
- Add more gravure mode options in MCM.
- Add function to change hotkey enable/disable in MCM.
- Add Undres/Redress spell.
- Add Mind control spell.
- Add function to display warning messages when loading if required mods is incomplete.
- Fixed a bug that will not return to original FOV when in MCM FOV setting is changed during auto FOV change.
- Fixed an existing problem that the expressions of eyes and mouth do not work on other saved data.
- Fixed a bug that new favorite preset was not created when favorite preset not installed.
- Fixed a problem that can not get expression strength by Mfg Console bug. (Fix MfgConsoleFunc.pex)
- Improved to be able to set minus values for the expression of phoneme and modifier.
- Other script improvements.

- 2018 / 8/21 v1.31

- Fix Poser Merged Module.esp for some objects is not shown.

- 2018 / 8/10 v1.3

- Add Undres/Redress hotkey in MCM (Support SOS penis)
- Add detail setting to random pose in MCM.
- Add gravure mode and hotkey in MCM.
- Add detail setting of gravure mode in MCM.
- Add Poser Spell of gravure mode in MCM.
- Add Poser Spell of Face Menu in MCM.
- Add automatic FOV change function (When ScreenShot Assist is installed it smooth change is possible)
- Add expression menus and hotkey in MCM.
- Added function to rename face in MCM.
- Added function to copy expression from NPC in MCM.
- Update for GomaPeroPoses v12 preset.
- Other script improvements.

- 2018 / 6/3 v1.2

- Add function to previous menu with TAB key when show poser menu.
- Add function to show search windows with Jump and Sprint key when show the poser menu.
- Add favorites pack change setting in MCM.
- Add function to save favorite pose as a new name when adding favorite pose.
- Add Hotkey of the favorite menu in MCM.
- Add Auto free camera function in MCM.
- Add Poser Spells.
- Improved to display messages when pose change and add to favorite in more detail.

- 2018 / 5/1 v1.1

- Add presets for Larmir Pose.
- Add auto third person view function in MCM.
- Add HUD auto hide function in MCM.
- Fixed a bug that when stop facial expression, pose will be stop at the same time.
- Change to disable head tracking after player's stop posing.
- Change facial expression function can be switch even at normal times.

- 2018 / 4/28 v1.0 (Release to Nexus)

- Add random pose key in MCM.
- Add search function for poser in menu.
- Fixed bug that poses was not reflected when pose was specified from MCM.
- Fixed bug that correct pose was not selected when there was a pose name of the same name in the menu.
- Fixed Presets of Halo's Poser 2 (Halo's Pairs 2 - 6 are not shown in menu)

- 2018 / 4/15 Beta

- Add Poser selective menu in MCM.
- Added head track setting in MCM (Ignore head track setting defined in LIST.txt of FNIS)
- Added function to disable (unassigned) by pressing the ESC key when assigning the MCM key.
- Added function to clear all hotkeys in MCM.
- Added function to set all hotkey to default settings in MCM.
- Improved to display messages in pose playback in more detail.

Poser Hotkeys by mzin

Poser Hotkeys Plus by Millepon

--- Special Thanks ---
ShowPoseMenu ideas by sesamin
Custom ListMenu by towawot
Refer Adjust function by ousnius