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The reason given by the author is: I'm sorry to stop publish PHP. I received unreasonable complaints from the ShowPoseMenu author. He told me, display a list of poses is my original idea, so don't steal my idea. But I did not use his source code and created a script myself and add more functions poser search function, display to top menu of the pose number, and hold to last open menu etc. These functions is my thought ideas so I am not stealing his idea. And the idea itself has no copyright , so what he says is absurd. From the start, his idea(display a list) is not himself idea. because before ShowPoseMenu is created is already existed AddItemMenu, Quick Menu, F.E.P etc. If further pursue, He added the dance function the final version of ShowPoseMenu. This is the same as stealing of the dance idea he was telling me. I said, take a look at your own conduct. But he told me not to say anything about it and he said "If you can not understand, have it your way." I got tired of his self-centered claim. so stopped publishing PHP. I feel sorry for my dear fan that stopped PHP publishing. Thank you for reading.