• Nerethi Manor for Morrowind

    Nerethi Manor is a large housemod just outside Ald Velothi. No cost, just walk in.

    Large Master Bedroom and Bath
    Guards Chambers
    Servants Chambers
    Guest Bedrooms
    Display Hall
    Underground Vault
    Hidden Dungeon
    New Weapon

    Screenshots: [url=

    uploaded 14:31, 25 Jul 2007 437 26 2,581kb Sir-Stabs-Alot

  • 1 worlds mercanarys for Morrowind

    this is an mod that will add an guild called world's mercanary's to seyda neen and i am planning to make multiple guild halls over vvarvendel...(if i typed it good :P)i have not yet added file cause i am still working at it. I only have some screenshots to show how its going to become....the main guild hall in seyda neen will have multiple tr

    uploaded 11:11, 25 Jul 2007 230 7 1,601kb smiley9

  • ImperialDark Elf Weight Fix for Morrowind

    Makes Imperials less fat looking, and Dark Elves less scrawny looking.

    Made by Bloodrez (aka BlueBit)

    uploaded 2:50, 22 Jul 2007 146 6 1kb Bloodrez

  • Happier Hlaalu Textures for Morrowind

    Mod: Happier Hlaalu Textures

    Author: High Elf (Dreamora)

    The mod is no longer available at TesNexus.
    But it is on ElricM:

    Purpose of this mod:
    I was always fond of Hlaalu architecture, but depressingly grayish textures did not satisfy me.

    uploaded 7:37, 21 Jul 2007 357 1 0kb Dreamora

  • Cell_Imperial_Cuirasses for Morrowind


    After becoming a bit mad about the newtscale cuirass wasn't allowed as Imperial Legion cuirass, I modded the:

    -Imperial Newtscale cuirass
    -Imperial Silver cuirass
    -Imperial Dragonscale cuirass
    -Imperial Studded leather cuirass

    to be accepted as a Legion Cuirasses

    Expansions needed:

    None, only Morrowind


    uploaded 12:23, 19 Jul 2007 251 12 2kb Cell Lion

  • BSA Unpacker MW for Morrowind

    This is a graphical utility for browsing and unpacking morrowind BSA's, based on the bsa unpacker from obmm 1.1.0.

    Requires .NET 2.0

    uploaded 14:13, 17 Jul 2007 9,468 578 10kb Timeslip

  • ghostfence removed for Morrowind

    Removes the ghostfence. Ghostgate remains.

    uploaded 18:12, 16 Jul 2007 297 1 1kb kingevil

  • JamesWs Pelagiad Hideout for Morrowind

    uploaded 8:56, 12 Jul 2007 52 2 50kb JamesW

  • Coat of Arms Shield for Morrowind

    I'M BACK!
    ...sort of...
    I have a temporary modding comp I can use but it will only run Morrowind (It has the capability to run Oblivion, only problem is it has a Mobility 9 driver installed, which is mega outdated. It's an ATI driver, and I've checked their entire website, no driver updates. Anyone know where I can find the update?).

    uploaded 19:06, 11 Jul 2007 150 1 1,441kb redcore

  • Odai Estate for Morrowind

    a healthily sized chateau shadowed by the odai plateau. The villa contains an entrance hall, complete with a small fernery, a grand bedroom and an enourmous underground warehouse, A mine, Hydroponic Fernery a hearty bar with all available liquors in Morrowind, and a few more of the previous owners concoction ;). LOTS OF ROOM for display and storage

    uploaded 3:49, 7 Jul 2007 136 3 37kb domsichino

  • Serene Island Shack for Morrowind

    -----Serene Island Shack Version 1.0-----

    This mod(my first release) adds a small shack to the secluded island just northwest of Khuul(I've dubbed it Serene Island). The first thing most will notice about the mod will probably be the presence of a "usable" boat in Khuul. Upon activating the boat it will teleport you to the Island(yes it

    uploaded 3:46, 7 Jul 2007 85 6 3kb Xeo Xiarivous

  • Grs Better Sword of White Woe for Morrowind

    Ghost_-_Ruler's Sword of White Woe
    Version 1
    For TES3 Morrowind
    Just drop every thing save for the readme into the data folder
    Well when I got the Sword of White Woe it wasn't white, and it used a very ugly mesh, so I opened up
    nifskope and f

    uploaded 20:59, 6 Jul 2007 288 7 32kb ghostruler