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Fixes Michael Mack's misreadings of the word "Dunmer".

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Four out of the five times that male Redguards speak the word "Dunmer", Michael Mack pronounces it "Dumb-ner".

(Before you start quoting lore about historical rivalries between the two races; it happens on the high disposition greetings as well, and the only time he gets it right is on one of the lowest disposition greetings for when the player character is Dunmer.)

So I took to Audacity to try and fix it. This was like trying to thread a needle with a sledge hammer.

I reached out to Mr. Mack to see if he would be interested in re-recording the lines. He didn't respond.

So finally I decided to go at it hammer and tongs with Adobe Audition and a demo version of Rx7 Advanced. This did the trick.


This is a pluginless replacer for the sound files so you can just stick it in the same folder as the originals and let it overwrite (making a backup first is always smart) or do it the OpenMW or Mod manager/organizer/mash type thing way.

While you're downloading the mod, listen to Don Ross: