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Uses Lua to create a dynamic NPC "schedule": NPCs disappear, lock doors, and can't be talked to inside between 8 and 8. These three features can be toggled in an MCM.

Permissions and credits
Short of critical bugfixes, this mod is, for the time being, ABANDONED. Lemmingbas aka Celediel is working on a wonderful new "Forked" version with all sorts of improvements, which you can find here:

Using the power of Lua, this mod combines the functionality of disparate NPC scheduling mods in one mod-friendly, conflict-free package. For one, outside NPCs are disabled at night (because they're at home). The exception to this is vampires, werewolves, and guards.

Secondly, doors inside cities (demarcated by whether the inside and outside cell share beginning letters) are locked. The exception to this is Inns, so you can sleep there (this is done by looking at places with Publicans in them, so this mod works with The Publicans etc.). THIS INCLUDES GUILDS (by default) BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GOING TO RISK GETTING ROBBED ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT FOR SOME NOBODY WHO JUST SIGNED UP! /endrant

Thirdly, if you get inside at night, you cannot talk to/activate living NPCs, because they're "sleeping." This is so you cannot trade with people whose house you broke into, but also cannot just take their stuff. This, too, does not apply to vampires (or werewolves, if that somehow comes up).

Finally, in addition to the above, an MCM Blacklist lets you keep anyone and anything from being affected by this mod.

-Only transformed werewolves are excluded automatically
-As you might expect, this is weird in (vanilla) Vivec: only doors from the outside to the inside are locked, so you can wander around the Cantons etc. at night, but not talk to anyone
-The three features can be toggled in the MCM, in addition to a "cell-changing" button, a Blacklist, and other stuff
-Disabling/enabling NPCs and doors locking/unlocking triggers when you change a cell. Most cities span a few, so move around, or use the MCM button. *NEW* 1.2 has a timer to do this for you every 5 seconds.
-if you use the MCM to disable disabling npcs and locking doors, this also disables bringing them back to normal. So only turn those features off during the day
-The same holds for Blacklisting things
-In Illuminated Order, the Demnevanni Manor cell is named only that, without "Balmora" at the beginning. That cell and others like it are incapable of locking at night, due to my method of detecting whether a cell is in a city.

Version 2.0 does quite a few "under the hood" things to make this mod actually, y'know, work. Ergo, if updating to this version specifically, keep the following in mind:
-The mod now only enables people it disabled. Ergo, please start using the new version in the DAYTIME, since it cannot recognize those that prior versions disabled (and thus will not enable them).
-Prior versions accidentally enabled people who should be disabled (e.g. Siege at Firemoth people during Chargen). Unfortunately, if you choose to continue a savegame, these people will continue to be affected by the mod. Not a huge deal depending on where you've been, but could come up.
-The config file has been renamed for consistency. Ergo, if you either need to go to MWSE/config and rename Lua_Scheduling.json to Lightweigth_Lua_Scheduling.json, or re-do your MCM settings.
-Either way, cell names are now shown/saved as all-lowercase, so you'll need to reinput those (or edit your config file in Notepad, and lowercase-ize the cell names you find in there)
-Blacklisting a plugin no longer messes with cells, because cells are not actually attached to any plugin. If you were depending on that, you'll have to add all the cells individually.

Do whatever. I do not intend this to be the end-all, be-all of scheduling mods (hence the name), so I'm chill with any and all improved/expanded versions. Just credit me for the stuff I wrote.

-Thanks to NullCascade for MWSE
-Thanks to the MMC Discord for general help.

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