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Replaces meshes and textures of crossbows, adds in new ones and includes support for additional mods.

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I take absolutely no credit for this mod.  My sole intention uploading the mod here was to bring light to the original amazing mod by Alaisiagae and WHReaper.  My goal in this mod was make it more available to the Nexus as well as package it in a better format so people can use it via Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer 2 (I will go over this in a later section). Then slowly, I felt compelled to continue working on it and add to it.

There are a quite a few things I have modified from the original mod, and if you would like to see comparisons, I would recommend downloading the original mod at:  The original readme is also viewable on this page.

One major comparison that I am trying to fix is the Tamriel Rebuilt ESP as it referenced old master.  It changed the Wooden Crossbow mesh (this is currently a work in progress).  I have left the Wooden Crossbow mesh intact, however it will be relinked at some point.

This mod adds new crossbows into the game, and updates the meshes of two crossbows (Steel and Dwarven/Dwemer) present already in the game.
Depending on which ESP you select, you will also encounter new bolts as well.

New Crossbows and where to find them:

Iron Crossbow: Leveled lists, shops.
Steel Crossbow: Leveled lists, shops.
Silver Crossbow: Leveled lists, shops.
Bonemold Crossbow: Leveled lists, shops.
Orcish Crossbow: Hint: A group of brothers spread out looking for treasure in some of Vvardenfell's Daedric shrines.
Glass Crossbow: Hint: She loves the smell of Ash Yams, but he sure doesn't.  Also may be found in leveled lists.
Ebony Crossbow: Hint: One of the Elder Vampires lives here.
Daedric Crossbow: Hint: The man who last wielded it was seen sailing on the Omenwedur, seeking treasure in the frozen north.  The black horker will guide you.

New bolts:

Dwemer Bolt: Leveled lists.
Glass Bolt: Leveled lists, found area(s).
Ebony Bolt: Found area (limited loot).
Daedric Bolt: Found area (limited loot).

This mod also has additional support options:

- An alternate mesh for the Daedric Crossbow.
- Support for the Weapon Sheathing mod.  All Crossbows have respective custom quivers/sheaths.  They have been attuned to match the quivers/sheaths from the bows.
- Support for the Glass Glowset mod.

**No custom textures are used in this mod.  The appearance of your crossbow is entirely depending on what texture replacers you are using in your game load out.  

There are a few subtle changes this mod contains that may interfere with compatibility that I will share.  If you have another mod that changes the Steel Crossbow, Dwarven Crossbow or bolts, there may be conflicts.

Subtle changes include: Decreasing damage range output on the Steel Crossbow, renaming the Dwarven Crossbow to Dwemer, increasing the reload speed of the Dwarven Crossbow (my reason for this is the model type looks like an advanced repeating crossbow and seems like it would be lore friendly).  The Orcish and Daedric Crossbows also have this slight speed increase as they share this similar looking model.

The changes to base crossbows are as follows:

Steel Crossbows now have an enchantment buff from 5 to 50.  Base damage has decreased from 20-20 to 16-20.

Dwemer Crossbows now have an enchantment buff from 5 to 150.  Base speed is increased from 1 to 1.1. Weight is now changed from 10.0 to 14.0

As mentioned, some bolts have some changes too. 

Silver Bolts now have an enchantment buff from 16 to 20.  Base cost has increased from 8 to 14.

Bonemold Bolts now have an enchantment buff from 16 to 20.  Base cost has increased from 2 to 4.

Orcish Bolts now have an enchantment buff from 16 to 24.  Base cost has increased from 4 to 16.

These changes were put in place to make the new bolts viable and unique.  However, these changes are also present in both ESPs.  Since the effects were so small, I thought I would leave them in place.

Run a leveled list generator if you decide to use an ESP for best compatibility!

This mod includes support for BAIN and Mod Organizer 2.
A) If you use BAIN or Mod Organizer 2, here is an explanation of the following folders:

00 Core -  Contains all the files for everything.  However, most will need to be activated by an ESP.  If you do not use an ESP, this will affect the meshes and textures of the steel and dwarven/dwemer crossbow ONLY.

01 (ESP) New Crossbows - This is an ESP that will add in new crossbows, including: Iron, Silver, Bonemold, Orcish, Glass, Ebony and Daedric.
*****Do NOT use this one AND "New Crossbows + Bolts", as they both have ESP that will conflict.  Use one or the other.

02 (ESP) New Crossbows + Bolts - This is an ESP that will not only do what "New Crossbows" does, but adds in new bolts, including: Dwemer, Glass, Ebony and Daedric.
*****Do NOT use this one AND "New Crossbows", as they both have ESP that will conflict.  Use one or the other.
03 (Optional) Icon Replacer - The Glass and Orcish crossbows have a unique icon style made by myself.  If you like this style, use the contents in this folder, as they will update the icons for the Crossbows (Iron, Steel, Dwarven/Dwemer, Bonemold, Silver, Huntsman, Ebony and Daedric). Use the contents in this folder if you want consistency.

04 (Optional) Alternate Daedric Crossbow - This is optional and will change the style of the Daedric Crossbow into the style of the Dwemer Crossbow -a barreled repeating crossbow.  This also comes with its own icon to match the style of the previous "Icon Replacer" package.

05 (Patch) Weapon Sheathing - Use these contents if you use the "Weapon Sheathing" mod.  It will add sheaths/quivers to all the crossbows included in this mod.

06 (Patch) Glass Glowset - Use these contents if you use the "Glass Glowset" mod.  It will replace the Glass Crossbow and Glass Bolts meshes with those that have glowmaps for consistency.  If also using the "Weapon Sheathing" mod, it will also replace the mesh and use one that has a glowmap on it as well.

07 Mod Resources - These contents contain the quivers/sheaths used for the Crossbows, isolated into separate files with bolts in position to where their NiNodes are.  This gives visualization, so you know what the filled quivers/sheaths look like.  Once you do like the adjustments, just "copy branch" over into a "_sh" file and you are good to go.This saved me of time trying to align the bolts because you cannot view NiNode positions/rotations in NifSkope otherwise, beyond loading up Morrowind.  I figured I'd drop these here if you want to try it out yourself.

B) If you do not use Wrye Bash or Mod Organizer 2, you can do a manual install.
Drag and drop which ever contents you like (Contents from 00 Core is required), and an ESP if you choose and paste them into your Morrowind directory folder.

- Alaisiagae, author of all meshes and textures included in this mod.
- Mighty Joe Young, help with dwemer crossbow mod.
- Plangeye, help with fixing and polishing UV maps.
- Ki Shin Ju, help with fixing original 'Van Helsing crossbow' mod.
- WH-Reaper, mod author and author of crossbow icons (except for dwemer crossbow icon).