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You may have noticed that I allow neither commenting under my mods, nor writing PMs to me. The initial reason for that is that I have received a lot of harassment on this website. However, right now, my IRL schedule also doesn't permit me to make new mods or to provide any support for my existing mods. If you experience any problems with any of my mods, based on my past experience with mod users coming to me with problems, there is about a 95% chance that it's on your end (mod conflict etc.) because I thoroughly test every mod before publishing and I do my best to never release anything with bugs in it.






I'm an autodidact modder of Morrowind. I'm mostly interested in the roleplaying aspect of the game, therefore I chiefly release new quest mods or tweaks of vanilla quests. (New choices and visible consequences) I'm certain that you would find something suitable for a character with any personality or any faction affiliation.


Besides modding I have also written several fan fictions set in Morrowind:


I'm the founder of the Morrowind Writers' Guild server, which aims to provide a space for people who write about Morrowind in any capacity (quest and dialogue modders, fan fiction authors, bloggers etc.):


I also have an Elder Scrolls-themed website which serves as a mirror for my mods, and has some other content as well (such as roleplay ideas):


I have also participated in the creation of some mods made by others that are not listed among my mods:


3E 427 - A Space Odyssey by OperatorJack:


After the Blight by Team Purist Pariahs:


Heart of the Velothi - Gnisis by Heart of the Velothi Team:


Hircine's Quest by Danae:


Resplendent Rethan - Jewel of the Odai by Team Azturnal:


The Levitation Act by OperatorJack:


More Exclusive Factions by Lucevar:


The Orsinium Project by Tel Shadow:


Liar yes - Idiot no by Danae:


Sails and Sales by the Dark Sisterhood team:

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