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  • 1. Ziggy's Mod for Far Cry 3

    The biggest Far Cry 3 mod available, completely rebalancing the entire game to offer a more challenging, realistic and immersive experience over the vanilla game.

    updated 9:32, 30 May 2017 155,184 7,570 63,346kb Dziggy

  • 2. Swartz mod Compilation for Far Cry 3

    Compilation mod meant for people seeking a "New Game+" of sorts.

    updated 1:19, 12 Mar 2013 55,958 2,511 2,317kb jketiynu

  • 3. Gun Realism for Far Cry 3

    Gun Realism changes many aspects of the game's guns like recoil, damage, and other factors to fit with the gun's actual factors. Also adds better sights and all guns have enabled attachments.

    updated 19:27, 2 Jan 2013 20,293 1,146 7,271kb xjayxb

  • 4. Immersive Sounds for Far Cry 3

    Treat your ears and speakers with the single DLL-only mod on the Nexus - no more Menu/Map humming FX and intrusive sound FX with optional non-sound changes for added immersion and realism. Stays close to the vanilla FC3 experience.

    Different versions available for different playing styles.

    updated 21:55, 29 Jun 2017 44,251 2,588 18,072kb CovertKish

  • 5. Realistic Lighting for Far Cry 3

    (FPS drop 0~3)

    updated 4:43, 22 Jan 2013 13,501 523 233kb r6angel

  • 6. Basic Modifications Pack for Far Cry 3

    Enables attachments and adds Better Sights.

    updated 7:51, 7 Aug 2015 6,891 452 2,158kb 01386612

  • 7. FC3 No Intro Mod for Far Cry 3

    FC3 No Intro Mod

    You will start in Amanaki Village talking to Dennis

    updated 8:02, 24 Dec 2013 14,570 757 2,658kb goldendrake

  • 8. FarCry 3 Rebalanced for Far Cry 3

    FC3Rebal has an extensive camo retexture of NPCs, weapon stats and prices adjusted for realism and challenge, crafting recipes more challenging but not tedious, recipes and skills available from the beginning, and the ability to silently plant C4 and mines. This mod aims to be what the retail game should have been.

    updated 22:46, 26 Apr 2015 22,250 1,241 20,537kb MrPingy

  • 9. AWM10 GunGo for Far Cry 3

    Attachments for a guns, advanced edition, including all possible attachments for all guns. Repainted reticles and new stripe skin are included.

    updated 12:52, 19 Feb 2013 11,181 600 3,058kb inakrin

  • 10. Gibbed Dunia 2 Tools for Far Cry 3

    Tools developed for use with Dunia 2 engine based games, such as Far Cry 3.

    updated 4:21, 1 Jan 2013 20,991 327 1,761kb gibbed

  • 11. HUD annoyances fixed for Far Cry 3

    This is an intentionally basic mod to modify some elements of the Far Cry 3 interface that are annoying or detrimental to gameplay, eg minimap and camera HUD. It is preferable for users to unpack these files and include them alongside other more expansive mods.

    updated 17:44, 31 Dec 2012 1,073 65 2,253kb DrKramshaw

  • 12. Ultra-Low Configuration Mod for Far Cry 3

    Changes games video settings to ultra-low for low end computers or those who want high frame rate.

    updated 19:39, 2 Jan 2013 32,016 122 1,359kb xjayxb

  • 13. Legit Far Cry for Far Cry 3

    Legit Far Cry is offered as an alternative to major compilations. This mod is intended to be useable from the first play-through (wont break the story). Legit Compilation combines the widely used Legit Guns with Legit Crafting and a handful of small HUD and gameplay modification to eliminate some of the silly and bizarre aspects in Far Cry 3.

    updated 8:10, 14 Feb 2013 2,063 118 32,911kb dallin

  • 14. The Super File V 22 for Far Cry 3

    A great cheaty mod by Chorizosss this baby can do any cheat you just want!

    updated 17:26, 20 Jan 2014 2,115 94 3kb math341c

  • 15. Privateer uniform mod for Far Cry 3

    As of update 1.1 this mod no longer uses PR3V41L's and Blood1911's mod as a base.

    updated 8:52, 22 Jan 2014 1,541 87 17,189kb askteam1999

  • 16. DEAD CRY for Far Cry 3

    DEAD CRY is a total conversion singleplayer campaign for the Far Cry 3 Map Editor. The campaign will consist of ten to twelve singleplayer missions very much inspired by games like Left4Dead, but with a Far Cry twist to them. The levels are all built from the ground up using assets at hand, and include custom models and scenery created by Neal Fost

    updated 16:41, 17 Jul 2014 2,912 180 189,623kb GCVos

  • 17. Breakneck Bay (beta) for Far Cry 3

    A complete open world to explore and play in. Imagined as unofficial DLC, this is a new island to play and experience. Full of secrets, hostile wildlife, vehicles and tracks, and so much more. Two versions exist: One has all the secrets to explore and wildlife to hunt. The other has hostile pirates placed throughout but one secret area had to be re

    updated 23:28, 28 Jul 2015 957 57 4,619kb Memnoch93

  • 18. Low-End Config for Far Cry 3

    1. Place the File in C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 3
    Config by TriNioX
    With my Config you can run the Games on Low-End Cards like the Intel HD Graphics

    updated 23:54, 28 Aug 2015 7,200 69 1kb TriNioX

  • 19. Zlobs MixMod final release for Far Cry 3

    Mix Mod it's just mix of some adjustments i've done to make my game even more interesting than Ubisoft let it be.
    So enjoy!

    updated 15:28, 5 Jan 2013 545 24 5,407kb inakrin

  • 20. Poor BastUrd aka MOD Nischebrod for Far Cry 3

    Poor Jason. Poor bastUrd. NEW GAME REQUIRED!

    Farc Cry 3 Poor Basturd Mod(PBU) is a major gameplay overhaul improving depth of gameplay with adding some "realistic" part making game even more challenging and immersing, while keeping original game balance. PBU includes 3 individual cores listed over 200 well thought and fully tested edits most p

    updated 12:32, 19 Feb 2013 8,443 349 23,107kb inakrin

  • 21. New Crafting and Economy for Far Cry 3

    Looking for a reason to hunt tigers and bears (no lion)? Want to make crafting feel like an accomplishment? Trying to find a use for your Albino Crocodile skin? Look no further!

    updated 18:35, 11 Jan 2013 2,040 53 31kb karmakgb

  • 22. Scopes and weapon viewmodels edited for Far Cry 3

    I have edited the viewmodel FOVs for the sniper rifle scopes to feel more realistic and allow you to keep your peripheral vision as you line up shots, I have also edited all weapons viewmodels FOV so you can see more of them at once and it doesn't feel so jammed in your face.

    updated 2:46, 9 Jan 2013 5,981 296 2,061kb LadyBrecky

  • 23. Craft mod by jstq for Far Cry 3

    Modifies craft recipes to make game more harder and take muck more time to upgrade gear. Tested on FC3 version 1.3.

    updated 9:08, 1 Jan 2013 407 10 5kb LGtJustice

  • 24. Privateer Outfit Mod for Far Cry 3

    Modification to make the player skin have the privateer outfit before reaching the 2nd island and after the game is complete.

    updated 16:50, 1 Jan 2013 2,366 90 30kb Blood1911

  • 25. MP Map for Far Cry 3

    What about uploading your favorite maps from the map editor?

    updated 0:10, 3 Jan 2013 52 3 6,500kb kravens

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