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With the recent update to Uplay becoming Ubisoft Connect, several titles original Uplay rewards have remained locked or not working correctly. This mod reactivates two of the rewards for single player, the Testing Unit mission and the Cannon Revolver.

Permissions and credits
To install, replace the common.dat and common.fat files within the Far Cry 3 game directory. The rewards will unlock once you complete the first radio tower/outpost mission in the beginning. You do not need to start a new game/save for the mod to work. Note if you remove the mod before purchasing the revolver or before completing the mission, it may break the game or the weapon/mission will disappear. Other mods with similar file changes may not be compatible with this one. I've added an optional raw file download to help with compatibility for other mods.

All files within the common archive except for the two that have been modified remain unchanged, to keep the original game experience, and merged with the latest patch version as of this date. This has been tested with the Deluxe version only, but I'm sure it'll work for either Deluxe or Standard.