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Mud puddles cover the island and reflect in the game engine’s lighting system. Characters have been re-coded to have dynamic reflective skin. Many other textures in the world have been enhanced and updated for a 2019-like experience.

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And we're back...

V.3.1  NOW AVAILABLE - read all features : 
Crash issues resolved. Finally found the root cause. 
*Updated optical and marksman sights for better design/resolution.
*increased fall tolerance overall for Jason ( I had it set a little too sensitive) 
*new rakyat tribal decal on cars and gun locker
*Movement with all guns more fluid and realistic. Not as snappy.
*Shooting challenges - now use d pad on controller to cycle thru and bring out weapon 
*removed abrasive menu and pop up sounds (similar to "Immersive Sounds") 
*Objective marker more subtle now
*interactive buttons/icons downsized for less clutter
*added mystery masher buttons to make animal attacks more difficult to escape
*1911 silencer now displays properly in shop menus
*swapped in new sounds for 1911 and Ak47 (we'll try it)
*1911 tad more powerful and satisfying  (found myself using it more. Maybe the new sound helped too)

Enjoy the Update

Helps keep me going:If you guys appreciate this work, I started a go fund me type thing :


Graphical Tips:

--set field of view to 91.5+
--set frames for GPU buffer in game options
--Vertical Sync set to "on" in Nvidia control panel and with GSYNC enabled seems to work well.
--if post fx is NOT set at ultra, the gun sights may be pixelated


All features :  

*Textures -- pushed the resolutions as far as I could on the Dunia engine. Aiming for 2019-like quality.

*Blood -- bullet impacts cause greater squibs of blood from enemies.  Wounds are more realistic. Machete is bloodied after take downs.

*Heal Screen -- removed red vignette for better visibility when you need to heal. Added blood splatter instead.

*Particles -- more dirt and smoke kicks up when firing weapons creating more satisfying bullet impacts and gunfights.

*Recoil -- more satisfying recoil across all weapons. (added "roll" to the recoil for more snap and visual impact)

*Characters -- re-textured with reflective skin, added pores, added stubble, and other gritty details.

*NPC Skins -- Locals and enemies have a new mix of hair and outfits. The locals don't look cloned anymore.

*Vehicles-- new tribal paint jobs and more dune buggy/cargo truck spawns throughout map. 

*Mud -- wet puddles graphically enhances the terrain and some guns have picked up mud splatter.

*Plants -- vines, grass, and bark are re-textured in high resolution

*Rain -- lasts longer and is more frequent to keep things wet and muddy.

*Improved Sights --new tactical recticle designs 

*Weapons + Attachments -- all are unlocked from the start including signature weapons.

*Fast loot -- action is quicker when looting enemies

*Outposts -- decide whether to take or not. Enemy patrols are still active even when taking outpost. 

*Flame Thrower -- fuel lasts longer and has increased blast range

*Bow damage -- arrows to limbs will only injure enemies

*Wingsuit -- unlocked from the start.

*Falling --fall impacts are more frequent off of realistic heights like roofs, ziplines, and boulders.

*FOV -- more expanded first-person view when using weapons


 Immersive/hardcore features :

*Minimal hud no minimap. Adds more immersion, graphics, and difficulty. Waypoints are still visible. 
*Enemy spawns  Whether you take an outpost or leave it, enemies cover the island no matter where you are. 
*Red Dead  style crafting (added feathers req. for crafting special arrows and added other big game reqs)
*Rare animals are required earlier on for high valued gear like holsters (motivates going on hunting quests)
*Very small ammo pick ups off of enemy weapons (makes scavenging meaningful)
*Cost of ammo and mines higher (motivates you to pick up ammo/loot in the field and conserve for well aimed shots)   
*Decide whether to take an outpost or leave it (30 days) Even if you take outpost enemies still populate area.
*Weapons holster after swimming, driving, falling. etc
*Doubled enemy waves after alarm is triggered
*No white indicators 
(NOTE) throw rock to equip your bow on "ink monster" mission. 


Gameplay Tips: (Immersive/hardcore)

-Remember to save a lot
-Craft an array of syringes. The mod aims at motivating you to rely on their abilities more.
-Go on rare hunting quests to earn extra weapon slots and other valued gear.
-Try to play through on 1 life and see how deep you can go. If you die, start over.
-Take an outpost with a car by mowing over enemies.


->IMPORTANTMod works only in dx9 which is actually MORE stable than dx11 believe it or not. After many tests, I found that cut scenes are smoother in dx11, but gameplay FPS is more stable and stutter free in dx9. For antialiasing, use graphics card options.


Authors Note:
This project has been a labor of love for the better part of a year. I work in the design industry and wanted to do something innovative for this title. Far Cry 3 still holds up as one of the best shooters of all time and I wanted to enhance the game for fans looking to have a 2019-like experience.

Post screen grabs. Give me feedback good or bad. Enjoy. 

If you guys appreciate this work, I started a go fund me type thing. Helps keep me going.

What's next : V.4.0 
-Goal is to push texture resolutions even more. Higher definition.
message/post me suggestions 
Credits :
DUNIA TOOLS** by Haoose- Can't thank you enough.
Rebalanced Mod
30 days
Ziggy’s Mod
Swartz Mod
Survivalist Mod