Far Cry 3

About this mod

HD textures pack. DX11 now available. Next-gen graphics. Reflective mud and puddles cover the island and shimmer in the game engine’s lighting system. Characters have been re-coded to have sweaty skin. Jason's hands and arms are hyper-realistic. Grass and many other world textures have been updated in high resolution.

Permissions and credits
For VANILLA MODE or HARDCORE MODE, Email me: [email protected]

v.5.3 NEW UPDATE (Now Live)

DX11 textures now working!

v.5.3 NOTE:

-By popular demand, I restored normal gun damage stats.
-Original mini-map restored. 
-New Ocean color
-Enemy cars now chase you down longer.

Graphics :
-New Bear and Leopard textures
-Fixed ocean reflections
-Weapons improved, more specular shine + detail
-New HD Cloud textures
-New Blood textures
-New Car skins including Real Tree Camo Hunting Jeep + Jurassic Park Jeep and more
-New HD textures throughout including wood, moss, brick, and more
-Object distance increased 
Gameplay :
-Enemies spawn even in liberated parts of the map now
-Decreased animal population. Removed most of the rabid dogs and Cassowary Birds. 
-Bears and Tigers are more rare
-Rain more frequent
-Improved bullet impacts and blood squibs. More satisfying feedback.
-Deceased frequency of fall animations a tad
-Improved FOV while aiming down sights

+Last of Us II style of desperate gameplay, less ammo, barely scrapping by
+Enemies spawn even in liberated parts of the map
+Minimal HUD (Only ammo, health, and armor bars)
+Increased damage taken
+Increased ammo prices
+NPC's are hyper-aware
+Enemies can take more damage


WARNING Some textures including gun sights WILL NOT be the right size if you use OTHER MODS or only use my textures.

ВНИМАНИЕ  Некоторые текстуры, включая прицелы, НЕ БУДУТ подходящего размера, если вы используете ДРУГИЕ МОДЫ или только мои текстуры.

ADVERTENCIA   Algunas texturas, incluidas las miras de armas, NO SERÁN del tamaño correcto si usas OTROS MODS o solo usas mis texturas.
Email me with any questions: [email protected]


Weapons retextured and cleaned up for a brand new look

Rain droplet effect on HUD (Doesn't turn off when indoors but it's really cool) Credit to scubrah for making this idea possible

Ugly cliff texture fixed and retextured

New music tracks swapped in for a new experience. (Disabled music AFTER encounters. Always disliked the the quick transition) 

Gun sights redesigned for more precision

Higher magnification on acog sight and optical sight

Sniper scopes now have peripheral view + higher magnification

Minimap and HUD enabled

Authors Note:

This project has been a labor of love for the better part of 3 years. I work in the design industry and wanted to do something innovative for the best shooter of all time. I wanted to push the graphics and offer a unique mod for fans looking to have a 2021-like experience.

Post screen grabs and comment about your experience. Enjoy. 

Credits and Thanks to :
Redux Mod
DUNIA TOOLS** by Haoose- Can't thank you enough.
Rebalanced Mod
30 days