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This mod will downgrade a Far Cry 3 installation with the May 28 update back to the original 1.05 version to restore full mod compatibility.

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On May 28th, prior to their release of Far Cry 3 Classic for the consoles, Ubisoft decided they were also gonna patch their Far Cry 3 PC counterpart after 5+ years. This pretty much broke some mods including Ziggy's Mod v4.0.3. And unfortunately, unless you have a copy of FC3 that's earlier than 1.06 or a copy of it that hasn't been updated yet for whatever reason, you cannot reverse this.

Until now anyway.

Most of the actual changes of the v1.06 patch are actually perfectly fine. Except for these two: common.fat and common.dat located in the data_win32 folder of your Far Cry3 installation. In order to fix this though, you need a copy of common.fat and common.dat that is from a v1.05 copy of Far Cry 3 or earlier. That is what I aim to fix.

1. Just extract the common.dat and common.fat files from the zip and put them into your data_win32 folder in your Far Cry 3 installation.
2. You're done! If you have any problems with the mod, let me know.

Arnox - Administrator at intosanctuary.com