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Weapons deal more damage and have better attachments. All weapons have proper firerate and range. The accuracy of shotguns has been increased.

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This mod adds some attachments to some weapons, like AK47, M1911, SVD Sniper Rifle, etc. Also some underpower weapons deal more damage, and the shotguns accuracy are improved. All weapons have proper maximum range and firerate.

Some changes:

- Your weapons and npcs weapons deal more damage.
- Your weapons and pcs weapons have proper firerate and range.
- Unlocking Radio towers no longer unlock weapons for free. You need to complete almost all of them.
- Some attachments were removed for some weapons and others were added.
- Weapons stats have been changed accordingly.
- Change prices for all weapons.


-Place patch.dat and patch.fat in: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry 3\data_win32.