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This mod allows you to play online co-op in Far Cry 3's single player map.

Permissions and credits
Far Cry 3: Open World Co-op Mod by scubrah


Changelog (Patch 1.5):

• Fixed delayed time of day transitions
• Fixed buggy mid-air projectiles
• Fixed multiple vehicle related desync issues
• Fixed bug that caused sniper NPC's to never fire their primary weapon
• Fixed spawn position bug when running the game in DX9
• Fixed bug that caused boat patrol NPC's to idle
• Decreased AI health
• Removed modded textures due to compatibility issues (users can add their own graphical mods if they wish)
• The host will no longer be kicked when clients suffer from packet loss
• Removed NPC tag icon
• Reduced entity streaming radius for better performance


Changelog (Patch 1.4):

• Implemented dynamic weather networking
• Time of day is now synchronized across all players' game states
• Fixed a NPC physics bug
• Fixed vehicle passenger viewing angles
• Vehicle physics automatically activate when in range
• Tweaked hang glider physics for more fun
• Restored original outpost layouts with fixed AI
• Outposts will now repopulate after leaving and returning to an area
• Updated areas with low NPC/vehicle count
• Fixed ladder position/animation bug
• All "Wanted Dead" sidequest enemies are loaded by default
• Some main mission enemies are loaded by default
• Added friendly and hostile vehicle patrols
• Enabled some single player weapon skills (sprint reload, iron sight reload)
• Weapon FOV now scales with game FOV
• Added Mud87's modded textures
• Disabled hitmarker icon


Changelog (Patch 1.3):

• Enabled player respawning and loadout changing
• Increased outpost difficulty with randomized AI and patrol paths
• Reset AI damage dealt to players to default for balance
• Added Miru's E3 2012 lighting mod
• Changed default spawn point to Amanaki Village
• Added alternative DLL files with minimap disabled


Changelog (Patch 1.2):

• Enabled unused pirate dialog
• Added hang gliders
• Disabled co-op medals (e.g kill medals)
• Fixed disappearing projectiles
• Fixed vehicle ejection state desync
• Re-enabled vehicle jumpout (without roll animation)
• Reduced revive timer duration
• Increased AI health (encounters)
• Improved AI perception (encounters)
• Tweaked fall damage values


Changelog (Patch 1.1):

• Added more AI types and increased spawns
• Tweaked AI settings and fixed some minor issues
• Tweaked vehicle settings for better network synchronization
• Tweaked graphics settings
• Tweaked player movement settings
• Players will only respawn automatically when the revive timer expires
• The match will end gracefully if all players die at the same time
• Enabled co-op character voice dialog
• Added DX9 support


Features (version 1.0 ALPHA):

• Enemy AI population
• Vehicles
• Outposts
• Full open world map exploration
• Max player count increased to 8
• Paradise - A Visual Mod by miru

Please note: This is an ALPHA version. There are bugs and issues which need to be fixed. These issues will be addressed as the mod is updated over time.