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This mod quadruples the size of the game's texture files. 256*256 pixel textures become 1024*1024 pixels, 512*512 pixel textures become 2048*2048 pixels etc.

Permissions and credits
HD Texture Pack (FC3 upscaled textures)

This mod quadruples the size of the game's texture files. 256*256 pixel textures become 1024*1024 pixels, 512*512 pixel textures become 2048*2048 pixels etc.  No gameplay changes.  No weird looking gun and vehicle retextures.  No awesome DX11 dirt and foliage retextures unfortunately.  Just high resolution textures everywhere.  (Well, not everywhere, because I've reached the limit that the game engine can handle.)

Texture upscaling made with ChaiNNer, powered by machine learning.  Thanks to Kartoffel for her great tutorial videos on how to setup and use these tools (Cupscale/ESRGAN/ChaiNNer).  Thanks to Choreese for the tutorial on how texture upscaling works (which lead me to ESRGAN).

Known issues

Sadly, water textures will be omitted (I tried various pretrained models and simple upscaling with GIMP - they all virtually destroyed these textures).  Shadows aren't looking good on certain rocks or grass.  Upscaling the bump maps may help but this mod is already getting too big so I don't want to do that.  This mod puts severe strain on the game engine.  If there are too many upscaled textures at once the game crashes to desktop.  Weapon textures won't be upscaled to prevent CTDs - it will be only a matter of time until too many opponents arrive.  Plus there won't be any significant visual difference with upscaled weapon textures anyway.

Fast traveling, loading a saved game can cause CTD (although I've managed to reduce these to an acceptable rate).  Starting a new game may or may not cause a CTD during the "escape from Vaas" sequence.  It can cause CTD in the last part of the "warrior rescue service" mission.  My advice: save often if you want to use this mod.

Textures upscaled

  • ground vegetation (trees, leaves, plants)
  • animals
  • unique characters
  • roads, rocks, terrain
  • vehicles (partially)
  • generic props

Textures upscaled and removed due to CTD problem

  • NPC textures
  • generic metal (ie. shacks on the beach)
  • hand bullet wound, tattoo
  • weapons


  • Go to "Far Cry 3\data_win32" folder.
  • Backup your patch.dat & patch.fat.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Copy and Paste the contents of the archive to "Far Cry 3\data_win32" folder.
  • If you see a question for Replace / Skip Files, choose Replace the files in the destination folder.
  • If you want to revert back to vanilla, you have to overwrite these files (patch.dat & patch.fat) with the originals from the backup (or use Ubi Connect/Steam verify files method).

Tools used

Gibbed Dunia 2 tools
Gibbed Tools GUI by Haoose