Far Cry 3
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Skips almost every cutscene in the game (and the intro mission)

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This mod automatically skips nearly every in-game cutscene in FC3, and skips all fullscreen videos (such as the intro video and Alice quotes). Unfortunately, not all cutscenes are skippable because some of the game's mission scripts rely on them being played to progress through the mission normally. Additionally, the first mission in the game is skipped when starting a new game because it's mainly a tutorial mission.

I don't recommend installing this mod if you are playing through the game for the first time because you will basically be skipping the entire story. The mod is intended for returning players who don't want to waste time watching the same cutscenes instead of actually playing the game.

NOTE: I tried my best to fix every issue I personally encountered, but I also realise that there could be things that I missed or overlooked. If you discover any issues, please report them to me.