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Hi. I am from the Ukraine. The city of Odessa. There is a war going on in my country. Part of my country is occupied by russian soldiers. I won't ask for any money. But please help my country to survive. Help what you can please!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
Unofficial or semi-official update for Long War 1.0
(Some contributors to do this mod were some original contributors)

The goal of this mod is not to make the game easier or harder, but was update the game. And also fix the weak points of the mod
Also removes everything that allows you to play not fair

Attention! Mod is not compatible with Long War Mod Manager! Since this program partially reverts the mod to version 1.0!
Also, the mod is intended only for Windows 10 or higher


The mod is multilingual

   Full language support:
   English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian.
   Partial language support:
   Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese

Change of language:

   Switching in several places! Replace INT for example with UKR.
   In BaseEngine.ini - XEW\Engine\Config
   In DefaultEngine.ini - XEW\XComGame\Config


The goals of this mod

  • Adds updates released after version 1.0.
  • To improve the balance of the game. In those elements of the game that were not very successful.
  • To make useful those items that use little.
  • To make the game more interesting.
  • Improving graphics, clarity and smoothness.

Some quotes

"Wrghost81: Are you like John?  :)"

"LiQuiD911: I just stumbled upon LW 1.1 and would like to thank you for the effort of putting everything together." "Great work with LW 1.1"



  • First install the original Long War 1.0 in XEW folder.
  • Second install the Long War 1.1 in XEW  folder.
  • That's it, the game is ready to launch!


Solution of problems

  • Update Direct X. Without the required version, the game will not start at all.
  • Update Net.framework 3.5.
  • Update your graphics card drivers.It’s commonplace but many times this has helped people.
  • Start the game from the beginning. Bad advice but yes, sometimes it helps. I once had a glitch right after the first mission, I started again and the whole game went through then without any problems.
  • It is strongly recommended to delete all files in the Config folder before starting the new version. Path example: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\My Games\XCOM Long War\XComGame\Config


Adding support 21:9

Open your game's folder ...\Engine\Config
Open BaseEngine.ini
Then find:
[Engine.LocalPlayer] AspectRatioAxisCjavascript-event-strippedAspectRatio_MaintainXFOV
Change that with this:
That fix's most of the 21:9 issues. But it will not be comfortable on screens 3: 4 and 4: 5.



General Changes:

  • Reworked and added a lot of code to the game and mods.
  • Many minor bugs fixed.
  • Fixed a bug (Visibly on the GoG version) when the game and Windows have different languages ​​by default. And the text is not readable.
  • Added German language from IKBG90.
  • Added Russian language from the site TBSplay.
  • Added  Ukrainian language from me Loriendal. Adaptive support. Some symbols of Russian and English are used. And subtitles in English. Sorry, the game was not designed for this language and I do not know how to add font support.
  • Added  Japanese language from N2S.
  • Translated into 8 languages ​​and added the necessary texts and lines: Squadron Unleashed, Omega13, VR Training, LoadoutManager, XCOM Mini Mods, etc.
  • Strongly improved graphics (At maximum settings).
  • The colors of the classes correspond to the colors in the barracks.
  • Armor now has a more noticeable color.
  • Removed delayed enemy death animation.
  • Added left click move fix.
  • Button "Make Items Available" added to the view of the base soldier in the barracks.
  • The ratio of the number of men and women is now 75% - 25%.
  • A lot of additional data in the battle, when you press F1.
  • Corpses do not disappear for 1 hour, instead of 5 minutes.
  • The ratio of nationalities is slightly changed.
  • Added memorization of sets of things.
  • Now it is possible to change the appearance of unique heroes and shivs.
  • One of the maps with transport now has 2 variations.
  • The colors of the cars on the map now each task of random color (At least some freshness in the maps).
  • The growth and volume settings of the troops in the barracks.
  • Built-in fix for correctly switching soldiers.
  • Added more an extended list of names and surnames.
  • The console is activated, it is turned on by the "Tilde(~)" key.
  • Some story missions can now occur once a year.
  • Animation speed now instead of 1.0\1.15\1.5, you can choose 1.0\1.5\2.5. Or you can use the new alternate combos that don't reset in combat: Control + and Control -.
  • Add many icons.
  • All timers less than two days are displayed in hours.
  • Added new voices.
  • Added pause button (It is convenient to take screenshots).
  • You can now use Controller and Keyboard to view Perks of locked higher ranks.
  • Interface fix and TargetList.
  • Show an Expiration-Countdown above located Meld-Canisters. Restore assorted MeldUI features. Fix several bugs with Radar.
  • You can now customize more items in the DGC.ini.
  • Added the ability to enable the display of alien resources in mods.
  • Changes Field Surgeon perk to progressively improve injury time reduction with medic's rank.

Balance Changes:
  • Changed difficulty settings.
  • Added Second Wave option: Virtual Reality Training.
  • Added Second Wave option: Omega 13.
  • The treatment of the wounded can be accelerated, if use Meld. But there will be at least 2 days left for recovery (An analogue of rest and in this way you can get around some bugs).
  • The complexity of the abductions has been changed, depending on which maps you will be came across.
  • Second Wave Setup - Active war: Selecting this item normalizes the number of Exalt missions. Previously, this item configured everything except this one.
  • Fixed some ways to get an unfair advantage. For example, send a plane many times.
  • All laboratories have 6 slots (This can be handy on easy difficulty. Sending 6 soldiers on hard difficulty can result in losing the game).
  • Exalt mining can be done after capturing their base.
  • The skills of the Sniper, Infantry and Psionic are a little re-sorted.
  • So that he does not become garbage in the late part of the game.
  • Arc thrower accuracy is now 0.65. To smooth out the problem of alien capture.
  • For many weapons added a small crit (Except for pistols).
  • Expands the range of officer’s innate abilities,
  • Which “gives the officer’s statue of Will to the nearest soldiers” (only this one!). Now it is 18 tiles.
  • Realistic fuel consumption - 1 unit for every flight in the air. If the device’s fuel drops to 0, it will automatically land.
  • When your secret agent hacks into the radar, all Exalt units will be disoriented instead of reloading weapons. This disorientation reduces accuracy by 100%, but exalt soldiers have a 3% chance of not getting a debuff at all.
  • Now the enemies whom you see, but they are not see you, are displayed in the circle of their view.
  • When attacking your base, the personnel is armed with the best weapon available (they cannot take plasma).
  • Captured drones can now heal your equipment again.
  • Now it is possible to pump the pilot of the aircraft, send them to the task by a group (up to 6 pieces at the maximum rank).
  • With the rescue of Patrick Carlock, he now joins the organization.
  • The Exalt sniper now also has a pistol with him. Not sure that AI will be used it. Without additional editing.
  • The Exalt heavy now also has a Smoke Grenade with him. Not sure that AI will be used it. Without additional editing.
  • An Outcast can throw a Flashbang grenade.
  • Added mechanics of armor degradation if the target is constantly hit (Similar mechanics is implemented in Xcom 2).
  • Added display of panic and armor at headquarters.
  • Sectopods can now break walls (Similar mechanics is implemented in Xcom 2).
  • Unlocked some starting bonuses.
  • Now if Shivs kills the enemy, soldiers get 50% of the experience if they see both t-bmp and the enemy (Under certain conditions, you can get even more experience than before).
  • Alloy Shiv and Hover Shiv  now have a +1 slot.
  • Hover Shiv now also has invisibility.
  • Red fog mechanics is changed. Up to 30% hp accuracy will be slightly higher, after which it will be lower. But the ceiling remained 35%.
  • After some missions, you can send additional stripping commands for money. It more resources gived for you.
  • Ability to dump talent. Once every 14 days and several missions. Previously selected bonuses like accuracy and other things remain and they cannot be changed. Also very expensive.
  • Beginners' arrival time is now 7 days.
  • Changed AI of the cyberdisc! Previously, he was forbidden to shoot from a full distance, and he always flew close. Now he can shoot from a maximum distance, although he can fly closer as before.
  • Added Szmind's fixes: LWDebugger. For example, now the smoke buff does not disappear if you move from one smoke to another. Partial correction of the double course of enemies.
  • Added Szmind's UI Mod Manager. The default settings have been changed to be more current.
  • Added about half of the settings to the UI mod.
  • Now if a soldier runs in fog under suppression of fire. Shots at him will not work.
  • Now, if the enemy has a disorientation debuff, his visibility is reduced to 8 tiles (Exalt will no longer launch 3 missiles at you from far away).
  • On maps with bombs, now +1 turn from the start.
  • Overwatch now works like Xcom 2.
  • Minor changes to how perks work.
  • New start bonuses of countries.
  • Some innovations may seem to make the game easier, but are meant to be a trap if overused. Especially on high difficulty.

As well as an incredible number of other innovations and optional mods inside the mods menu! 

Difficult Changes

Normal  - Soldiers and npc on normal difficulty have 1 more hp. Enemies have more penalties. The difficulty is now about the same as the Hard difficulty in the vanilla game.
Classic  - Enemy's penalties have been slightly increased.
Brutal  - No change.
Impossible  - Several minor enemy buffs.


Other Balance Changes:

Multiplier for timing of alien upgrades
MaxActiveAIUnits=70     ;  Normal
MaxActiveAIUnits=90     ;  Classic  - From MaxActiveAIUnits=100 (For a smoother increase in game difficulty).
MaxActiveAIUnits=110   ;  Brutal
MaxActiveAIUnits=130   ;  Impossible

BASE_FUNDING = 54      ; Normal  - From 50.
BASE_FUNDING = 42      ; Classic  - From 40.
BASE_FUNDING = 33      ; Brutal
BASE_FUNDING = 25      ; Impossible

Country Funding Multiplier
FundingBalance=1.25   ; Normal  - From 1.1
FundingBalance=1.1     ; Classic  - From 1
FundingBalance=1        ; Brutal
FundingBalance=1        ; Impossible

Starting Cash Multiplier
FundingBalance=1.55   ; Normal  - From 1.5
FundingBalance=1.25   ; Classic
FundingBalance=1        ; Brutal
FundingBalance=0.75   ; Impossible

Item Changes:

Armor Changes
Seraph Armor -      iFlightFuel=18 (From 6 fuels charges to 9 and multiplied  on 2)
Archangel Armor - iFlightFuel=12 (From 6 fuels charges multiplied  on 2)
Aurora Armor -       MobilityBonus=3 (From MobilityBonus=2). For greater competitive ability
Vortex Armor -       iDefenseBonus=2 (From iDefenseBonus=0). For better survival

SHIVs Changes
Alloy Shiv - add eAP_PoisonImmunity (For immunity from poison). iDefenseBonus=18 (From iDefenseBonus=8), iWillBonus=40 (From iWillBonus=0). 
Hover Shiv - iFlightFuel=16 (From 6 fuels charges multiplied  on 2). Added 3 invisibility charges.

MEC Changes
MEC-5 Devastator - iWillBonus=10 (From iWillBonus=5). iMobilityBonus=3 (From iMobilityBonus=2).
MEC-6 Vanguard -   iHPBonus=13 (From iHPBonus=12). iWillBonus=10 (From iWillBonus=5). 

Weapon Changes
(While this may seem like an important change, it is not. The changes are too small. And only for unpopular weapons. That players almost never use.)
SAW - iCritical=3 (From iCritical=0).
SMG - iCritical=3 (From iCritical=0).
LMG - iCritical=2 (From iCritical=0).
Sawed-off Shotgun - Now this weapon costs $5. iRange=4 (From iRange=3).
Autolaser -               iCritical=3 (From iCritical=0).
Laser Carbine -       iCritical=5 (From iCritical=4).
Laser Shatterray -   iCritical=4 (From iCritical=0).
Heavy Laser Rifle - iCritical=10 (From iCritical=8).
Gatling Laser -        iCritical=2 (From iCritical=0).
Arc Rifle -                Cost $55 From 60. Added infinite ammo and no reload.
Gauss Autorifle -         iCritical=6 (From iCritical=0).
Gauss Long Rifle -      iCritical=22 (From iCritical=20).
Gauss Carbine -          iCritical=5 (From iCritical=4).
Gauss Stuttergun -     iCritical=5 (From iCritical=0).
Heavy Gauss Rifle -    iCritical=10 (From iCritical=8).
Gauss Machine Gun - iCritical=4 (From iCritical=0).
Pulse Autoblaster - iCritical=10 (From iCritical=8).
Pulse Carbine -        iCritical=10 (From iCritical=12).
Blaster -                    iCritical=10 (From iCritical=8).
Plasma Carbine -     iCritical=6 (From iCritical=4).
Plasma Novagun -   iCritical=5 (From iCritical=0).
Plasma Stormgun - iCritical=6 (From iCritical=0).
Plasma Mauler -      iCritical=5 (From iCritical=0).
Plasma Dragon -      iCritical=2 (From iCritical=0).

MEC Minigun -    iCritical=2 (From iCritical=0).
MEC Laser Lance -     iCritical=2 (From iCritical=0).
MEC Railgun -     iCritical=3 (From iCritical=0).
MEC Particle Beam -  iCritical=3 (From iCritical=0).

Grenade Changes
HE Grenade -     iDamage=4 (From iDamage=3).
AP Grenade -     iDamage=5, (From iDamage=4).
Alien Grenade - iDamage=6 (From iDamage=5).
Psi Grenade -    iRange=18 (From iRange=15).


Balance clarifications

Q. I want to disable or change some new mechanics. How can I change them? What is a mod menu?
A. A new section has been added to the game - mod menu. You can turn on, turn off or change hundreds of parameters in the mod menu. Bring the game closer to version 1.0 or create your own unique balance.

Q. How does Squadron work? What do I get if I send 6 planes in a flight?
A. If you have a flight of 6 aircraft, you get a bonus damage not 6 times. As it may seem, but about a little more than 2-2.5 times. If you don't like this mechanic, you can, as before, launch 1 aircraft each and the multipliers will not turn on. But airplanes need several hours to refuel, now you cannot use the bug by repeatedly launching the airplane and making one shot at a time.

Q. What changes have been made with DR?
A. The more you make hits on the target, the lower the chance that armor will absorb some of the damage. In fact, the change is very small and the chance is initially low. The target usually dies faster than this mechanic will work at least once. Deliberately can only be seen by shooting a Sectopod with a firearm and hitting it about 10 times.

Q. Healing of soldiers with the Meld, what is it?
A. New mechanics. Speeding up the healing of a soldier with the Meld. The soldier will have at least 2 days to recover. Quite expensive and not widely applicable. Mainly for critical situations. Can be disabled in the mod menu.

Q. What is a perk reset?
A. Also new mechanics. With the Meld, you can reset the soldier perks. But bonuses from perks are not reset! This is done intentionally as a protection against foul play. But for example, you can now choose inconvenient perks that give bonuses to accuracy, health, and so on, and later reset the perks by choosing the ones you need. An incredibly long and risky development path for the soldier, but you can try to make the soldier a little stronger. Can be disabled in the mod menu.

Q. Why does flying armor use fuel so quickly?
A. Another new mechanic. Designed for realism and enhanced fuel cell benefits. You can increase the multipliers or disable this mechanic entirely in the mod menu.

Q. Why does Exalt not reload weapons now when receiving a debuff?
A. Exalt now gets a -100 accuracy debuff for one turn when using a tower. Which is more logical. You can be shot many times with almost no chance of being hit. Also, due to the debuff, they do not throw grenades so actively. This mechanic can be configured or completely disabled in the mod menu.

Q. What are the changes to the weapon?
A. Most minimal changes. For example, a submachine gun now has a bonus of 4% crit instead of 0% crit. It is still weaker than a carbine or rifle. Which have a higher crit. But now it is not so significant. As a rule, the submachine gun is the most unpopular type of weapon and it needed at least minimal reinforcement.

Q. What are the changes to the armor?
A. Most minimal changes. Basically, the amount of fuel in the flying armor. Or +1 run for the Aurora armor.

Q. What are the changes in Shiv balance?
A. The second model received +4 defence and protection from poison. The third model received invisibility, 3 uses, 1 per turn, and the fuel supply was slightly changed.

Q. What is Shiv XP?
A. If your soldier sees both shiv and target of shiv, then when killing an alien, the soldier will gain experience. The amount of experience can be configured in the mod menu. Or disable this mechanic altogether in the mod menu.

Q. What other notable changes in mechanics are there?
A. Mec can sometimes be tired for 12 hours more. In bomb defuse missions, the default timer is not 4 turns, but 5.

Q. What is the salvation team?
A. This is a new mechanic. The ability to get additional resources for money on some missions. Mainly intended for the later stages of the game.

Q. LW 1.1 is easer than LW 1.0?
A. Its didn't think to be easier. Although due to the abundance of choice. Because of the new mechanics, it might seem that way. The use of new mechanics depends on the difficulty of the game you choose. At maximum difficulty, this can be disadvantageous.


More Possibilities:

Using multiple cheats with one command:
In SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\Binaries two files. The strategy.txt and tactical.txt.
Save your cheats in the necessary file. Each with a new line. In the game, go to the console and type: exec strategy.txt. Or: exec tactical.txt.
Detailed description:  https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1214220-defaultcheatsini-just-curious/


Possible fixes:

If you still have an error APEX_Clothing:
Delete APEX_Clothing_x86.dll or APEX_Clothing_Legacy_x86.dll or both files. In folder:\Binaries\Win32

If your soldiers are constantly outside the map or under it:
Turn True in line: bDebugLocation=false. In file DefaultLWDebugger.ini. In folder:\XComGame\Config. Constantly enabling this setting is not recommended!

All sorts of weird bugs:
Exit the game. Delete all files inside folder: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\My Games\XCOM Long War\XComGame\Config


List of included mods

Squadron Unleashed 2.0 (by szmind)
Xcom Minimods (by szmind)
Pod Reveal Mods Collection (by szmind)
UI Mod Manager (by szmind)
Colored Aliens (Leaders) (by szmind)
Dedicated SHIV Slot (by szmind)
Soldier Selection Tweak (by Amineri (saved Eclipse666))
Carlock Reward Soldier 1.0b (by Eclipse666)
Enhanced Randomized Soldiers (optional) - Normal Looking Soldiers (by Eclipse666)
Enhanced Soldier Customization (by Eclipse666)
EnhancedTacticalInfo (by Eclipse666)
EXALT Intel Tweak (for Dynamic War) (by Eclipse666)
Omega13 Second Wave  (by Eclipse666)
Virtual Reality Training (for Long War) (by Eclipse666)
Meld Alarm (for Long War) (by Eclipse666)
Carlock + CustomizeUniqueSoldiers (by Eclipse666, vazeron1)
Air War (by Vazeron1)
DroneRepair (by Vazeron1)
Recruitment Time (by Vazeron1)
Line of Sight Indicators (by tracktwo)
LoadoutManager (by tracktwo)
SituationRoom Panic-Defense Values (by XMarksTheSpot (Zyxpsilon))
ExtraSlotsBasic (by XMarksTheSpot (Zyxpsilon) of idea (Mod NOT work in LW 1.0), by Antm1946 for new text code, in discussions)
Landed supply ship map for Long War (by LiQuiD911)
Random Tints LW b15f3 (by LiQuiD911)
XCOM Interface and Gameplay Tweaks (by wghost81)
SoldierGenderEW (by wghost81)
Mutators to enable new Strategy AI and SHIV XP (by Beagle  and wghost81)
DW Fix (by Lemaign)
MoreCommands (by AzXeus)
Console.InputKey (by AzXeus)
BetterBlueshirts (by Dethraker)
One Hour Corpses EW  (by Drakous79)
Long War Beta 14 HP Display Mod (by Ellatan)
Remove EW Death Animation Delay (by Wellbott)
Graphics Mod - X-COM Enemy Unknown UPDATED 1-2b
 (by philstatUK (Not quite a mod. But the idea that I was finalizing))
Exalt Explosives (by oakeman)
Soldier Selection Tweak (by oakeman)
Adds DR Chipping to Long War (by JC Lewis)
Enhanced Name List (by Uzifeline)
Red Fog Mod (LW) (by LeoKian)
Fix Left Click To Move (by swfdelicious)
Stop Losing Time (by swfdelicious)
Promotion UI Bugfix (LW) (by Lafiir)
TargetListFix (by Lafiir)
Meld-Countdown for LongWar (by Lafiir)
UltraGraphics (by Loriendal)
Super Casual Long War 1.0 (Kraiver) (by Loriendal)
Z_LongWar_ModifyFatigue (by Kvalyr)
more_hours (by Bilfdoffle)
Mercenary Pascal (by carloscristero)
Better Exalt Missions (by GoosePin)
Better Surgeons (by johanlh)
Long War 1.0 (by johnnylump, Amineri, wghost81 and all team of Pavonis)
And some minor ones. Whose authors I do not know.


My Thanks

Thanks to Eclipse666 for Carlock, Enchanced Randomization, Enchanced Customization, Tactical Info, Exalt Intel Tweak, Omega 13,  Virtual Reality Training, Meld Alarm, Alien Indicator, Customization Unique Soldiers. How I was tormented by translating your mods into the other 6 languages. Checking each line sometimes more than 10 times.
Thanks to Vazeron1 for Customization Unique Soldiers, Air War, Drone Repair.
Thanks to szmind for Squadron Unleashed, Sequential Overwatch, XCOM Mini Mods (EW and LW), LWDebugger, Pod Reveal Mods Collection, Mod Manager.
Thanks to tracktwo for CampaignSummary, Line of Sight Indicators, Loadout Manager. The latter made me incredibly easy life.
Thanks to XMarksTheSpot (Zyxpsilon) for SituationRoom Panic-Defense Values. And special to Antm1946 behind knowledge how to get what you want.
Thanks to DM666 for Chop Psionics and Officers.
Thanks to AzXeus for MoreCommands, Console.
Thanks to Dethraker for BetterBlueshirs. And some answers.
Thanks to Drakous79 for One Hour Courpses EW.
Thanks to Wghost81 for SoldierGenderEW, many tweaks. And for the very interesting answers to my questions.
Thanks to Beagle and Wghost81 for shiv xp.

Thanks to Ellatan for Display HP mod.
Thanks to Wellbott for remove delay animation.
Thanks to LiQuiD911 for some randoms on maps. And updates made for me.
Thanks to IKBG90 for German localization.
Thanks to community of site tbsplay.games for Russian localization.
Thanks to philstatUK for ideas on how to improve the picture a bit.
Thanks to oakeman for Exalt fix.and Soldier Selection Tweak.
Thanks to JC Lewis for Adds DR Chipping to Long War.
Thanks to JC swfdelicious for Fix Left Click To Move.
Thanks to Lafiir for Promotion UI Bugfix (LW), TargetListFix and Meld-Countdown for LongWar.
Thanks to LeoKian for red fog mod.
Thanks to Kvalyr for Z_LongWar_ModifyFatigue.
Thanks to Bilfdoffle for more_hours.
Thanks to GoosePinfor Better Exalt Missions.
Thanks to johanlh for Better Surgeons.
Thanks to carloscristero and Matthew Vanston for Mercenary Pascal.
Thanks to Ruby Jabberwocky for help translating into Spanish.
Thanks to johnnylump, Amineri, wghost81 and all team of Pavonis for Long War.
Thanks to all testers and everyone I forgot to mention here.

My Special Thanks

Separately thanks to Szmind, you for tolerating my stupid questions. And the implementations of some of my wishes.
Separately thanks to AzXeus for consultations. And for providing some materials. It helped me a lot.  I do not lose hope that you will combine roulette with other cool mods.