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Fixes bugs that causes items and Foundry projects to complete later than they're supposed to.

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Stop Losing Time is a bug fix mod for building items and working on Foundry projects. There are several bugs related to these that cause items and projects to complete later than they should. If you've ever started building a satellite in time for the end of the month and then mysteriously not had it ready in time, one of these bugs is likely to blame.

  1. (Items) When an item is done building, if the Geoscape is busy (i.e. any interceptors or the Skyranger are in flight), any items which are in queue after the now-finished item will not receive any build progress until the Geoscape is no longer busy and the item build alert is shown to the player.
  2. (Items) When an item is done building and the item build alert is shown to the player, the very next item in queue will not receive any build progress for the current build tick. Ex: the build queue contains 4 items, and items 1 and 3 finish building on the same Geoscape tick. Then, items 2 and 4 do not make any build progress at all during that tick.
  3. (Foundry) The same as bug #1, but for Foundry projects.
  4. (Foundry) Similar to bug #2, except that *all* Foundry projects after the completed one do not gain progress during that tick.

NOTE: A similar bug does exist in the logic for constructing facilities. I did not fix that, because I don't know if the game will break if you complete two facilities on the same tick and trigger their respective cutscenes at the same time, and the impact of this bug on facilities tends to be much less given how few of them you build in a campaign compared to items.


This mod is only tested with Long War 1.0; it has not been tested with LW 1.1, LWR, or the base Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within.


Install using PatcherGUI (included in UPKUtils) or Long War Mod Manager.