EXALT Intel Tweak (for Long War with Dynamic War enabled) by SpazmoJones aka eclipse666
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Added: 23/11/2016 - 09:22PM
Updated: 23/11/2016 - 09:21PM

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Last updated at 21:21, 23 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 21:22, 23 Nov 2016

This mod only applies to Long War with the "Dynamic War" second wave option enabled. If you're not playing with Dynamic War enabled the clue count will not be scaled so it's safe to leave this mod installed for regular non "Dynamic War" games.

The "Dynamic War" second wave option in Long War allows scaling of how long a campaign takes by scaling the number of alien missions per month. However the number of EXALT missions is not scaled as only one clue is returned per successful covert operation mission. This means you'll be playing far more EXALT missions than you should be when Dynamic War is enabled.

This tweak scales the number of clues based on the Dynamic War scaling value (which is 0.5 by default) if the scaling value is less than 1.

The total number of clues displayed will be (EXALT_INTEL_COUNT / DW_SCALEFACTOR).

Here's an example of the number of clues displayed after 4 missions with different DW scaling factors:

4                    0.5           (4 / 0.5) = 8
4                    0.3           (4 / 0.3) = 13
4                    0.8           (4 / 0.8) = 5

Install this mod with the Long War Mod Manager or PatcherGUI.