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The aim of this mod is to improve Exalt Missions and add more options into that phase of the game.

Permissions and credits
The way Exalt Missions are created has been changed giving the player greater control over the types of missions they will go on. 

  • The flat 50-50 chance for each mission type has been removed. Now you can choose your own percentage chance that an Exalt mission will be a Covert Extraction or Data Recovery. From 100% Covert Extractions to 100% Data Recoverys.
  • The current way that Exalt Missions were spawned is when the operative is ready for extraction giving the player no idea what type of mission they were sending their operative on. Now each time an Exalt Cell is exposed it creates a new Exalt Mission - either Covert Extraction or Data Recovery using your set percentage to decide the mission type. 
  • Using this new system the type of mission that will spawn when the operative is ready for extraction is shown on the situation rooms UI (See pictures above). This can mean that different mission types are options for you to choose, do you go for the extra money or the panic reduction? (That is if you haven't turned off Covert Extractions completely XD)
  • Changes to the UI to provide more information: See which mission the Operative is currently on, how much the next intel scan will cost (no more guessing while you sell valuable items).
  • New Exalt pod system. For covert operations you can customise the strenght of the forces you will face and which types of Exalt troops can spawn (This includes drop-ins). For example if you disable default exalt snipers none of them will spawn in when the missions starts or when more troops drop-in. 
  • The first Exalt operation can be enabled/disabled when the Exalt missions start. There is no player agency with this and there is nothing you can do to stop it so this gives you the option to disable the effect of that operation.
  • An optional (For long war players) file to make the Super Skyranger foundry project allow 2 more troops to be sent on covert extraction missions has been included. This is more for balance, especially if you want to play with harder missions.

This mod should work with any version of Xcom with EW installed but I have not tested every combination.
It is also compatible with the UI Mod Manager which will allow you to change the percentage chance in-game and enable/disable the mod. For those not using the Mod Manger the percentage is changed through the downloaded .ini file. 

The main installation of this mod is the same for EW and Long War users. The other steps depend on other mods you may have already installed.

Enable Mutator Support
If you are using EW (This mod doesn't work with EU) without long war and have never installed a mutator patch before you will need to do the below 
steps before installing the mod. If you have already installed the XCom Mutator you can skip these steps.
  • Assuming you have already downloaded PatcherGUI, see workshop if you haven't, you need to put the XComMutatorEnabler.txt file into the PatcherGUI/Mods folder and apply the patch.
  • Copy the DefaultMuatatorLoader.ini file into the following folder: [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\Config
  • Copy the XComMutator.u file into the following folder: [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole
  • Open the config file in [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini and add the following lines so it should look something like the below:

+NonNativePackages=XComMutator //Add this line, it has to go after XComUIShell

Updating from a previous version?
If you are updating from a previous version (and using the UI mod manager) please follow the steps at the top of the ReadMe.txt file as the way the options are displayed have changed. If you don't you will end up with 2 different menu options for Covert Operations Settings in the Mod Menu.

Mod Installation
Follow the below steps to install the mod.
  • Assuming you have already downloaded PatcherGUI, see workshop if you haven't, you need to put the ExaltMissionMod.txt into the PatcherGUI/Mods folder and apply the patch.
  • (Optional for Long War players) If you want to enable the Super Skyranger foundry project to allow 2 extra soldiers on extraction missions, put the ExaltMissionModSkyranger.txt into the PatcherGUI/Mods folder and apply the patch.
  • Copy the [ExaltMissionMod.u, xcommodshell.u, xcommodsprofile.u] files into the following folder: [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole
  • Check if the xcomsavehelper.u file is within the following folder: [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole. If it isn't copy it into CookedPCConsole
  • Copy the DefaultExaltMissionMod.ini to the following folder: [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\Config
  • Open the config file in [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultMutatorLoader.ini and add the below line so it looks something the exmple:
(If this is the first time you have used the XcomMutator you can skip this step as the provided .ini file has the line already added.)

arrStrategicMutators="ExaltMissionMod.ExaltMissionMutator" //Add this line to the end of this section

UI Mod Manager Steps
If you are using the UI Mod Manager you need to do the below steps to get the in-game UI working.
  • Copy the Localization folder into [Path-to-XCom]\XEW\XComGame\Localization and accept to replace.

Special thanks to SZmind for all the help, would not have been possible without it :)
Also special thanks to Wghost for their work on the Escalation (A Mod for Long War). The sytem they created for the strategy AI mutators was used as the base to build off for the new pod system.