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A few features tweaked mod, from the original mod Unread Descriptions made by veyn.

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Original functions:
"A small and simple script-only mod that makes it easier to see updates in quest and character journals. With this mod, updated entries will always be sorted before others and will be clearly marked. When clicked, the updated parts of a description will be highlighted with a distinct color."


version 1.0
A few minor tweaked features:
1.The sorting function is disabled to prevent that the quest drop down menu's constantly getting rearranged. While the “*” mark and highlighted description is preserved. (available in version 1.2)
2.Now the “*” mark is cleared instantly when you click or select the quest, instead of being cleared until you select the next quest. More like the way that the original game does.
3.Make it more compatible with the mod Sort Everything. Now when using Script Merger, they would be auto-merged without any conflicts.

version 1.1
1.move the "*" mark before the quest level.
2.change the "*" mark and highlighted description text color to
#d68f29 (orange), seems more beautiful and readable in-game.

version 1.2(Start with this version, it must work with the mod Sort Everything)
Now the sorting function works properly in version 1.2! The quests are sorted in the following order: the currently tracked quest→→new(unread) quests→→readed quests.
Within each group, it also follows the sorting rules you set in the mod Sort Everything, such as ascending, descending, alphabetical, etc. When you have read the unread quests, they'll be sorted correctly as quests that have been read.

version 1.21
Now the finished quests also apply the sorting order: lately finished(unread) quests→→finished quests readed.

version 1.3(Sort Everything - Extras needed)
1.The original toggleable option to group completed quests by location in modSortEverything works only if the "alphabetical sorting for completed quest lists" option enabled. Now I change the functioning logic as:
    a. Alphabetical ON, location OFF: Only alphabetical sorting.
    b. Alphabetical ON, location ON: First grouped by location, within each group alphabetical sorting.
    c. Alphabetical OFF, location ON: First grouped by location, within each group quest level descending.
    d. Alphabetical OFF, location OFF: Follow the common journal menu sorting settings .
The lately finished quests are still at the top by the above settings.
2.(A Sort Everything - Extras feature)
The quest items and books tab now applies the group-function.
    a. Quest item category: starred(new)→→masks→→quest items and other→→books unread→→books readed.
    b. Other item category: starred(new)→→junks→→coins,quest items and other→→books unread→→books readed.
Now it's easier to find junks and unread books. And paintings won't be classified as junks.

version 1.31
bugfix(A Sort Everything - Extras feature)
Now the junks are sorting properly. Just Overwrite from 1.3 to 1.31.

(optional file)/(main file)
1.Download modUnreadDescriptions(minor tweaks v1.1), patch 1.31, and the original modSortEverything(Main mod file, Menu and user settings, Extras).Install both modUnreadDescriptions(minor tweaks v1.1) and modSortEverything(Main mod file, Menu and user settings, Extras), and merge them with Script Merger. Then extract patch 1.31 and put it into the \Witcher 3 main folder, overwrite.
2.Also provides a fully combined mod including modSortEverything
(Main mod file, Menu and user settings, Extras) and modUnreadDescriptions(minor tweaks v1.31) .It's a two in one all standalone mod. Just download the combined mod 1.31, extract and put it into the \Witcher 3 main folder. Use Script Merger to solve conflicts with any other mods if necessary.
Either way above is OK!