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This mod provides two types of sprints.

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Inspired by the mod Immersive Cam, I made this little advanced sprint mod.
In vanilla game,  sprint reduces stamina, and there is a forced stop when your stamina runs out.

With this mod, there are two types of sprints:
1. Press and hold 'Sprint' key to sprint, speed = vanilla sprint, stamina starts to drain after a 4s delay, and there isn't a forced stop when stamina reaches 0 (which means you can keep sprinting).
2. Double tap and hold 'Sprint' key to sprint fiercelyspeed > vanilla sprint, stamina starts to drain after a 1s delay and drops way more faster than the first way. There is a forced stop when your stamina runs out this time (which makes sense because Geralt is really exhausted, LOL).

Adds more fun to explore the witcher world (with 2nd way and Werewolf Decoction you don't need Rouch anymore!)

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