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Rewrites Clint's dialogue to be less weird toward both the player and Emily and making him slightly more well-adjusted.

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Inspired by a Discord conversation about Clint and his dialogues and how to make him less... uncomfortable for players to encounter, Clint Rewritten sets out to modify Clint's dialogues to be less creepy and more accurate to how he is portrayed by most (non-creepy) dialogues - socially anxious and someone who hasn't made many (if any!) friends in the Valley before the farmer.

Specifically, this mod overhauls both the three and six heart events to be more about Clint's quest for friends (with some tongue-in-cheek references to Stardew's friendship system), as well as:

  • Altering Clint's resort dialogue to be less weird and more focused on relaxing (and worried about his swimsuit being eye-catching for all the wrong reasons)
  • Clint's rare phone dialogue will no longer talk about the farmer's voice being nice if a woman, and instead will have the same dialogue for both genders (which should work for gender-neutral dialogue as well).
  • Clint's crush on Emily is almost entirely excised with this mod. (There are hints he may still feel something for her, for those of you who are using a Rival Hearts mod or a mod which makes Clint marriable, but most elements are gone.) He will no longer wonder about dancing with Emily during the Flower Dance, will not wonder if Emily helping him with his snowman "means something", and will even be your 'wingman' so to speak if you have started dating or have married Emily by Winter of Year 1 by sending you an amethyst to give to Emily to complete his usual quest (which is instead him trying to help you make Emily happy and making it clear that the amethyst should be from you instead).
  • Some dialogue alterations are also made for particular events (which may be overwritten if another mod modifies the event!), notably Shane's 7 heart (Clint's no longer worried about Emily's face in his, but more about line timing) and Emily's 8 heart (where he's more worried about his confidence in clothes he's not used to - and then feeling awkward he walked in on the two of you).
  • A few miscellanious changes to character dialogues which reference Clint's fixation on Emily.
  • NEW IN 1.1: Clint's 6 heart event can now be configurably seen. The default behavior will allow it to run unless dating, engaged, or married to Emily, or you've seen her 8 or 10 heart event. The event has now been modified with keys that will have Clint reference your relationship status with Emily, so you can configurably set the event to exist when dating or married to Emily. If you have PPAF and/or Platonic Relationships, you will also get dialogues that reference your relationship status being platonic during the event. Choose Emily not spouse/housemate to only allow it to exist when not married or living with Emily, or Always if you'd prefer to be able to see Clint's new 6 heart at all times. (And don't worry if you think the original Clint might come back - in order to make the dating/married/best friends/housemate version exist, the original event is nulled out, so the original event is still sent to the void regardless in this mod.)

There is a config option to null out particular keys referring to Clint's creepy dialogue in other mods, but at present it only removes a few Canon-Friendly Dialogues. More can be added if requested.

This mod should be mostly compatible with any mod with Clint (including expansion mods, like Stardew Valley Expanded). A few mods to note, however, are below:

  • Dammit Clint Stop Hitting On My Wife: An older mod which attempted to do the same thing, but was a bit more narrowly focused and does not include 1.5 content. While I have not checked personally (as during development of a mod I generally do not want to risk plagarizing, so I have not downloaded any other Clint mod), it is likely that both mods can be used together, but due to folder titling Dammit Clint will override this mod's changes.
  • Improved Clint: Another Clint mod which will mostly override this mod's changes. However, this mod should be compatible with it nonetheless - changes such as changing Clint's rare phone dialogue or Movie Theater dialogue will still occur, and should not have anything super incompatible. If there is, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.
  • Platonic Partners and Friendships: Platonic Partners and Friendships will have a few alterations to this mod. The Shane and Clint 3 Heart will be unchanged, as PPAF does not affect those. Those with the most current PPAF version will get this mod's version of Clint's 6 Heart event (originally it changed the key, but now the nullout and swap should not occur in PPAF, allowing this mod to override - if you don't get this mod's 6 heart version (Clint trying to give Emily wool is the main part), please report as a bug as soon as possible. Emily's 8 heart will only be overridden if set to either vanilla (RomanceAndSex) or RomanceWithoutSex - if you get an unexpectedly romantic version of the event please let me know as soon as possible so I can hotfix (as the original version was uploaded as it was to avoid altering that event!).

This mod is fully translatable with i18n keys and can be translated. Please ask before making a translation mod, but otherwise translations can be made for this if desired.

Thank you to the Stardew Valley discord (#modded-farmers and #making-mods) for their input on Clint ideas and code. They were invaluable in figuring out particular dialogues.
beyondrecovery for scope creeping my mod... again XD (Thank you for the additional idea!)
AmaranthaCyan for their help in making this more compatible with PPAF!
Pathoschild for helping maintain and create SMAPI/Content Patcher
and ConcernedApe for making the game


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