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Provides a config option to choose marriage candidates you want a platonic (i.e. non-romantic, non-dating) relationship with, and edits all their romantic 8+ heart dialogue and events to be consistent with a close friendship. Includes a detailed, customizable platonic partnership option as an alternative to marriage.

Permissions and credits
Are you tired of having to date everyone in town to max their relationships and see all of their heart events? Do you want to pick one or more people to romance and be best friends with everyone else? Would you rather not date anyone at all? This mod was made for you! 

If you're reading this on the day of release, happy Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week!

(This is a large mod that affects a wide distribution of dialogue, events, mail, item descriptions, etc. I've playtested as much of it as I could, but if you run into bugs, inconsistencies, lines of dialogue that overflow the text box, or romantic dialogue I missed, please let me know and I'll fix them as soon as I can! I am also open to requests to add compatibility for other mods.)

The changes made by this mod should work fine in multiplayer for any players who have it installed. Players on the same farm who don't have PPaF installed won't see the changes. 

Summary of what this mod does:

  • Allows you to use the config to designate a list of NPCs you want a platonic relationship with. Currently, only the 12 vanilla marriage candidates have platonic routes. All character-specific changes listed below only apply to the NPCs in this list, AKA your "platonic NPCs." 
  • Allows you to have "best friend" relationships with any or all marriage candidates. Changes platonic NPCs' 8-10 heart dialogue and events to be consistent with a close friendship instead of a dating relationship. Removes the "jealousy"-related content that shames you for having multiple 10-heart relationships. Some new dialogue is added, including unique reactions to being gifted a bouquet or pendant. 
  • Allows you to have a platonic partnership with an NPC instead of marrying them. The "wedding" ceremony, the divorce book, all references to the mermaid's pendant, reactions from townsfolk, and post-marriage dialogue and events are adjusted accordingly (to the extent Content Patcher allows). Includes config options to specify a label for your relationship and a term of endearment for your partner to address you by. NPCs will treat platonic partnership as an established part of the "mermaid's pendant" tradition that is equally as important and meaningful as marriage.
  • Removes blushing from platonic NPCs' "love portraits," so that these portraits can be used to communicate affection and/or emotional vulnerability without romantic implications. You can turn this off by setting "EnablePortraitEdits" to false in the config, in which case all love portraits will blush. You can prevent PPaF's edited dialogue and events from using the love portraits by setting "UseLovePortraits" to false, which can be useful if you don't want to see blushing but have another mod that conflicts with the portrait edits.

Summary of config options:

You can find these options by opening the config.json that is created in the mod folder the first time you launch the game, or through the Generic Mod Config Menu.

  • PlatonicNPCs: A list of marriage candidates that you want a platonic relationship with. If a character's name is in the list, PPaF's platonic edits will be applied to them. All 12 vanilla marriage candidates are platonic by default! If you want to romance someone, open the config.json and delete their name from the list, or uncheck them in the Generic Mod Config Menu.
  • RelationshipLabel: How you would like to label your relationship with a platonic partner (someone in PlatonicNPCs whom you've given a pendant). It can be whatever you want, but it should grammatically work in a sentence like "I'm so glad we're life partners!" or "Yes, I'd like us to be QPPs," and should not contain special characters (like #, ^, %, etc). It defaults to "partners."
  • SocialMenuLabel: Similar to RelationshipLabel, but this option specifies how you would like your spouse or partner to be labeled in the social menu. This affects both platonic partners and romantic spouses, and if you have Multiple Spouses, all of your housemates will have the same social menu label. This is due to a limitation of Content Patcher.  This option defaults to "partner," which can work as a catch-all for romantic and platonic significant others. 
  • TermofEndearment: A term of endearment you'd like your platonic partner to use for you. It can be whatever you want (for example, "Buddy," "BFF," "Angel," "My friend"). It should be capitalized (it will be automatically lowercased if used in the middle of sentences, unless it's your farmer's name or "BFF") and should not contain special characters. It defaults to "@," which is automatically converted to your farmer's name. ("@" appears as an arrow in the Generic Mod Config Menu, but as far as I know it should still work in-game.)
  • EnablePortraitEdits: When true (the default), blushing will be removed from platonic NPCs' "love portraits" so that they can be used for emotional moments without romantic implications. Set to false if you prefer the blushing, or to prevent conflicts with mods that edit characters' faces in portraits. (See the Compatibility section for portrait-editing mods that have compatibility patches for PPaF). 
  • UseLovePortraits: When true (the default), NPCs "love portraits" will be used with some emotional dialogue. If you had to disable portrait edits because of a conflict, but don't want to see blushing, setting this to false will make PPaF's edited dialogue and events use different portraits in most contexts where blushing would have a romantic implication. Maru's love portraits will be used regardless of this setting, since they don't blush. (Love portraits might still appear in some cases when you have EnableAsexuality set to false.)
  • EnableSpriteEdits: When true (the default), platonic female NPCs' wedding gowns will be recolored to something other than white in the commitment ceremony. Set this to false to prevent conflicts with mods that change sprite body shapes or have their own alternate wedding/commitment ceremony outfits that you prefer. (See the Compatibility section below for sprite-editing mods that have compatibility patches for PPaF). 
  • EnableScheduleChanges: When true (the default), minor changes are made to Alex, Elliott, and Abigail's schedules so that platonically befriending their respective romantic interests doesn't keep them from hanging out. If this causes a conflict with another mod that affects their schedules or the maps their schedules take place upon, you can set this option to false to disable the schedule changes. 
  • EnableAsexuality: When true (the default), platonic partners will not make "suggestive" comments. Set to false to restore these lines if you want an aromantic allosexual partnership. 
  • Auncle: A title you would like NPCs in a niece/nephew/nibling-like relationship to use for you. Currently, you can ignore this if you aren't partnering Shane with Immersive Characters - Shane installed, or Sam with Immersive Spouses installed. Defaults to the gender-neutral "Nini."
  • SpousesReactExInvolvement: If you have Spouses React to Player 'Death' and have turned off that mod's optional events involving divorced spouses, you can set this to false to turn off PPaF's "separated partner" versions of those events, which would otherwise trigger regardless of your config settings in Spouses React. Defaults to true.

Best Friendship Details:

PPaF's dialogue changes to platonic NPCs remove implied or stated romantic or physical attraction, kissing, references to dating, and other romantic content, ideally while keeping a similar level of fondness and emotional intimacy. Most 8-10 heart dialogue is only lightly edited, although a few lines are completely rewritten.

PPaF also edits platonic NPCs' high-heart events. Some 8-heart events are lightly edited. 10-heart events vary in how extensively they're edited; some only have small changes to reflect a platonic relationship, while events whose vanilla versions are primarily about a romantic love confession are almost completely rewritten. In cases where I rewrote an event, my goals were for the NPC to communicate their affection for the player character and display personal growth consistent with their canonical character arc. Kissing in 10-heart events is replaced with hugging (although the visual distinction is pretty subtle). Note: Sam's and Penny's 10-heart-events now take place in the afternoon instead of after dark, and Sam's requires you to enter his house.

If you are platonic with any of the characters involved in one of the "group 10 heart" jealousy events, that event will not trigger unless you are carrying a rabbit's foot, and the rabbit's foot version will be lightly edited. If you're platonic with any character, the fortune teller will not suggest that you're cheating on people when you have multiple 10-heart relationships, and fortunes about your relationships with marriage candidates will be ambiguous about whether they're romantic or platonic.

I recommend installing CherryChain's Platonic Relationships, which does not alter dialogue or events but allows you to reach 10 hearts with marriage candidates without gifting a bouquet. PPaF ensures that 10-heart events that normally require you to have gifted a bouquet will trigger as long as you are at 10 hearts. However, if for any reason you aren't using Platonic Relationships, PPaF can also work without it. All in-game references to the bouquet now indicate that it's used to say you want a deeper relationship with the giftee, whether in a platonic or romantic sense; giftees will respond appropriately depending on whether or not they're in your platonic list; and the social menu will list characters given a bouquet as "loved one" instead of "girlfriend/boyfriend". 

In some cases, new unique lines are added using Custom Fixed Dialogue:
  • Platonic NPCs have unique responses to being gifted a bouquet or pendant.
  • Various NPCs have unique responses to being gifted a pendant when you're already platonically engaged or partnered with them or a family member. (Since Content Patcher checks for relationship status at the start of the day, this only works if it's been at least one day since the proposal; otherwise they'll give a generic response in the vein of "You're already living with someone.")

As of version 1.1.0, platonically befriending Haley no longer stops Alex from visiting her house, platonically befriending Leah no longer stops Elliott from visiting her at the saloon, and platonically befriending Abigail or Sebastian no longer prevents Abigail from visiting Sebastian in his room. If you want these characters to keep hanging out even if you're pursuing them romantically, you can install MissMarlot's Bachelors and Bachelorettes Stay Friends, which will replace PPaF's more limited schedule changes. 

Platonic Partnership Details and Limitations:

PPaF allows you to have a platonic partnership with a marriage candidate instead of a traditional marriage (although this is completely optional; you can, for example, marry one person and stay platonic with everyone else). The citizens of Pelican Town treat platonic partnership with the same respect and understanding as they do marriage. These relationships are similar to vanilla marriage in many ways: it's the highest-priority relationship each of you has, you cohabit and share finances, you can coparent children, your partner's relatives consider you part of the family, and your partner will express that they love you. However, the following changes are made:

  • Your relationship will have a configurable label (default: "partners.") For example, you could specify that you're life partners, business partners, roommates, QPPs, zucchinis, etc. Characters will refer to your relationship using this label. Specify this in the config using  the RelationshipLabel option.
  • As mentioned in the previous section, platonic NPCs each have their own unique reaction to being gifted a pendant, in all cases using your configurable relationship label. The description of the pendant itself, as well as all other references to it in-game, indicates that it's used to ask someone for a lifelong commitment that can be either romantic or platonic. 
  • The wedding ceremony dialogue will be replaced with dialogue for a platonic "commitment ceremony," with altered dialogue using your configurable relationship label. Wedding dresses will be recolored to something other than white (unless you disable this using the EnableSpriteEdits config option, which reverts them to white, or unless you have Diverse Stardew Valley v2.4.0 or later installed, in which case your partner will wear a unique outfit for the ceremony; see the Compatibility section below).
  • The social menu will display, by default, "partner" or "ex-partner" instead of "(ex)-husband/wife." You can change this label to whatever you prefer using the SocialMenuLabel config. This label applies to both romantic spouses and platonic partners. 
  • Romantic marriage dialogue is adjusted to be platonic. This is somewhat subjective, but includes removing references to kissing, editing references to your "marriage" or "husband/wife", and replacing words like "dear" and "honey" with a configurable term of endearment that you can set in the config menu. (Your partner may also address you by name, or by one or more platonic terms of endearment unique to that character.)
  • Your partner will react positively when you give other NPCs gifts, instead of getting jealous.
  • References to physical intimacy beyond hugging or cuddling are removed unless you set the config option EnableAsexuality to false.
  • Dialogue and game prompts related to having a biological child are edited to be about adoption, unless you set EnableAsexuality to false.
  • References to bed-sharing are removed, although you can still share a bed with your partner if you want. If you don't want bed-sharing to be part of your platonic partnership, the base game allows you to buy a second bed from Robin. (You will still have to provide a double bed for your partner or they will complain; they don't seem to recognize single beds.)
  • Your partner will have unique dialogue when gifting the stardrop at 12 hearts.
  • 14-heart events have minor adjustments to make them platonic. 
  • Certain spoilery content in the 1.5 endgame is adjusted to be platonic. 

Limitations: Currently, right-clicking your partner still results in an implied kiss (heart sprite and "dwop" sound effect), and the platonic commitment ceremony also features a kiss. This isn't something I can change using Content Patcher, but I'm hoping to add a SMAPI mod component in a future update that will replace the kiss heart with a smiley face, a la the Krobus roommate relationship (with the option to keep the heart and sound effect if you prefer). 

I'm aroace myself, and I did my best to make these partnerships feel validating for fellow aromantics. My hope is that the configurable relationship label, configurable term of endearment, and asexuality toggle will help with customizing the "vibe" of the relationship. However, I understand that people have a variety of preferences for the level of intimacy and commitment they prefer in a platonic partnership. I'll be on the lookout for requests to make specific aspects of the partnership configurable, and I'll try to make that happen in future updates. (In the meantime, your choice of partner can help with achieving the intimacy level you want. For instance, Elliott is poetically effusive about his affection for you; Sebastian and Harvey are more prone than most to say "I love you" outright; Emily, Leah, and Maru have more of a chill pals vibe; Haley and Penny often use terms of endearment whereas Alex rarely does.)

Requirements, Compatibility, Recommended Companion Mods, and Credits

  • Requires Content Patcher, since it's a content patch, and aedenthorn's Custom Fixed Dialogue, which is used to give NPCs personalized platonic versions of many of the base game's generic lines related to dating and marriage.
  • Compatible with Platonic Relationships by CherryChain, which I recommend to go with PPaF. Platonic Relationships lets you skip the bouquet requirement to get to 10 hearts with marriage candidates. Cherry kindly provided me with the information needed to make the mods work together, so although Platonic Relationships requires you to be dating a character to see their 10-heart event, you will be able to see the PPaF's 10-heart events without dating. 
  • Compatible with Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters. The author, gizzymo, has kindly given me permission to include edited platonic versions of romantic dialogue added by CFDE. If you have the mod installed, these edits will replace CFDE's original romantic lines. In cases where PPaF and CFDE both edit the same vanilla lines, the platonic edit of CFDE's version will be applied if you have it installed. 
  • Compatible with Immersive Characters - Shane. The author, tenthousandcats, has kindly given me permission to include edited platonic versions of romantic dialogue added by IC - Shane. If you have the mod installed, these edits will replace IC-Shane's original romantic lines. In cases where PPaF and IC-Shane both edit the same vanilla lines, the platonic edit of IC-Shane's version will be applied if you have it installed.
  • Compatible, as of version 1.2.0., with Immersive Spouses. The author, Someguy363, has kindly given me permission to include edited platonic versions of Immersive Spouses' romantic dialogue. PPaF edits most of Immersive Spouses' romantic lines, with the exception of the gift reactions; you can turn these off in Immersive Spouses' config if you find them too romantic. As above, these edits are only applied if you have Immersive Spouses installed, and will override the original lines.
  • Compatible,  as of version 1.2.0, with Spouses React to Player 'Death'. The author, CasualInvidia, has kindly given me permission to include platonic edits to Spouses Reacts' new events and dialogue where your spouse displays concern after you "die" in any of the game's three mines. If the event features a platonic partner instead of a spouse, light platonic edits will be applied. These mostly consist of replacing words like "dear" or "husband" with PPaF's configurable term of endearment and partner label; the depth of emotion should be preserved from the original events. Since Spouses React allows you to disable events involving a divorced spouse, PPaF's "separated partner" versions of these events can also be toggled off by setting SpousesReactExInvolvement to false.
  • Compatible with Gender Neutrality Mod by Hanatsuki. PPaF does not use any of Gender Neutrality's assets, but dialogue and events edited by PPaF do not gender the player character or refer to them by a pronoun, so there should be no conflicts. Where both mods edit the same dialogue or events, the platonic version will be applied.
  • Will be compatible with Diverse Stardew Valley (DSV) - Seasonal by the DSV Team (see their mod page for individual author credits), starting with version 2.4.0. The DSV team has graciously agreed to host compatibility files for PPaF so that its portrait edits can be applied to all modded variants. They have also also gone the extra mile to create unique outfits for each character to wear in the platonic commitment ceremony, for which I'm very grateful; these unique sprites will replace PPaF's recolored wedding gowns. Note: You will need to specify which characters you want to be platonic using both my config and DSV's. 
  • Compatible with Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic, as of version 1.1.0. The author, Poltergeister, has kindly given me permission to include copied sections from the mod's portrait assets in order to apply compatible blush edits. 
  • Mostly compatible with Seasonal Villager Outfits, but there are a few portraits where characters are wearing facial accessories like sunglasses which look a little strange when combined with PPaF's blush edits.
  • Compatible with MissMarlot's Bachelors and Bachelorettes Stay Friends. PPaF does not use any of Stay Friends' assets, but implements a similar functionality. While PPaF only stops befriending NPCs in your platonic list from causing them to stop hanging out with their "rival partner," Stay Friends can make them keep hanging out regardless of their romantic or platonic status. To prevent conflicts, PPaF's more limited schedule changes are automatically disabled when Stay Friends is installed.
  • Seems to be compatible with Multiple Spouses. Your platonic and romantic partners will correctly have either the marriage or commitment ceremony depending on whether they're in the platonic list, and their marriage dialogue will correctly line up with their platonic or romantic status as well. A few lines of generic marriage dialogue, shared between characters, are edited to work for either a romantic or platonic partnership if you have Multiple Spouses installed (as of version 1.2.0). You can turn off Multiple Spouses' realistic kissing sounds in that mod's config file by setting RealKissSound to false. Multiple Spouses also sometimes overwrites PPaF's customized reactions for gifting a pendant to your partner or platonic in-laws, but that's a pretty niche situation and shouldn't cause anything weirder than how that scenario works in the base game. Please let me know if you run into any other conflicts.
  • Mods not mentioned above that edit/add dialogue or events, or that edit other in-game references to the bouquet, pendant, marriage or divorce, may override some of PPaF's changes or introduce new romantic content that PPaF does not replace. If you'd like to request that I add compatibility for one of these mods, contact me and I'll see what I can do. I'm happy to add compatibility wherever feasible, but creating compatibility patches will often require using the other mod's assets, for which I will need the mod author's permission.
  • Mods not mentioned above that alter portraits may conflict with PPaF's portrait edits (which remove blushing from certain portraits and also affect one of Penny's 10-heart-event portraits). If you're using such a mod, you can avoid conflicts by setting EnablePortraitEdits to false in the config. In this case, if UseLovePortraits is set to true, platonic characters will blush in some dialogue and events; if UseLovePortraits is set to false, alternate vanilla portraits will be used to avoid blushing. 
  • Mods not mentioned above that alter sprite shapes or wedding outfits may conflict with PPaF's wedding sprite edits (which recolor the female NPCs' wedding dresses). Generally, mods that only change clothing, like Seasonal Villager Outfits, will not conflict with the sprite edits. You can prevent conflicts by setting EnableSpriteEdits to false.
  • Mods not mentioned above that alter Abigail's, Alex's, or Elliott's schedules, or that alter maps in a way that interferes with their vanilla schedules, may conflict with PPaF's schedule edits. To prevent conflicts, set EnableScheduleChanges to false. 

If you find a conflict between PPaF and any of the mods listed as compatible above, please let me know and I will fix it if at all possible.

Language Notes

Currently, the mod is only available in English, since that's the only language I'm fluent in. If anyone would like to contribute a translation to a language they write fluently, I would be happy to incorporate it with full credit! You can also upload it separately if you prefer.

Possible Additions In Future Updates

  • Choice of "kiss heart" or "hug smiley" with platonic partner (can't be done with Content Patcher, requires a SMAPI mod)
  • Option to have your partner move in without the commitment ceremony (also requires a SMAPI mod)
  • Option for platonic partnerships between player characters in multiplayer
  • Compatibility with additional dialogue and portrait mods (I'll prioritize requests from the mod authors themselves, but I'm open to requests from anyone)
  • I'm not sure if there are any conflicts with SVE (other than SVE's custom dateable NPCs not having their own platonic routes), but if people run into any I'll try to fix them. (1.1.0 update: SVE would overwrite some of PPaF's 10-heart events, so I've set PPaF to load after SVE to make sure the platonic versions of these events are applied.)
  • Add platonic edits for some custom dateable NPCs
  • Improve compatibility with Multiple Spouses -- done as of 1.2.0!
  • Asexuality-only version that leaves the romance intact but removes "suggestive" lines (this might end up being a separate mod)
  • More options to customize the level of emotional intimacy and commitment in your platonic partnership
  • Preventing schedule changes that imply romantic rivalry if you're platonic with the parties involved, e.g. Elliott no longer hanging out with Leah at the saloon when you have 6+ hearts with her -- done as of 1.1.0!

Feel free to contact me with feature, config option and compatibility requests! I can't promise to put everything in, but I'll do what I can. You can post on the mod page, privately message me through Nexus, or join a small Discord server where I'll also be posting beta versions of updates prior to their public release.