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Changes some of Clint's event and festival dialogues after you marry Emily so he stops blatantly pining after her and ignoring your relationship.

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When you are married to Emily, this mod:
  • Changes Clint's festival dialogues referencing his crush on Emily;
  • Rewrites bits of Clint's 3-heart event to be more about his shyness in general, not just with women or Emily specifically;
  • Changes the text of the Clint's Attempt mail quest to Emily requesting the gem herself. Why is she sending her spouse letters in the mail instead of asking like a normal person? I don't know, either. (CAVEAT: You'll still get the affection bonus with Clint and not Emily for completing the quest. I honestly have no idea how to change this or if it's even something Content Patcher can do. You should also get a cash reward for doing the quest, though.)

This mod requires Content Patcher.

9/24/18: Added a no-marriage-required version by request.