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You know Clint? The depressed guy with no character arc? Well, this tries to improve him!

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UHH, I'm not going to update this mod anymore! Instead, I made a new version called Clint Reforged!

TW: This mod contains mentions of suicide. It's in one line of dialogue and he immediately says he's not going to but I know this is a sensitive subject.

After getting 10 hearts with Clint for the first time in vanilla, I was very disappointed. He had potential for character growth but had... Literally none. He stays the same, depressed and crushing on Emily. 

With this mod I tried to fix that, even just a bit. This adds new dialogue, 10 new events, a spouse room and a spouse patio and tries to add an actual character arc. Also as you go through the events, you eventually unlock the ability to date him if you want to. If you do, you'll get to see the true end of his character arc. Well, you'll see it either way but you'll see it a lot sooner.

This doesn't edit his appearance or tastes and his vanilla events are still there and important to overall plot. Alternate sprites and portraits might not work though since this mod completely changes his sprite sheet and adds a few portraits. Diverse Stardew Valley 3.0.0 includes compatibility for this mod! 

Since there are a lot of events, I added an article with all the events and what's needed to trigger them. If you want to blind, I recommend you use Event Lookup.

Also, this is the first time I ever make a mod like this so if you have any ideas, suggestion, ways to improve it, ect. please send them to me!