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If you ever played Skyrim, you probably know how useless the Speech skill is.
The economy in Skyrim is too easy. Money is almost never a concern for the player.
The goal of this mod is to overhaul the Speech skill by making the economy harder, the Speechcraft perks more interesting and merchants more unique and specialized.

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Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements:


If you ever played Skyrim, you probably know how useless the Speech skill is. Personally, I finished several playthrough without spending a single perk point in the Speechraft tree.
I think the reason for that is simple: the economy in Skyrim is too easy. Money is almost never a concern for the player.
The goal of this mod is to overhaul the Speech skill by making the economy harder and the Speechcraft perks more interesting. Getting rich will be very hard without an investment in the Speechcraft skill. This mod also pushes you to find alternative way to make money (like jobs, bounties, quests) as opposed to hoard loot and dump it all on the first merchant you see.
The complete version of this mod also overhauls merchants by making them more unique depending on their location and more specialized in their field of work.
This mod comes with a MCM, allowing you to customize how hard you want your game's economy to be.


This mod is available in a complete and a lite version. The lite version has less features (no changes related to perks or merchants) and is aimed at maximizing compatibility.

  • Prices multipliers are cutomizable.Both versions
  • You can customize game settings that dictate how high/low buying/selling prices are at high and low Speech level. (Known as fBarterMax/fBarterMin.)
    By default, prices will be 1.5x higher for a player with no Speech skill but will be the same for a player with a Speech skill at 100; making Speech a more rewarding skill.

  • Bartering experience gains are customizable.Both versions
  • You can customize how much experience you gain from buying and selling items to merchants with a multiplier configurable in the MCM.

  • Sell prices are very low without the right perk for the right merchant.Complete Version Only
  • This mods adds five new perks related to selling prices. Without the right perk for the right merchant, selling prices receive a reduction, customizable with the MCM. You can now make it impossible to make a lot of money from bartering without investing in the Speechcraft perk tree. This feature exists to prevent the player from automatically becoming a loot hoarder. This also reflects the fact that merchants should only stock from trusted suppliers, not from the first adventurer walking into their shop.
    More details about the new perks in the perk tree section below.

  • The Speech perk tree is overhauled.Complete Version Only
  • Modified perks:
    Haggling: Now scaling by 10% increments, up to 50% better prices, (Instead of vanilla's increments of 5%, up to 30%.) making this perk a little more attractive.
    Investor: Combined with Master Trader. Also changed the amounts: every merchant gains 500 gold, and merchants you invest in (for 500 gold) gains 1,000 gold.

    Added perks:
    - Supplier: Can sell items to general goods merchants, innkeepers and hunters for better prices.
    - Metallurgist: Can sell items to blacksmiths and jewelers for better prices.
    - Specialist Seller: Can sell items to mages, tailors and alchemists for better prices.
    - Khajiit's Connection: Can sell items to Khajiit's caravans for better but still relatively low prices. (It's 80% of the price you get at ordinary merchants with the other perks, these low prices are compensated by the fact that you can sell almost anything to Khajiit caravans.)
    - Renowned Thief: Can sell items to fences for better prices.
    - Privileged Customer: Merchants you invested in will sell valuable, exclusive new items. A more precise list of items unlocked by this perk is available here.
    - Bounty Hunter: Earn 50% more gold from bounty quests rewards.

    Removed perks:
    - Allure: It was a superfluous perk and I had to make some place on the perk tree.
    - Merchant: Had to be removed to make the other perks work. (Plus, it was a nonsensical perk.)
    - Master Trader: Combined with Investor.

    Unchanged perks (except for the positioning):
    - Fence: I just corrected the description which incorrectly stated that you needed to invest in a merchant to benefit from it.
    - Bribery
    - Persuasion
    - Intimidation

    You can see the new perk tree structure here.

  • Merchants will only buy and sell items type that better correspond to their respective profession.Complete Version Only
  • - General Merchant do not buy and sell every type of item anymore, details below.
    - Alchemists: No longer buy food or animal parts that are not ingredients. No longer buy Skooma unless they are fences.
    - Blacksmiths: Also buy gems and jewels.
    - Jewelers: No longer buy ore, ingots and tools.
    - Fletcher: Only buy and sell bows, arrows and daggers.
    - Drunken Huntsman: No longer buys tools but buys and sells raw food.
    - Innkeepers: No longer buy/sell ingredients that are not food.
    - Some fences will only buy/sell items types that are relevant to them. (For example: Niranye: blacksmith items, Endon: jewels)
    - Quartermasters only buy/sell equipment that their soldiers wear, more details below.

  • General Merchants no longer buy and sell every type of items.Complete Version Only
  • They are specialized in misc and useful items and not a dumping ground where you can empty your inventory.
    They only buy/sell iron weapons/armors, basic clothes and equipment, basic spell tomes, animal parts, raw food, books, tools, iron ingots, building materials, Hearthfires child items and other miscellaneous items.
    The raw food they sell is also influenced by their location (like inns, see below).
    An optional addon to sell every type of item to general merchants is included in the installer. It is however not recommend as it lessens the usefulness of the new perks detailed above.

  • Mine and farm owners are now considered merchants too.Complete Version Only
  • Mine owners will sell ores from their mine.
    Farm owners will sell what they produce depending on their farm (wheat, vegetables, milk, other animal products, etc).

  • Food and Drinks sold by Inns and General Merchants is influenced by the world around them.Complete Version Only
  • Inns located in towns have more food and drinks to sell than isolated or village inns. Food sold by town inns is more varied and refined (cooked, prepared food (Hearthfire food)). Smaller inns sell more basic food.
    Food sold by inns and general merchant depend on the their location. For example, inns located in a coastal hold will sell more products from the sea (horker, clam, salmon), inns in Whiterun Hold will sell more elk, mudcrabs, mammoth, etc.
    Meads and ales are more available than wines. Special wines are a more rare.
    The "Dampened Spirits" quest has now a bigger impact on Honningbrew Mead, it is almost entirely replaced by Black-Briar Mead if the quest is successful.

  • Alchemists inventory now depends on the natural resources of their respective hold.Complete Version Only
  • Alchemists ingredients change depending on their location (it was the same for every alchemists in vanilla) to better represent each region natural resources. Some ingredients are only available in a specific hold.
    A complete list of ingredients repartition is available here.
    This repartition was for the most part base off of this map.
    I also modified some flora inside the cities to better match the flora of their hold.
    A book called "Resources of Skyrim's Holds" details each holds unique ingredients and is available to buy from all general goods merchants.

  • Blacksmith now have specialties instead of all having the same inventory.Complete Version Only
  • Depending on their location, they will sell different ores and some weapons and armors will be unlocked at lower levels.
    A complete list of blacksmith inventory changes is available here.
    A book called "Resources of Skyrim's Holds" stating specificities of each hold is available to buy in all general good stores.

  • Ragged Flagon merchants are improved and better differentiated.Complete version only
  • They now are fences (they buy stolen good).
    The alchemist, "Herluin Lothaire", now sells potions and recipe related to thieving, including special Thieves Guild potions.
    The three blacksmith are now differentiated unlike vanilla, where they all have the same inventory. Now, one is a fence, the other specializes in light armors, the last is a regular blacksmith.
    They benefit from the "Renowned Thief" perk and the "Metallurgist"/"Speciallist Seller" (only one perk can work at the same time, Metallurgist"/"Speciallist Seller" have priority).

  • Some smaller changes to merchants:Complete version only
  • - Street vendors have more gold (200 instead of 50).
    - General merchant do not sell lockpicks anymore, only sold by thieves guild related merchants and Khajit caravans.
    - Some Dunmer merchant sell items from Solstheim (Revyn Sadri, Gnisis Cornerclub, Brand-Shei).
    - Jewelers have more jewels to sell and now also a couple of enchanted jewels.
    - Small adjustments to the Khajiit caravans inventories, they have a bit less potions, more books and clothes, also some Elsweyr Fondue.
    - Some merchant had their inventory modified to better match their profession and/or items exposed on their stand (Hillevi Cruel-Sea, Niranye, Grelka,).

  • Civil war quartermasters now behave like actual quartermasters.Complete Version Only
  • In vanilla, they behave like normal blacksmiths.
    With my mod, they do not buy/sell anything from you until you join their side in the civil war.
    They only buy/sell weapons and armor that are part of the standard soldier equipment (steel/iron for stormcloaks, imperial for the legion).
    Because they are supposed to equip their soldiers (and not bankrupt them), they sell weapons and armor and a very low price, lower than any merchant.
    They buy weapons and armors at the same price than merchants, and benefit from the "Metallurgist" perk.

  • Bounty rewards are revamped.Both versions
  • The Vanilla bounty rewards where ridiculously low, a fixed 100 gold for bandits, forsworn and giants, 500 golds for a dragon. This mod makes the gold reward for bounties completely customizable with the MCM. It also scales with your level (except for Giants since they do no level with the player).
    Completing bounty quests can also improves your Speech skill, the amount of experience earned is customizable and depends on the amount of gold earned.

  • Favor quests rewards are adjusted.Both versions
  • Favor quests are small quests that generally consist of bringing an item from one NPC to an other or doing a small errand. The reward given in vanilla for these was sometimes outrageously exaggerated. You could earn up to 750 gold for simply delivering notes. This mod drastically reduces the reward given by those quests. The reward now scale from 25 to 75 gold depending on you level. (It was from 250 to 750 gold in vanilla.)

  • Some quests rewards are adjusted.Both versions

  • A couple of  bigger quests gave a reward disproportional to the task accomplished.

    Thieves Guild radiant quest will reward you with 50-300 gold (instead of 50-500). I did this because you already earn a lot by doing the quests themselves (stealing items, pickpocketing), they also can be done quickly and be repeated a lot.

    Radiant Dark Brotherhood killing contracts reward you with 200-600 gold (instead of 400-1,200). Again, I did this because those missions are done quickly and can be repeated.

    The final Dark Brotherhood quest ("Hail Sithis!") reward is changed. In vanilla, you earned a game-breaking amount: 20,000 gold. On the other hand, you were encouraged to spend 19,000 gold on the sanctuary reparations, leaving you with a mere 1,000 gold, not a lot for the final Dark Brotherhood quest. With this mod, you earn 10,000 gold and can spend 7,000 on the reparations, leaving you with 3,000 gold. The dialogue with Nazir referencing to those gold sums was also adapted.

    The Companion radiant quests rewards are overhauled. They now scale better with your level and the reward depends on the quest itself. Beating someone up rewards you way less than killing a dragon (vanilla was always 100-300 gold, no matter the quest). Some quests ("Purity" and "Totems of Hircine") do not reward any gold.

    Some Dragonborn quests rewards where rescaled: 1,500-4,000 gold (instead of 1,500-10,000) for "March of the Dead" and "Served Cold"; 100-500 gold (instead of 250-2,000) for "It's All In The Taste", "Clean Sweep" and "Recipe for Distraction".

    You earn 200 gold (instead of 500) by necklace retrieved for the "Pain in the Necklace" quest. In vanilla, this quest had the potential to give you 16,500 gold, it's 6,600 now.

    You earn 125 gold instead of 250 for the "Heart Stones" quest (repeatable and easy quest).

  • Small Jobs rewards are adjusted.Both versions
  • The gold reward for small jobs (Mine Ore, Gather Crops, Chop Wood) is lowered and now depends on you Speech skill. Doing them will also give you a bit of Speechcraft experience. Both gold reward and experience received are customizable.
    Even with lower rewards, these jobs remain quite useful for low Speech level players.

  • A few animal and chest loots are changed. Both versions

  • Dragons don't loot guaranteed gold and gems anymore. Dragon bones and scales are already worth a lot, and it didn't make sense for dragons to have lots of gold or gems. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any justification in the TES lore for dragons to be attracted or eat precious items. (This is Tamriel, not Middle-earth.) Dragons now have a 25% chance to loot a small amount of gold (about 25) since they are able to swallow a man whole. (They also have a 25% chance to loot a piece of weapon/armor, just like in vanilla.) I also removed the Daedric armor/weapon loot from high level dragons.

    I removed the gold/gem/jewelry loot from animals. Animals had a 10% chance to loot a bit of gold, a ring or a gem, I have no idea why.

    Prowler's Profit is nerfed. You will get an average of one more gem per gem container. The vanilla value of 2.5 more gems per gem container was just too big, and made you accumulate a lot of gems very quickly.

    The "desecrated corpses" from the quest "The Break of Dawn" had their gold loot reduced. You could loot up to 5,000 gold from them in that quest. (Now it's about 750 maximum.)

  • Some smaller changes: Both versions
  • - Merchant resupply (merchandise and gold) every seven days (instead of two) to prevent the player depleting their gold and items too often.
    - Services cost more: 25 for a night in an inn (instead of 10); 50-75 for a carriage ride (instead of 20-50). Starting a new game is required for the related dialogue to display the correct prices.
    - Houses cost 1.5 times more (Except the Solitude house which was already quite expensive). Starting a new game is required for the related dialogue to display the correct prices.
    - The maximum value for items you can take from friends and confidants is lowered. Friends: 25 to 5 gold, confidants 50 to 25. (Allies and lovers stay the same, 100 and 500 gold respectively.)
    - Persuasions checks are a little bit harder at low Speech level (very easy 10 -> 20, easy 25 -> 30).

  • Some changes required to fix Skyrim's economy are outside the scope of an economy mod. But here are a couple of recommended mods:

  • A lot of things required to fix this game's economy -like crafted items prices- involve modifying things a economy mod shouldn't, such as alchemy and enchanting mechanics. I thus decided to not implement them in this mod. However, let me (shamelessly) recommend three of my other mods.

    Alchemy, Potions and Food Adjustments: Some crafted potions are completely overpriced, allowing the player to make money quickly from inexpensive ingredients. This mod fixes that (and many other problems with alchemy). Please read the "Compatibility and Load Order" section if you install this mod.

    Enchanting Adjustments and Price Bug Fix: Enchanting items is one of the easiest way to make a lot of money, notably because some enchantments are completely overpriced. This mod fixes that (and many other problems with enchanting).

    Selective and/or More Expensive Transmute: The transmute spell allows the player to easily create a lot of gold ingots without any kind of drawback. Install one of the two "more expensive" versions of this mod to fix that.

  • The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch changes are forwarded.

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need Skyrim Special Edition V1.5.39 or above.
You need the Skyrim Script Extender SE build V2.0.7 or above installed (SKSE64).
You need SkyUI Version 5.2SE+ for the configuration menu to work.
You need to install the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Installation with a FOMOD installer. A mod manager that support those is required (Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex for example).

Starting a new game is required for the services dialogues to display the correct prices (inns and carriages).

This mod should be safe to update mid-playthrough.

You should be able to uninstall simply by removing the mod files. However I cannot guarantee that some perks effects won't persist.

Compatibility & Load Order for the Complete Version:

The mod changes a lot of records, including merchant chests, merchant factions, Speech perks and a lot of leveled lists. I recommend you check with SSEEdit for conflicts before playing.

It is not compatible with mods that change the Speech perk tree (with the exception of Ordinator and Vokrii if you install the patch provided.).

This mod should work with merchants added by other mods, however some selling perks might not work with them depending on how these new merchants are implemented. Also, their inventory will not be region specific without a patch. Merchants added by other mods might buy every type of item, making some of the new selling perks less useful.
A guide to make patches for this mod (intended for people who are familiar with either the Creation Kit or xEdit) is available here.

Due to time constraint, I will not make any more patches unless the conflicting mod is in my personal load order.

Patches for the following mods are included in the installer (most as .esp flagged as .esl):
  • Ordinator: Integrates my new perks into Ordinator's perk tree. The "Salesman" perk, which is the equivalent of the "Merchant" perk, is also deleted.
  • Vokrii: Integrates my new perks into Vokrii's perk tree. The "Salesman" perk, which is the equivalent of the "Merchant" perk, is also deleted. The "Private Stock" is replaced by my "Privilleged Customer" perk.
  • MorrowLoot Ultimate: Resolves record conflicts, removes the blacksmiths specialties and toggles on by default the "Privileged Customer" perk alternative for blackmsiths (for consistency with MorrowLoot philosophy)..
  • Trade and Barter: Resolves conflicts and makes T&B "increased inventory stock" feature work with my "Privileged Customer" perk.
  • Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) for SSE Makes some corrections to DoS merchants (selling perk and inventories), integrates new food items with merchants, modifies some flora added to better match my "ingredients localization" feature and finalize an unfinished DoS merchant in Windhelm.
  • Wet and Cold: Makes "Wet and Cold" added items sellable to general merchants and adds them to their inventory to buy if the option is toggled in the "Wet and Cold" MCM.
  • Cloaks of Skyrim: Makes common cloaks added items sellable to general merchants and adds them to their inventory to buy.
  • Scarcity: Resolves quests record conflict and add scarcity to my mod leveled lists.
  • Even Better Quest Objectives: Resolves quests record conflicts.
  • Quests Are In Skyrim: Resolves quests record conflicts.
  • Cutting Room Floor: Solves some record conflicts, makes some correction to added merchants and adds the farmer sell stock feature to CRF added farmers.
  • Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes: Resolves record conflicts, makes new clothing items added by WACCF sellable and integrated in merchants inventories.
  • Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul: Removes my "ingredients localization" feature to make sure CACO new ingredients are available.
  • Cooking in Skyrim: Solves conflict for general merchant inventories.
  • Missives Optional patch. Makes Missives rewards more coherent with bounties and job rewards from my mod. More details about the patch here. Make sure the scripts (.pex files) from this patch override the scripts from Missives.
  • Distinct Interiors: Optional patch. Modifies some decorations added to better match my "ingredients localization" feature.

My mod should be loaded after You Hunger SE.
If you play with Alchemy, Potions and Food Adjustments, load it after this mod.

Compatibility & Load Order for the Lite Version:

This version is aimed at maximal compatibility but conflicts remain possible. I recommend you check with SSEEdit for conflicts before playing.

This version does not modify merchants or perks and is thus fully compatible with Ordinator, Vokrii and Trade & Barter without needing a patch.

Due to time constraint, I will not make any more patches unless the conflicting mod is in my personal load order.

Patches for the following mods are included in the installer (all as .esp flagged as .esl):

If you play with Scarcity, load my mod after it.


If there is anything you think I missed (such as an overpaid quest or any cheaty way to make money), fell free to write a comment and I'll be glad to add it.

A (completely outdated) version for Xbox One is kindly provided by Tarshana here.


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.
All members of the SKSE team.
All members of the SkyUI team.
Kaburke and any other who worked on the FOMOD Installer system as well as Wenderer for its FOMOD Creation Tool.
Ray Lederer for the illustration.
Katie Tiedrich for the comic.


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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