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Modify how fast or how slow your skills improve with MCM sliders for each skill.

Permissions and credits

Experience Multipliers:


Modify experience gain rate for each skill with MCM sliders. Values go from x0 to x10.0, by increment of 0.1.
There is also a "All Skills" multiplier. Experience gain for a skill is multiplied by both this "All Skills" multiplier and its specific skill multiplier. So if "All Skills" is set to "2" and "Smithing" is set to "2", "Smithing" skill increase four time faster.

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need Skyrim Special Edition V1.5.39 or above.

You need the Skyrim Script Extender SE build V2.0.7 or above installed (SKSE64).

You need SkyUI Version 5.2SE+ for the configuration menu to work.

Installation as usual. Install with your favorite mod manager or manually in the data folder.

You should be able to uninstall simply by removing the mod files. I recommend you put all sliders to 1 before you do.

Compatibility & Load Order:

This mod does not edit any vanilla record and should be compatible with everything.


By default, multipliers are deactivated for trainers, making sure you gain exactly one skill point per training session. This can be changed in the MCM.
A MCM option can deactivate multipliers when entering dialogue with an NPC (off by default). This option can be used to improve compatibility with mod that give experience through dialogues, like Trainers Galore.
Skill gained when reading a skill book are also multiplied by this mod. As far as I now, there is no way to change this.
If you're searching for an alternative, take a look at XP Editor. It has the advantage of not interfering with skill books but the disadvantage of not having an MCM.


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.
All members of the SKSE team.
All members of the SkyUI Team.
Bethesda for the illustration.


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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