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A lightweight and configurable fatigue/injury system. Depleting your stats incrementally lowers the cap to which they will naturally regenerate. Sleep to remove exhaustion.

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Exhaustion - Incremental Fatigue is an ultra-lightweight fatigue/injury system that adds an extra layer of strategy and immersion to your gameplay. As a stat is damaged, so is your ability to fully regenerate that stat. This doesn't affect your regeneration rate, instead it caps the percentage of each stat that you can passively regain. Once you hit this limit, your natural regeneration is halted and you will need to sleep to remove exhaustion and regain full natural regeneration. Until then you can still rely on potions, spells, enchantments or food to restore your missing stats.

Having exhaustion cap regeneration, as opposed to reducing your stat pool, has a number of advantages:

  1. You can clearly see your current exhaustion from how much of each stat you are missing in your stat bars.
  2. You can still use stat restoring potions or spells to restore your stats to their true maximum.
  3. Perks, enchantments and food that increase regeneration rate still work and allow regeneration past the cap set by your exhaustion because exhaustion only blocks your natural regeneration. Through appropriate gear and perks, the player can develop "exhaustion resistance".
  4. Capping regeneration inherently penalizes health less than the other stats because base health regen is slow. This avoids heavy-handed health penalties that force regular resting.

Each of your stats has a cap, above which your regeneration rate is reduced by 99% (leaving 1% keeps the stat bars visible). When your stats take enough damage to cross a threshold the cap for that stat is reduced by a set penalty. All caps are reset by sleeping. The starting value of the caps and the penalty and configurable in the MCM.

  • Each cap starts at 105% (configurable in the MCM). This means that at first your stats can fully regenerate, with an additional 5% buffer before any exhaustion kicks in.
  • Stat damage is anything that depletes a stat. For health this means taking damage. For magicka it includes casting spells or being hit by shock spells. For stamina it means sprinting, power attacking, shield bashing or being hit by frost spells. If mods add new systems that deplete your stats these will automatically be included too.
  • The thresholds are at 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%. As such, casting a cheap spell that costs 5% of your magicka crosses only a single threshold and so your magicka cap is only penalized once. Alternatively, sprinting from full stamina until you run out crosses all five thresholds and so your stamina cap is penalized five times
  • The penalty for crossing a threshold is that your cap for that stat is reduced by 0.5% of its current value (separately configurable for each stat in the MCM). If the caps start above 100% it can take a while for them to drop below 100% and for exhaustion to kick in. Because the penalty is a % of the current cap, the rate at which you accumulate exhaustion slows over time.
  • When you sleep, for each hour slept all caps are increased by 10% (configurable in the MCM), until they reach their starting value (105% by default). Sleeping rough halves the rate at which exhaustion is removed (again, configurable in the MCM) so sleeping in inns/homes is best. Due to how the engine handles sleep, when you wake up, health is always fully restored, while stamina will be restored to its cap and magicka is restored to a little below its cap (though it will quickly regenerate to its cap).

SkyUI - for the MCM

Download and install through your mod manager of choice. It is safe to install on an existing save. The plugin is ESL-flagged.

Check the update notes. Updates that change script properties will require a new game.

Safe to uninstall at any time.

Performance impact

Compatible with everything.

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Thanks to colinswrath and SimonMagus for making incremental injuries which I love and heavily inspired this mod (see sticky post for how the two mods differ). Thanks also to SimonMagus for prompting me to make this. Thanks to u/dragonmonday for creating the image used on this mod page.