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Choose how many perk points you gain on level up through an MCM.

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What it does

Configurable Perks Per Level provides a Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) that lets you choose how many perks you get on level up (in addition to the base game's one). Decimal values are permitted, for instance, 0.5 gives you one extra perk point every other level, while 1.34 gives you two extra perk points every third level, but one extra perk point otherwise. You can also change this value at any time and choose whether or not to apply the current value retroactively.

By default, you gain the additional perk points simply by exiting the skills menu after leveling up (i.e. after choosing your stat increase in the skills menu). But you can gain additional perk points on sleeping instead.

MCM configuration

The mod can be configured in the MCM with the three following options:

Bonus perks per level - How many perk points you gain per level in addition to the one you get from the vanilla game. Defaults to 1 (i.e. 2 perk points per level) and ranges from 0 to 5. Decimal values are permitted: 0.5 is one extra point every other level, 1.34 is one extra point every level, but two extra points every 3rd level, and so on. If you change the value mid game, you will proceed with the new value, but it will not retroactively apply to past level-ups unless you click gain perk points retroactively (see below).

Notifications - Whether or not the notification lets you know if you've got any extra perk points after level up.

Perk points on level up - Whether or not you gain perk points as soon as you exit the skill menu after leveling up. Defaults to true.

Perk points on wake up - Whether or not you gain perk points by sleeping. Defaults to true, but will only activate if perk points on level up is turned off. If you turn both options off, then you'll never gain additional perk points, so probably best not to do that!

Gain perk points retroactively - If you click this the game will retroactively apply the current value of bonus perks per level to all prior levels. This can cause you to gain a lot of extra perk points on your next level up, or even "owe" perk points back. After selecting this option a pop-up message box will let you know our balance. If you are owed points you still need to level up to gain them. See the following two examples for more information:

  1. Imagine you are level 10, and had set bonus perks per level to 1. So far you would have gained 9 bonus perk points. If you now change bonus perks per level to 2, you will gain 2 bonus perk points on each level up going forwards. But if you change bonus perks per level to 2 and click gain perk points retroactively, the game will recognize that you should have received 18 bonus perk points so far, and so will "owe" you an additional 9 perk points. As such, at the next level up you will gain 11 perk points (2 for this level up, and the 9 you are owed), and you will gain two perk points from then on.
  2. Imagine you are level 10, and had set bonus perks per level to 1. So far you would have gained 9 bonus perk points. If you now change bonus perks per level to 0.5, you will gain 1 bonus perk point on every other level up going forwards. But if you change bonus perks per level to 0.5 and click gain perk points retroactively, the game will recognize that you should only have received 4 bonus perk points so far, and so you will "owe" the game 5 perk points. The engine cannot take perk points away, and so instead you will simply not gain any extra perk points until you pay back your 5 perk point debt - in this case it will take 10 levels as bonus perks per level is set to 0.5.

Reset character - This resets the mod according to your character's current level. Any owed perks points (from applying settings retroactively) will be forgotten about and the mod will continue as if all is normal. This is only useful if you have switched characters with a mod like proteus.

Technical information


SKSE - Required by SkyUI
SkyUI - For the MCM.

Install through your mod manager of choice. If installing on a new save you will get bonus perk points starting on your next level up, to back-date bonus perk points to already gained levels use the "gain perk points retroactively" option in the MCM. If the MCM never appears, type "setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1" in the console.

If an update changes script properties it will require a new game, check the change logs for more information.

Safe to uninstall at any time, but to be extra safe just set bonus perks per level to 0 in the MCM and then uninstall before starting your next playthrough. Perk points already acquired cannot be removed.

Compatible with everything. If you use proteus and switch between different characters you will want to reset character after each switch.

Performance impact

How it works

At startup the player is given an ability that activates at each level up. While active, a script will run either immediately or when you sleep, depending on your selections in the MCM. The script compares how many extra perk points the player should have been given for their current level, to the number of extra perk points they have been given so far. Whatever the difference is, the player is given that many perk points and a notification is displayed. Here's the script:


The apply perk points retroactively function just recalculates how many perk points you should have been given based on the current value of bonus perks per level. The MCM script is long, but here's the relevant section:


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