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Adds guidebooks to the different standing stones, with hidden collectables at each stone and a customizable buff if you complete a hidden quest.

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Sightseer offers an immersive, in-game method for the player to target and motivate their exploration of the standing stones. No longer must the player rely on a magic compass (or internet searches) to seek them out. Instead, guidebooks can be bought from vendors that provide guides to their locations.

But that's not all. To motivate the player to explore these far flung reaches, Sightseer adds hidden gems to the standing stones. When in the player's inventory, each gem provides a minor buff themed around its stone. There's also an unmarked quest that gives dedicated explorers a larger reward - the ability to magnify the effects of one gem in return for sacrificing all others.

The guidebooks can be bought from regular shops, though they are most likely to stock guides to the more accessible stones. For the harder to reach stones you should check in with court wizards. They will also sell a book on "Nordic Customs" that will point you in the right direction for the unmarked quest. For spoilers head to the bottom of the mod page.

SPID - to distribute guidebooks to vendors.

Recommended mods
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Undiscovered means Unknown - extreme compass edition (new) - so you actually need to pay attention to the landscape. I suggest turning off undiscovered location icons entirely.

Download and install through your mod manager of choice. It is safe to install on an existing save. The plugin is ESL-flagged.

Check the update notes. Updates that change script properties will require a new game.

Safe to uninstall at any time.

Performance impact

Sightseer adds gems to the world space around standing stones. Mods that alter the stones or the landscape around them may cause the gems to be in the wrong place or to be unobtainable. There is a patch for Ryn's Standing Stone Overhaul in the optional downloads.

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Thanks to u/dom_optimus_maximus who created the image used on this mod page.