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A zEdit patcher that lets you modify how much skill XP you gain from using each skill, and how much is needed to advance to the next level.

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The skill XP you gain from performing an action, and how much skill XP you need to level that skill, is determined by four parameters for each skill, for a total of 72 parameters. You can edit these in the CK, but unfortunately this will cause conflicts with many other mods (including perk overhauls). The XP Editor is a zEdit patcher that lets users customize these values without causing conflicts.

XP Gain

How much XP you gain when performing an action relevant to a particular skill is given by:

xp = base xp * mult + offset

where mult and offset are configurable parameters. The value of "mult" varies between skills, from 0.36 for speech, to 900 for enchanting. Offset, however, is always 0, except for lockpicking where it is 10. The greater these values the faster you will gain skill xp. The value of base xp depends on the action you have performed, for instance, casting an expensive spell grants more skill xp than a cheap spell. Mult scales this xp up or down, whereas offset gives you baseline xp, regardless of the base xp or mult. If you set all offsets and mults to 0, none of your skills will gain xp through practice, though skills books and training will still work.

XP per Level

How much XP you need to level a skill is given by:

xp = level ^ 1.95 * mult + offset

where mult and offset are configurable parameters. Both mult and offset vary between skills, combat skills tend to have a mult of 2 and offset of 0, while stealth and crafting skills have lower mults, but higher offsets. Placing more emphasis on mult makes each level require more xp, whereas placing more emphasis on offset causes each level to require a similar amount of xp.


1. Download the patcher
- Download it anywhere, not necessarily your Skyrim directory.

2. Install zEdit
- Download, and install zEdit.

3. Add the patcher to zEdit
- Open zEdit.
- In the top right is a button that looks like 3 little cubes, click it and it will show a list of currently installed patchers.
- Click to install a new patcher. Navigate to where you downloaded the patcher and select it.
- Restart zEdit.

4. Configure the patcher
- In the top right of zEdit is a button that looks like a jigsaw piece. Click it to bring up a list of your installed patchers.
- On the left is a list of which patchers have config options, select the XP editor.
- Go through the parameters, adjusting them to your taste. The mod description above tells you what each of them does and the default values (listed in parentheses) are the vanilla values. 

5. Run the patcher
- Load your full load order.
- In the top right is a button that looks like a jigsaw puzzle, click it to see a list of installed patchers.
- Build the patch, it takes about 1s.
- Once the patcher is complete exit zEdit, saving the created esp.

Alternative mods

A couple of other mods do similar things to this, but there are nonetheless differences:

The Uncapper - does not affect XP gain offsets, and some users have trouble getting it to load.
Experience Multipliers - multiplies XP gained from skills books as well as from performing actions, though can be changed in-game.


Being a zEdit patcher its compatible with everything!

Future plans

Open up more parameters to the patcher.

Synergistic mods

I made this to go alongside Trainers Galore, which greatly expands the training system, allowing for training only runs if you turn off skill leveling through use.

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