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Unless otherwise stated, permissions for all my mods are as follows:

1) I grant permission for others to:
- Make patches for my mods to fix conflicts with other mods, provided they require my mod as a master. Such patches can be hosted on the nexus or anywhere else, and can sign up to earn DP on the nexus. If you think my mod could benefit from changes implemented in such a patch please contact me.
- Make translations of my mods, provided that you upload them as a translation on the nexus. Translations can sign up to earn DP on the nexus, and DP should be split 50/50 between the translator and myself.
- Backport my SSE mods to LE and host them on nexus, provided an LE version does not already exist. Backports can sign up to earn DP on the nexus, and DP should be split 50/50 between the porter and myself.
- Make derivative works based on my mods, provided they retain my mod(s) as a master. If building such a derivative work it would be nice to be informed, so please drop me a message. Derivative works uploaded to the nexus can sign up to earn DP.
- Include my mods in mod lists, whether written guides or automated lists like Wabbajack or nexus collections.
- Study the internal operations of my mods to inform your own mod creation. If anything about the functioning of my mods is unclear, please contact me for advice.
- Upload my mods to Bethesda's modding platform (
2) I require others to ask for my specific permission to:
- Upload copies of my mods to any other site, other than
- Make derivative works based on my mods that do not retain them as masters.
3) I do not grant permission for others to:
- Pay-wall or sell derivative works, patches, or translations of any of my mods.
- Pay-wall or sell mod lists (written or automated) including any of my mods.
- For anything not explicitly stated, please contact me for clarification.
- If my nexus account has been inactive for at least 1 year, items under point 2 and anything not explicitly stated will fall under point 1.
- Any mods that require my mods as a master, or are derivative works of my mods must forbid class 3 items in their own permissions.

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