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Allows virtually all NPCs to train you in multiple different skills and to different levels of proficiency, with the option to replace the vanilla leveling system with a purely training based system.

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LE version available here.

Virtually all NPCs are now trainers and can train you various levels of proficiency in multiple skills.
There is no cap on how often you can train per level and you can optionally turn off vanilla skill leveling for a "training only" system.
MCM allows players to adjust the cost of training as well as level caps for different trainers.
Uses existing dialogue for a seamless fit into vanilla Skyrim.
Compatible with everything.

Who can train you?
All humanoid NPCs with the following exceptions: NPCs with unique voices (like Delphine), NPCs with the MaleAccentedCommoner voice (like cart drivers), children, and generic guards. In the first three cases this is because they lack the relevant lines of dialogue. In the latter case it was because guards are too numerous and it felt odd being able to ask them to train you. Though even NPCs who will train you won't do so if you are in a dangerous setting like a dungeon (including parts of the wilderness near dungeon entrances) or if you are trespassing.

What can they train you in?
NPCs can train you multiple skills, usually between 4 and 6. What skills they offer training in depends on their class. A few NPCs are placed in odd classes (e.g. Aela the Huntress is considered a thief) and so in these cases I have assigned custom skills for them to train you in. When you ask an NPC to train you a notification will tell you what their class is to help you figure the system out (you can turn this notification off in the MCM if you don't want it).

How often can they train you?
As often as you want. Trainers Galore allows you to entirely replace the vanilla skill-increase-through-practice system with a skill-increase-through-training system and so there's no limit on how often you can train. To turn off the vanilla skill leveling system you'll need to use another mod (see installation section below).

What level can they train you to?
Trainer proficiency determines what level they can train you to and there are four different proficiencies of trainer: apprentice, adept, expert and master. These correspond to training limits of skill level 25, 50, 75 and 999, though these values can be configured in the MCM. Trainers have different proficiencies in the different skills they offer training in, so a master in one handed might only be adept in two handed.

Class: Farmer
Skills: Two handed (adept), alchemy (adept), archery (apprentice), sneak (apprentice)
Farmers are pretty useless except for the skills that serve them in their daily lives. That said, their low proficiencies make them cheaper than higher level trainers (see below for more on cost).

Class: Imperial Soldier
Skills: Block (master), one handed (expert), heavy armor (master), two handed (adept), light armor (adept), archery (adept).
Imperial soldiers are versatile and well trained, but with a focus on defensive skills.

Class: Conjurer
Skills: Conjuration (master), enchanting (master), alteration (adept), destruction (adept).
Conjurers excel at controlling magical forces and bending them to their will.

For a full listing of all NPCs and classes open this spoiler:

How much does training cost?
The cost of training depends mostly on your skill level - the greater your skill the more you pay. In addition, you pay a little more to train with higher proficiency trainers. You also get a discount from trainers that like you, so you can strategically cultivate a relationship with useful trainers. The specific cost is highly configurable through the MCM, via the following parameters:

cost at lvl 1 - how much you would pay to level a skill from 0 to 1 (default =50)
cost at lvl 100 - how much you would pay to level a skill from 99 to 100 (default = 1000)
growth rate - how quickly the cost goes from min to max as you level. 1 is linear growth, higher values cause cause faster growth at lower levels, while lower values slow the initial cost growth. (default =1) Note, if you use the uncapper to level skills over 100 a growth rate of 1 is strongly recommended.
surcharge - how much extra you pay for trainer quality. This value is multiplied by the trainers level (apprentice=1, adept=2, expert=3, master=4) and added to the cost. (default =25)
disposition discount - the proportion reduction in cost for each level of disposition (0=neutral, 4=lover, -4=nemesis). Note that your enemies will overcharge you. (default = 0.1, i.e. a 10% discount per relationship level)

The default values add up to about 60,000 gold to get a skill from 0 to 100.

For the specific function open the spoiler below:


How do I get training?
Training is managed through a dialogue system. All NPCs that offer training have a new dialogue option requesting training ("I'm looking for training, can you help? I'll pay."). If you select this, you will be presented with a list of what skills they offer training in, their proficiency in that skill and how much training would cost (e.g. "Smithing [master 634]"). Once you select a skill to train in, you will lose the appropriate amount of gold and your skill will increase. A few notes though: (1) if you don't have enough gold the trainer will turn you down, (2) if your skill exceeds the trainers proficiency cap then that skill option simply won't be displayed anymore, and (3) by default the gold you spend does not go into the trainer's inventory to stop you bartering/stealing it back, you can turn this on in the MCM though.

How does it work?
Most of the system is handled by standard dialogue options, but there's one mildly clever trick: when you ask for training a script runs that scans the NPC you are talking to to determine what training they offer and to what level. This script runs as the NPC is responding to your request (e.g. while they are saying "How much?") and it stores its results in a bunch of global variables that determine the dialogue options you are presented with once the NPC stops talking. Using this script, as opposed to the usual dialogue conditions, allows the mod to be much more flexible and do things like have class determine training options for most NPCs, but not for a handful of specific NPCs that have been placed in odd classes. It also makes tweaking the mod much easier going forwards.

The included MCM allows you to tweak the mod in a variety of ways:

- The cap sliders allow you to change the level to which different NPCs can continue to train you. Setting any of the caps to 0 will turn off those training options.
- The cost sliders allow you to adjust the cost of training, as described in the "how much does training cost?" section above.

Additional toggles do the following:
- turn on/off the vanilla training system (it's off by default, but you can certainly have both).
- control whether gold spent on training disappears or goes into the trainers inventory (it disappears by default).
- control whether you're notified of the trainers class when you ask for training (on by default).
- control whether you're told how long the config script takes (off by default, but its there for debugging).

In addition you can use the included SPID file to prevent certain NPCs from offering training. You just need to give them the tg2_no_training keyword.

Advanced users can edit who offers training in each skill, open the spoiler to see how:


Skyrim + all DLC
USSEP - it fixes a bug in the vanilla training system that allows Trainers Galore to turn it on/off
SkyUI if you want the MCM, but Trainers Galore will work with or without it.
SPID - to exclude certain NPCs from being able train you (guards, children, NPCs with unique voices who don't have the relevant lines).

Download and install the mod.
If installing on an existing save, you'll need to save and load for the dialogue to show up.
If you want to disable skill leveling through use you'll need one of these mods:

XP Editor - a zEdit patcher, set all xp gain mults and offsets to 0 (leave the xp per level offsets and mults vanilla)
The Uncapper - Set all skill mults to 0, unfortunately this cannot turn off XP gain from breaking lockpicks, and some users report it periodically fails to load.
Experience Multipliers (SSE only) - provides an MCM that multiplies incoming XP, so set it to 0. Unfortunately it also affects XP from skill books.

If you are using a non-English version of Skyrim Trainers Galore will not work without either (i) a translation, or (ii) the optional "English classes" esp in the downloads section. The latter will work fine, but it may cause compatibility issues if you have other mods that edit vanilla classes. Please let me know if you are interested in making a translation of this mod, it shouldn't take more than an hour or two.

Performance impact

Trainers Galore's functionality depends on zero vanilla records, so in a general sense it is compatible with everything - no other mod you install will break it. Given this I suggest placing Trainers Galore early in your load order. Nonetheless, Trainers Galore does edit a few vanilla records, so conflicts are possible in the following ways:

1. Trainers Galore edits the vanilla training system to turn it off. If you have another mod that also edits this system then conflicts can arise and which ever mod is loaded last will win. If you want to keep the vanilla system on with the changes from the other mod, load that mod after trainers galore - you will get the effects of that mod, but will probably lose the ability to turn the vanilla training system on and off through trainers galore's MCM. If you don't care about losing the effects of the other mod, but want to turn the vanilla system on or off through trainers galore's MCM then load trainers galore after the other mod.

2. Trainers Galore uses NPCs classes to determine what skills NPCs can train you in. If a mod changes an NPCs class then the training they offer will change accordingly. If a mod adds new classes then Trainers Galore won't recognize them and that NPC will no longer offer training. The only mod I know of that does this is Immersive College of Winterhold and I have adjusted Trainers Galore to accommodate this.

Synergistic Mods
Trainers Galore works pretty much stand-alone, however, because it makes gold more useful than before it makes it more important to close any exploits that allow players to acquire gold unreasonably fast. For this reason I recommended using it alongside mods like Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements and Alchemy, Potions and Food Adjustments.

My other mods

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Mod Lists
Thoughtful Skyrim - A small, gameplay-focussed modlist that rewards preparation and planning.

Future Plans
The main issue outstanding is that there are probably more NPCs than I have spotted who are in weird classes and so will offer strange skills when asked for training. Fortunately, the script based approach makes fixing these discrepancies pretty easy, so if you see one let me know in the comments.

Thanks to several r/skyrimmods users who gave feedback on a sketch of this mod. Thanks also to RogueRifler, the creator of Gold is XP, which inspired me to make this mod.