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A zEdit patcher that lets you configure the levels of NPCs according to their type for a truly deleveled Skyrim

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The Enemy Releveler is a configurable zEdit patcher that lets you edit the levels of NPCs. By default it makes different enemy classes (e.g. bandits and draugr) more distinct, but it makes different ranks of the same class (e.g. draugr scourge and wight) more similar. This greatly amplifies the difficulty difference between different kinds of dungeons, while making the experience within each dungeon more consistent. Certain dungeons will now be off limits to low level characters, while mid and high level characters will find other dungeons easy. It is highly configurable and almost any outcome can be achieved.

What it does

Whenever you would encounter, for instance, a level 13 draugr scourge, you'll now encounter a level X draugr scourge, where you can adjust the value of X. The Releveler does not change which enemies appear so you'll get the same diversity of enemies as usual. Where the Releveler raises enemy levels, the game will be harder; where it lowers enemy levels, the game will be easier. By default, the Releveler squashes the levels of bandits and forsworn down making high ranking NPCs easier, but the levels of falmer and dwarven automata are pulled up making them harder. Other enemies, like draugr, have their levels "compressed" without moving much, so low ranking draugr are significantly tougher but high ranking draugr are similar to vanilla. The end result is a natural progression across enemy types: low level characters fight wild animals, bandits and the forsworn; mid level characters can additionally manage warlocks, monsters and magical beasts; while only high level characters can hope to defeat dwarven automata, vampires and dragons. But all this is configurable, so the user can set things up to their heart's content.

For a full list of all affected NPCs and the default changes to their levels open the spoiler below, but here's a summary:

Very low: skeevers, wolves, spiders 
Low: bandits, bears, ice wraiths, saber cats, skeletons, spriggans, forsworn
Moderate: draugr, trolls, mages, thalmor, soldiers
High: dwarven machines, falmer, hagravens, giants, werewolves, vampires
Very high: dragon priests, dragons


For a more detailed discussion of what this mod does open the spoiler below:


How it works

NPCs in Skyrim are assigned to "factions". These determine how NPCs react to each other and the player. Most NPCs are in several factions, but there is almost always a faction unique to each kind of enemy. So there's a draugr faction, a bandit faction, even a slaughterfish faction, and so on. The Releveler goes through all* NPCs and checks their faction list, finds the diagnostic faction and adjusts their level accordingly.

A handful of enemies don't have a fixed level, but their level scales with the player. In these cases the Releveler adjusts their upper and lower limits but leaves their leveling intact.

*most NPCs inherit their level from various "template" NPCs so the Releveler only needs to edit these templates and not every single NPC record.


Within the patcher, the file "enemy_rules.js" defines how NPC levels are changed according to their faction and contains full instructions for configuring the mod (it's very simple). By editing this file you can increase enemy level diversity, extinguish enemy level diversity, add 50 levels to all bandits, make high ranking draugr have a lower level than basic draugr, and so on. The only thing you can't do is give NPCs negative levels. It'll also warn you if you given an enemy a level over 100, but it won't stop you doing this.

In addition to all the faction specific rules, the config file includes a single "global offset" value that is added to all enemy levels (default is 0). You can use this to quickly make the game more difficult (e.g. add 5 to all NPC levels) and can change it mid-playthrough to add further challenge if you character grows to become overpowered. If you set it to a negative value, enemies will get easier, but some will end up at negative levels too, so I wouldn't recommend this.


Because many mods add or edit NPCs, the releveler does not come as a traditional esp based mod. Instead it is a patcher; a simple program that creates a version of the mod specific to your load order. The most common patching frameworks are xEdit, zEdit and Synthesis, and the mod provides a zEdit patcher. A synthesis patcher does exist, but I do not maintain it so it may not be up to date.

Installing through the zEdit patcher



Being a patcher this mod is compatible with everything, it will simply overwrite whatever your load order is. It will also automatically patch new NPCs added to vanilla factions by other mods. Where mods add entirely new factions the patcher will need to be told how to respond to that faction otherwise it will ignore those NPCs. If you know of any such factions please let me know and I will add them to the patcher.

This mod is fully compatible with encounter zones mods, in fact I suggest using an encounter zones mod in addition (see below).

Finally, note that although this patcher edits NPC levels it will not affect the enemies drawn from leveled lists because leveled lists make their selections independent of their NPCs levels. So you'll still encounter the same diversity of enemy ranks as before, just the individual NPCs will have different levels.

Future plans

I am open to suggestions. I am particularly interested to hear general feedback about how this changes gameplay.

Synergistic Mods

To see the Releveler's effects very clearly, use Display Enemy Level. Because this mod (by default) makes different ranks of the same kind of enemy more similar in terms of level, it pairs well with mods that give different enemy ranks different combat styles like Skyrim Revamped: Complete Enemy Overhaul. This mod is also fully compatible with traditional encounter zones mods and I suggest Skyrim Revamped: Loot and Encounter Zones which makes larger dungeons contain more high rank enemies and better loot. Finally, in vanilla, high level enemies can be very spongey due to vanilla giving them bonus HP per level, so I strongly suggest using the NPC Stat Rescaler to reduce NPC health growth in addition to several other stat adjustments.

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Thanks to nightman0 for feedback and discussion on the idea for this mod. Thanks to the creators of xEdit and zEdit for these incredible tools. Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim.