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Ambiance recalibrates ambient lighting adhering to vanilla colors and creating a balance between stealth gameplay and looks.

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The successor to "Darker Interior Ambient Fog", Ambiance overhauls vanilla lighting by recalibrating fog colors and ambient lighting intensities. It was created with stealth gameplay in mind which seperates it from other similar mods.

- Fog colors have been darkened (55% - 75% darker) and have had their maximum intensity reduced to 90%
    No more bright blue fog for a less washed out look. No more solid walls of fog in the distance.

- Ambient lighting has been adjusted to better match the environment (0% - 75% darker)
    City interiors will almost always be brighter than nordic ruins or caves. Falmer dungeons will be among the darkest interior spaces.

- Directional lighting ("fake light") intensity better matches ambient lighting levels without breaking stealth detection
    Hiding in dark corners reduces your visibility without turning you invisible and all light levels are more consistent across different interiors.

- Optional files including:
    Darker Interior Ambient Fog for darker fog color only and Tweaked lights for slightly warmer light sources (candles, torches, etc.)

Installation via mod manager is recommended as Ambiance comes with its own FOMOD installer.

As a general rule of thumb, make sure to load Ambiance after weather and light bulb mods.

Compatible lighting mods include:
Relighting Skyrim SE
Window Shadows

Mods that change the vanilla Lighting Templates and Cell Lighting Records will not be compatible/cause visual inconsistencies
(e.g.ELE, ELFX Enhancer)

Minor incompatibilities can almost always be solved by using a bashed patch or manual forwarding in xEdit.

If you stil have more questions left, check the comments and the stickied Q/A.