Rustic Weathers And Lighting by Arindel
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Rustic Weathers And Lighting by Arindel
Brings rustic and medieval visuals to Skyrim while keeping natural colors. For the lovers of dark and grim. Enjoy!
Author's note: While I know there are already similar mods, I wanted to bring something simple with a specific purpose while keeping simplicity.

What this mod does at a technical level:
- changes weathers, fog distances, godrays and imagespaces (imagespaces act like photography post-process filters, tinting, brightness, contrast, etc)
- increases rain and snow particles density
- adds interior rain sounds
- replaces the brown weather from Raven Rock with a Cloudy weather. Screw that brown weather, subjective as that may be.
- days are shorter
- sun has subtle lens flares

An album with comparison shots can be found here: IMGUR

Recommended mods which are fully compatible:
- Skyrim is Windy
- Wet and Cold

- Not compatible with other weather mods unless they only add new weathers.
- Exception are mods that only add new weathers without changing game's existing weathers and imagespaces. In this case art styles may vary.