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Yet another mod that adds stuff to markarth. This differs from some other Markarth mods in that it aims not leave the city feeling not less open than in vanilla ie the new additions should not overshadow the city.

Permissions and credits
  • Italian
I didn't quite click with any of the other Markarth mods available, so I decided to go and make my own. This differs from some other Markarth mods in that it aims to not leave the city feeling not less open than in vanilla ie the new additions should not overshadow the city. Requires USSEP.

  • New Watchtower for the guards to watch out for threats and OCS users to admire the view
  • Silver-Blood palace. Thonar and Thongvor prefer the convenience of the Treasury, but there is still some loot worth stealing if you think you can get past the guards, servants, and minor family members.
  • Bakery
  • House for Eltrys and Rhiada- I felt that they ought to have some money when Rhiada has a sensible job and is apparently pregnant and Eltrys can just give you all that cash. Eltrys' old room is now occupied by a smelter worker.
  • New Tavern
  • New vendor in the market and a house for them just outside the walls
  • NPCs for all the new locations

My preferred load order for markarth is this mod, Open Cities, Dawn of Skyrim and Populated Skyrim Reborn. Screenshots taken with Skyrim 3d Trees, DVlass, majestic mountains, Skyland AIO, cathedral weathers, and Natural View Tamriel ENB.

As always, please report any bugs you find- I'll fix them as I intend to use all of my mods.

I am not making any more patches unless I want to use the mod, but feel free to make your own and release them or link me them and I'll add them to the patch collection

If you like this, please endorse it as I reckon that helps people find it

Thanks to:
Fuzzles and JR on discord- I did appreciate the feedback even if I decided not to act on 90% of it.
Auzva for giving me permission to use bits of second era markarth, even if I did choose to only use two references.
Oaristys and Tony67 for Modder's Resource Pack

Should be safe to install mid-game. Definitely not a good idea to uninstall mid-game.

Compatible- no Patch Needed:
  • Markarth Side - City Overhaul
Patches Provided:
  • Open Cities
  • Dawn of Skyrim
  • JKs and DOS together
  • Balthazar's Bookshop
  • Skyrim Sewers
  • Markarth Entrance Overhaul Fixed
  • Fortune's Tradehouse
  • Understone Keep Fountains and Rubble
  • Realistic RS Children Overhaul
  • Mirai- the Girl with the Dragon heart. If you want to use Mirai with any combination of Fortune's Tradehouse and Skyrim Sewers, just load the Mirai's patch up in the CK along with the other mod and refinalise the navmesh as thats all I did to make the navmesh conflict resolution patch. 
  • Mirais and any JKs patch together probably won't work well.
Not compatible:
  • Anything else that changes Markarth
Load order if you install everything:
  • Anything else that changes Markarth apart from OCS
  • Domenicus Markarth Mod.esp
  • Markarth Entrance Overhaul Dom Markarth.esp
  • Patches for this mod and anything else apart from OCS
  • Open Cities
  • Open Cities patches for other things that change Markarth
  • Greater Markarth OCS Patch.esp
  • Dom Markarth OCS Entrance Overhaul Patch.esp
  • Patches for this mod and Open Cities and other things