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This mod aims to overhaul Skyrim's enchanting system by adjusting strength, scaling and prices of enchantments, as well as fixing the "reload price/charge bug". This mod affects both player enchanted items and leveled loot.

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Enchanting Adjustments and Price/Charge Bug Fix:


Enchanting in Skyrim is a mess. The strengths and prices of enchantments are completely inconsistent and unbalanced and the enchanting system is full of bugs.
This mod aims to overhaul Skyrim's enchanting system by adjusting the strength, scaling and prices of enchantments, as well as fixing the "reload price/charge bug". This mod affects both player enchanted items and leveled loot.


  • Enchantments strengths are adjusted (player crafted and leveled items).
  • Skyrim enchantments are inconsistent and unbalanced. Some enchantments were stronger than other similar enchantments for no reason. Strengths of enchantments made by the player do not match items found in loot. Some enchantments are overpowered while some are useless.
    What this mod does:
    - The enchantments strengths of player enchanted items are adjusted to be more balanced and coherent.
    - The enchantments strengths of leveled items are adjusted to be consistent with player enchanted items.

  • Enchantments prices are adjusted (player crafted and leveled items)
  • In vanilla, some enchantments are a lot more valuable than others. Some enchantments are worth up to six times more than other enchantments of the same level, for no good reason. Overall, enchantments are overpriced and are often used as a easy way to make money.
    What this mod does:
    - This mod tends to lower the prices of enchanted items and correcting the value of previously overpriced enchanted items.
    - The price of an enchanted item is determined primarily by the strength of its enchantment instead if its type.

  • The reload price/charge bug is fixed.
  • There is a well know bug concerning gold values and number of uses for player enchanted items in Skyrim. I call it the "Enchantment Reload Price/Charge Bug" and will be referencing it as the "Reload Bug" fort simplicity.
    In Vanilla, when a player enchants an item, both its price and charges are wrong. They do not match leveled items of the same enchantment strength and the gold value actually decreases with strength (which makes no sense). The wrong values correct themselves on game reload, which can cause some frustration since enchanted items seem to change gold value and lose charges for no reason.
    A mod that fix this issue was popular on SLE and has been ported to SSE. This mod prevents the value to be corrected on reload. Which means that while the price and charges values stay the same, they also always stay wrong.

    What my mod does:
    My mod fixes the reload bug. Gold values and charges are immediately corrected and stay that way. The values match items found in loot and prices increase with enchantment strength as they should.
    The caveat with this fix is that prices and charges values indicated in the enchanting UI are not automatically corrected (magnitude values are always correct and all values displayed in the inventory UI are always correct).
    With version 2.0, I implemented a script that should correct the displayed values, so the enchanting UI should show correct prices and charges (give or take a few septims) in most cases. However, my script cannot take into account some perks (Elemental Enchanter Perks) and bonuses applied by my mod (see below). Let me reiterate that this only concerns values displayed by the enchanting UI, actual values and values showed in the Inventory UI are always correct thanks to the reload bug fix implemented by my mod.

    A version of the mod containing only the reload bug fix is included in the installer.

  • Bugged enchantments are replaced when disenchanting.
  • There is an unfixable bug in Skyrim that makes enchantments with multiple effects not scale properly when an item is enchanted by the player. This affects the "Fortify magic school + Fortify Magicka Regen" and "Chaos Damage" enchantments. (For example, only one of the three effects on the "Chaos Damage" scales while the two other stay at base level (contrary to what the enchantments description shows). This bug makes enchanting items with those enchantments useless.
    What this mod does:
    To fix this, I replaced the enchantment learned when disenchanting items with those enchantments.
    Disenchanting "Fortify magic school + Fortify Magicka Regen" robes will make you learn the ""Fortify magic school" enchantment. "Fortify magic school + Fortify Magicka Regen" enchantments can still be archived by the player thanks to the "Extra Effect" perk.
    Disenchanting "Chaos Damage" weapons will make you learn the "Shock Damage" enchantment. This means that Chaos Damage weapons are exclusively looted items.
    This bug does not affect leveled items.

  • Looted and player enchanted weapons have more charges.
  • Looted weapon in vanilla have a pretty ridiculously low number of uses before being depleted. As you can see here, most of them have under 50 uses and all of them under 100. With the reload bug fix, this also affects player enchanted weapons.
    What this mod does:
    Weapons all have around three times more uses before needing recharging. Weapons found in loot will have at least 150 charges. Player enchanted weapons uses depend on the soul gem used, but using a grand/black soul gem should give you at least 150 uses.

  • Previously non-scalable enchantments now scale properly.
  • In vanilla, both Waterbreathing and Muffle enchantments do not scale. They always have the same effect no matter the player enchanting skill and perks.
    What this mod does:
    Both Muffle and Waterbreathing now scale properly. The Muffle enchantment now reduces your noise movement by X% (where X is the magnitude of the enchantment). Waterbreathing now adds X seconds of breath underwater before drowning (instead of being an infinite amount like in vanilla).
    Different Muffle and Waterbreathing enchanted armors of different level of strength are created added to the leveled lists and will be found naturally in loot, like with other enchantments.
    This also fixes a vanilla bug were those enchantments would become very rare or even unobtainable at high levels.

  • Fortify Heavy/Light Armor enchantments effects are changed.
  • The original effect, improving the skill level by x%, is both inconsistent with Fortify One Handed/Two Handed/Block/Archery enchantments and unclear on its actual effect on armor rating.
    What this mod does:
    Fortify Heavy/Light Armor enchantments directly improve the armor rating by x%.

  • The Paralyze enchantment is changed.
  • The original effect paralyzes any target not immune to paralysis, for a duration depending on the power of the enchantment. This is in my opinion overpowered. Even with short durations, this effect can easily be chained to render any enemy incapable to attack or defend itself. A weapon with a weak Paralyze enchantment could render even the stronger enemies completely vulnerable.
    My mod makes the Paralysis effect from enchantments work like Turn Undead and Fear enchantments. It has a fixed duration (5 seconds) and works on people/creature up to a given level The higher the enchantment power, the higher the level.

  • Non-combat related skill enchantments work better on clothes and jewelry.
  • Alchemy/Lockpicking/Pickpocket/Smithing/Sneak/Speech/Muffle skill enchantments work better (1.6 times better by default, customizable in the MCM) on clothes and jewelry. This is made to encourage the player to use proper attires for the job. It's logical for Muffle to work better on shoes than armored boots, Speech on nice clothes than heavy armor, Alchemy and Smithing on gloves and aprons than gauntlets and cuirasses, etc
    Leveled enchanted jewels enchantments strength is adjusted to reflect this change.

  • Magicka related enchantments work a lot better on robes.
  • "Fortify Magicka" / "Fortify Magicka Regen" / "Fortify magic school" enchantments work better (2.4 times better by default, customizable in the MCM) on magic robes. This is made to enable the player to create its own magic robes. It's logical and more balanced that Magicka related enchantments work better on robes than on armors.

  • Some values related to enchanting are customizable in the MCM.
  • - The skill factor can be customized, which allows you to dictate how much more powerful enchantments are at skill level 100 than at skill level 15. The vanilla default is 1.25, which is changed to 1.5 by my mod to intensify the difference between a novice and a master enchanter. My mod is balanced around that value, so I would recommend you do not change it too much if you want a balanced experience.
    - You can customize the amount of experience received when enchanting/disenchanting.
    - You can customize how much soul gems recharge your weapons.

  • Some other minor bugs not fixed by USSEP are fixed by this mod.
  • - Boots/Shoes can't be enchanted with "Stamina Regen" anymore (consistency with other enchantments).
    - Resist Magic enchantment is no longer affected by alchemy bonuses instead of enchanting bonuses.
    - Fear enchantment has proper Illusion visuals instead of Turn Undead visuals.
    - The Slow effect bug described here is fixed (for Frost Damage enchantments).
    -The Frost Damage enchantments apply the correct amount of Stamina damage (was doubled in vanilla).
    - Some perk descriptions (Elemental, Corpus and Insightful Enchanter) are corrected to be more accurate.
    - Fortify Magic School enchantments descriptions are changed to indicate their effect on enchantment charge drain.
    - Some enchantment descriptions (Silent Moons, Fortify Pickpocket/Sneak) are changed for clarity and consistency.
    - Paralyze enchantments now properly indicate their 25% chance to work per strike.
    - Fortify Blocking is renamed Fortify Block for consistency.

  • Poacher's Axe and Briarheart Geis are changed.
  • Those two weapons are a bit apart because they are both unique and disenchantable in vanilla.I decided to change them into unique items with unique effects, but non-enchanted weapons. Like for Wuuthard, they can't be disenchanted because their effect is not an enchantment.
    Note that Briarheart Geis is only available with Cutting Room Floor.

  • Other minor changes.
  • - Removed rings from possible enchantable items for the Fortify Alchemy effect, to nerf the Fortify Alchemy/Enchantment loop. The player can now accumultate this enchantment on three different gear (head, neck, hands) instead of four. This is also consistent with leveled loot as no rings enchanted with Fortify Alchemy can be found in the game with the exception of two unique rings.
    - Head and torso items can now be enchanted with Fortify Barter enchantments (only available on necklace with vanilla).
    - "Turn Undead" enchantment and effect are renamed "Repel Undead" for clarity.
    - Resist Disease/Poison enchanted armors/jewels now scale on six levels of strength instead of two.

  • The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch changes are forwarded.

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need Skyrim Special Edition V1.5.39 or above.

You need the Skyrim Script Extender SE build V2.0.7 or above installed (SKSE64).

You need SkyUI Version 5.2SE+ for the configuration menu to work.

You need to install the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Installation with a FOMOD installer. A mod manager that support those is required (Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex for example).

Installing this mod mid-playthrough may or may not result in weird magnitude/charge values on previously enchanted weapons and armors.

Uninstall by removing the mod files.

If you are upgrading from V1.x to V2.x, starting new game is heavily recommended. At the very least make a clean save before installing V2.x.
For version 2.0 and above, this mod is safe to update mid-playthrough, bearing in mind that changes do not apply retro-actively to weapons and armors crafted with a previous version of my mod.

Compatibility & Load Order:

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes enchantments effects.
This mod does not touch unique items and their enchantments. It corrects enchantments found on generic weapons and armors.
Mods that change enchanting perks need to be loaded after my mod. They should be compatible, but I can not guarantee that changing perks won't cause balance issues.
I always recommend checking with SSEEdit for conflicts before playing.
Due to time constraint, I will not make any more patches unless the conflicting mod is in my personal load order.

Patches for the following mods are included in the installer (.esp flagged as .esl)
  • Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes: Resolves record conflicts and makes created armors consistent with WACCF changes.
  • Summermyst: patch included in the installer. This patch solves conflicts and adjusts Summermyst enchantments costs and magnitudes for consistency with my mod. If you play with the "Reload Bug Fix Only" version, a patch that only adds the bug fix to Summermyst enchantments is also included in the installer.
  • Visual Animated Enchants: Resolves record conflicts.


To know more about formulas used by Skyrim enchanting system, you can take a look at my findings here.


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.
All members of the SKSE team.
All members of the SkyUI team.
Kaburke and any other who worked on the FOMOD Installer system as well as Wenderer for its FOMOD Creation Tool.
EnaiSiaion for making Summermyst, from which I copied a couple of bug fixes.
ZeniMax Media Inc. / Nuare Studio Inc. for the illustration.
Rich3000 for making a good portion of the work for the Summermyst patch.


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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