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A replacer for the visual and animation of the enchantments on weapons to make them more magical and immersive

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  • Italian
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Thank to all that downloaded my mod and let me be in the Hot Files of the month

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This is a reprise Work and ported to Skyrim Special Edition  based on the mod of Sinobol for Skyrim Le (Animated enchantment overhaul)

The purpose is to carry on his work adding more visual and more effects also to the other enchantments that has not be touch from his mod, so that every enchantment will have unique color and effect 

Tnx once again to Ultimate Immersion For the video review

Change log version V.2 

- Unique visual Enchantments for almost all daedric artifacts (no staffs, merunes razor,keening blade,wuuthrad)
- Unique visual enchantment for Chaos
- Unique visual enchantment for Sun Damage (beta)


The mod add  different effects on weapons, as my intention is not to alter the game but just to give some more immersion for now this mod is only a replacement of the Vanilla effect, so it will not touch the power of any enchantment or the effect but just the visual looking on weapon, so everything will be releated as usual to the game "rules" of enchanting. All weapons can be enchanted with the new visual !! 
What this mod doesn't do is to modify the power or the enchantments, this mod will not replace any effect on modded weapon that comes with own enchant but can be applied to modded weapon (clean weapons) 

Feel Free to send me your best Screenshots !!! 
And remember to endorse!!

Check this Album Link thanx to Lopan1111


Just install the file archive with your manager or manually

Visual Unique Effects that has been touch:

Most of all Artifacts have been worked, eccept for staffs, armors and some weapons 
Possible issue actually, i don't know if it 's releated to ending a quest some artifacts don't show the effect
even effect is already there 

Future work probably staffs if i find the way of doing it

Fire damage
 (unique)  flames 

Health drain (unique) red myst with vampire cross symbol

Undead's bane (unique) Light Flames of souls

Frost (unique) ice storm

Shock  (unique) lighting storm

Fear (unique) screaming ghost (with visible screaming ghost)

Stamina damage (unique) Green Sinergy lighting

Stamina drain (unique) green myst with rune of strenght symbol

Paralize (unique) green yellow particles and spiderweb

Poison  (unique)  green skull nube

Magic Drain (unique) blue myst with college of Winterhold symbol

Magic damage (unique)  Blue Sinergy lighting

Soul trap (unique) Violet florating skull eraser

Banish Daedra (unique) Violet lighting of necromancy with daedra symbol

Moon Effect (unique) Moon lighting

Dawnbreaker (unique) Comet lighting

Other Artifacts use normal visual depending on enchantment type (es. in pic Ebony Blade (v2 has now unique effect) -Volendrung)

ANY MODDED WEAPON (that has no enchanted mod on it) CAN BE ENCHANTED WITH VAE


Optional FILE:

The optional file is the folder related to the previous art (1.1b), i ve made it simple if someone of you doesn't like the new Visual Art,
you can just add it with the NMM or other manager and overwrite the files, or you can do it manually, you can also pic one by one the effect you like 
and delete the one you don't like so you can mix it at your own taste, I think new art it's best, but of course it's a matter of taste.

Previous Change log  1.1C 

 - Added single visual effects for Dawnbreaker artifact with unique art visual
 - Added visual effects now unique for all type of enchantments with unique Art
 - Correct again some minimal issue (french language) it never ends
 - Correct some minimal issue with some lines on enchantments (some big letter missing and not correct grammar)
 - Correct issue where effect was not visible on "ebony blade"

Previous Change log 1.1b

 - Added single visual effects for Moon enchants with unique art visual
 - Added visual effects (not unique) for some daedric artifacts and special weapons.
 - Correct again some minimal issue (french language) hopefully this time is gone but please report me if you see something else
 - Mod has been cleaned with SSEdit
Previous Change log 1.1 

 - Added single visual effects for all 13 normal enchants 
 - added a Special Urn container with 1 new visual and effect enchant to learn (permanent poison effect on weapon) 
   You can find the Urn in the enchanting room of Farendal in Dragonsreach
 - added new visual art to visual effect (at moment only Poison and fear)
 - Correct some minimal issue (french language)

Please report me any issue or compability problem,
to also help other users for a best use of this mod

Translation (download my mod than the Esp on the Language links) :

Visual Animated Enchants "Italian"
Visual Animated Enchants "Traditional Chinese"
Visual Animated Enchants - VAE "Russian"
Visual Animated Enchants - VAE "French"
Visual Animated Enchants - VAE "German"

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Sinobol for the base of this mod and tnx for the permission to use it
Guilaster for the permission to use his retextures (tnx friend)
Foster xbl For permission of using assets
MONSTERaider for the complete english translation and USSEP compability
Beth for the game
the skyrim pc modder italia community for the help and support
Lopan1111 for his album pics about this mod