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For ENB users, the Deadly Spell Impacts mod by isoku can have squares around them due to an issue with transparency. This was identified as a deficiency within the Deadly Spell Impacts mod which hasn't been updated since 2017. My mod makes the necessary changes to fix this issue so you don't have to.

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Are you a user of the Deadly Spell Impacts mod by isoku? Ever see a spell impact on the ground and a border around the it like someone just copied and pasted a photo on the ground? This mod should fix that and is ESP flagged as ESL; it should not count against the plugin limit.

Some edge details of the texture may be lost when the decal is applied. I'd rather have this than squares. No drawbacks as of v2.0

Other transparency fixes:
Footprints Transparency Fix by Korodic and Daralima

This is a mod I made to remove the boxes around the footprints added by the Fooprints mod created by jonwd7.

Enhanced Blood Textures SE by dDefinder1

There now exists an optional file to fix the boxed and slightly transparent blood splatters. The optional file includes a new .esp file, you need to overwrite the old one. I did not see a “LITE” version last time I checked, make sure you are replacing your .esp with an equivalent or you may run into issues.

Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB by wSkeever

This mod removes the squares some users have reported seeing at Word Walls.