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This ENB was created for balance between Characters and landscapes. Balanced atmosphere and brilliant colors coexist. also it can adjust the tone map and use multiple Luts to create the color you want.

Permissions and credits


This ENB is an Custom version of Silent Horizon ENB ,I worked to make this ENB feel LE.
This ENB used mostly Silent Horizon shaders but Some shaders (Bloom, Postpass)  were taken from Re-engaged enb and Pictureque graphc overhaul

I customized weather settings,bloom, AGS,  and tonemap values, And I modified the Re-engaged ENB's Postpass.fx to be compatible with Silent Horizon Lut.

This ENB has first rights to lonelyKitsune and firemanaf.
I tweaked Silent Horizon, and made only minor modifications to the shader.

Thanks to them for allowing me to upload to Nexus.!!


I designed ENB to support several LUTs.
Lut files are provided by TheDaedricDoll's Lut file and LonelyKitsune's Lut file. 
You can change filter in the GUI. 

The atmosphere in the default setting is generally warm and neat. However,  by changing the filter, you can make it feel completely different.
If i get permission, I'm going to add several kinds of LUTs.

the landscape does not rely heavily on Ambient Occlusion values. AO
levels were minimized due to negative effects caused by high AO levels.

N2 Update (2024/04/24)

I have set the Wet function added in ENB 0.417.
See the detailed description below.
I added about 100 new filters from meonmeon.
Thanks to meonmeon for using the great Lut file permission.

Meonmeon's blog :
And thanks again to TheDaedricDoll.

N2 --> N2.1 
Interior fix
N2.1 --> N2.2
enbseries.ini Interior light fix.
I raised the brightness of the night and made the brightness of the previous version into an option file. (Dark)
Also, the interior brightness was slightly increased.
N2.1 --> N2.3
I improved some weather.

N2.4 Update (2024/05/03)

Added tonemap editing and new Lut filters to postpasss.fx.
The code was referenced to l00ping.
Lut made it myself.

N3.0 Update (2024/05/10)
Named Lut for easy identification.

Multiple Luts can be used simultaneously. However, the categories must be different.

The interior color has been greatly improved.
I changed the interior light darker than the previous version. If you want clear color check the options file.

N3.1 Update 

fix Game_lensflare 
and add NightEye Enhancer.

The night eye enhancement option is enabled by default.
This makes the night eye effect stronger.

It can be set in the in-game GUI, but it is not recommended because it is very complicated to modify.
Most of these enhancement options are fine, but in some areas the brightness may be strange.
If so, uncheck this option. You can set it in In game GUI.

N3.3 Updatde (5/15)

Improved the formula for night EYE enhancements.
Added black point adjustment to Postpass.fx.
Saturation and exposure are divided into day, night, and interior.
DPX and Technical Strenght are also divided into day and night interiors.
The Obsidian version has been slightly reduced in daylight contrast.
and etc

N3.4 Update 5/16

Now, there is a Day, Night, and Interior division for each Lut file in each category.
This allows a larger number of Lut combinations to be used.

I tweaked it a little in postpass.fx at enb GUI

Also, the Eye looks brighter.
SSS figures have changed.
All the [object] values in 3.3 were entered in the weather file.

Update 3.5
1. Shader
Fixed some parameters of Postpass.fx to be adjusted to fade in and fade out when switching between day and night.
Gamma and exposure values can be adjusted for all time periods.
Added Black-White Ratio function
Highlight brightness adjustment function added
Lut interior strength is divided into day and night.
2. Weather
More tweaked.

Update 3.5
1. Shader
Fixed some parameters of Postpass.fx to be adjusted to fade in and fade out when switching between day and night.
Gamma and exposure values can be adjusted for all time periods.
Added Black-White Ratio function
Highlight brightness adjustment function added
Lut interior strength is divided into day and night.
2. Weather
More tweaked.ㄴ

Update 3.7 (5/27)
AO was used instead of ENB AO and AO bound to DOF.
I put some luts in the tetrodoxin snapdragon filter
(Thanks to tetrodoxin for permission, Old World, Senpai Aqua)

Fixed an issue where weekly brightness was reduced in the 3.6 version of the Cathedral.
Fixed an issue where the peripheral brightness was too bright in the Obsidian version.
Fixed an issue where interior brightness was too dark.

How to activate the WetSurface effect.

I thought the WetSurface effect was awkward. It was also resource intensive.
However, in some scenes it can be very good. So I customized the values and entered them in ENB.
You can always use the reflection effect if you like.
Be sure to follow the process below.

A. Check EnableWetSurfaces and EnableRainWetSurfaces

B. Save the ENB settings.

C. Restart the game.

You must go through this process.

(Optional) d. If you want to apply the cubemap reflection effect, check the marked area.

(Optional)  e. 
Check IgnoreWeatherSystem Check this if you want to use the WetSurfaces effect only interior

How to do color boosting

Simply check TechniqueColor.
The value has already been set.


Shift + Enter = Turn on ENB settings
Shift + Up = turn off enb
HOME = Enable/Disable FPS Limit



 Cathedral weather and Obsidian Weather versions are available. Cathedral is bright and sunny, Obsidian has strong sunlight.
Be sure to match the weather mode and version.



Same as other ENB presets.
a. Download the latest binary (

b. Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll to the Skyrim SE installationfolder.

c. Install weather mode to use (Catherdral or Obsidian)

d. Install ENB Helper and Old Skyrim SE Shader Bundle to fix SSS in ENB onSSE 1.5.80 Both files exist in the link below.

e. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the contents to the Skyrim SEinstallation folder.
l ELFXwith Enhancer is recommended as the interior mod.

f. Check the following value  in Skyrimprefs.ini.

bUseTAA = 1
bVolumetricLightingEnable = 1
iVolumetricLightingQuality = 0 or 1 or 2 (choose according to your computer's
performance low, Medium high)

g. Launch the game and make sure the brightness slider in the screenSettings is in the middle.

(This is a recommendation, if you are not using TAA, adjust the sharpnessvalue in Postpass.fx in the in-game GUI, and consider using SMAA + FXAA)


Boris Vorontsov –ENB Bethesda – Skyrim
LonelyKitsune – Silent Horiozn ENB –effect,prepass,Adaptation, Luts, etc
-Marty McFly - Depth of Field
-Kyokushinoyama - Lens DirtTextures
-Christoph Peters - Blue NoiseTextures For help or knowledge:
-Timothy Lottes - VDR Tonemapperpresentation
-John Hable - Filmic Worlds blog
                     -Kingeric1992 - Procedural ghost flares,Adaption and SMAA Header
Firemanaf – Re-engaged ENB – Bloom Shader, postpass.
                     - MaxG3D-For his ENB Bloom Shaders
                     - JawZ-for his ENB postpass shaders       
omega2008 -Pictureques ENB – HSL Shift
TheDaedricDoll – D.D Lut 
Meonmeon'  - Meonmeon'  LUT : Blog :
Extra Lut Code - l00ping.
tetrodoxin - Senpai, Old World, Aqua Lut Filter 

- 기타 면상림 제작자,피드백 오지게 해준 툴갤 혼모노들