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Created from scratch MCM for CBBE 3BA (3BBB) by Acro748 to support MCM Helper. Saves settings as you change them, automatically loads settings on startup or game load, imports settings from an existing save, so you don't have to spend time in MCM again with each game. Localization support. No plugin.

Permissions and credits
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This is QoL type mod. Adds MCM Helper support for CBBE 3BA (3BBB) by Acro748. Saves settings as you change them, automatically loads settings on startup or game load, imports settings from an existing save, so you don't have to spend time in MCM again with each game. Localization support. No plugin.

1. Install CBBE 3BA (3BBB) in version: 2.42 or 2.43 or 2.44 or 2.45 or 2.46 or 2.47.
2. Install loader.
3. Configure "CBBE 3BA" in MCM (Settings will be imported automatically from an existing save).
4. Every game will automatically load user settings.

  • Very easy to use - automatically saves and loads settings, no user interaction required.
  • Fast - settings are loaded directly at script initialization without any additional steps.
  • Automatically imports settings from an existing game (the settings will be imported after loading the game, or if the base mod does not use functions OnGameReload/OnUpdate after opening MCM).
  • Localization support.
  • Ability to set delay in seconds for automatic loading.
  • Ability to enable loading settings when reloading the game.
  • Ability to disable automatic loading.
  • Ability to load settings manually.
  • Ability to reset all settings.

All MCM Helper-based loaders automatically save and load settings. You don't have to do anything in this regard.

Saved settings location: "MCM\Settings\3BBB.ini".


The main mod has been updated, does your mod need an update?
If the MCM menu file has changed, yes.

Main mod updated and MCM changed, when will you update your mod?
As soon as possible, if I forget, just send me a PM.

Is your mod compatible with mod X?
Probably yes, if MCM has not been changed. Most "Settings Loaders" mods just change the MCM. If you are unsure, please ask me.

Will you combine all your mods into one?
No, this will drastically increase my mod management time, make bug fixes, version update, and the comments section a mess. These mods do not take plugin slots. I will create an AIO installer in the future, so installation will be very easy.

MCM doesn't show up.
  • This can often be resolved by opening the command console and typing: setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1
  • You can also install Jaxonz MCM Kicker SE.
  • Or just use Menu Maid 2 - MCM manager (this manager automatically finds and adds all MCMs).

Why MCM is empty?
You need to install MCM Helper for your version of the game. Make sure you don't mix mods for SE(1.5.97) with the AE(1.6.+) version.

But I already have the MCM Helper in the correct version for my game! MCM is still empty!
  • Just save the game and load it.
  • If you are using WryeBash make sure the installer has added the json files.

Settings do not load or a specific option does not load.
If you have a lot of mods with scripts, the engine can't keep up. Set a delay for loading settings in the "Maintenance" tab.

Can I install the loader midgame?
Yes, all settings from MCM will be imported automatically. Depending on how the base mod was created, the settings will be imported after loading the game, or if the base mod does not use functions OnGameReload/OnUpdate after opening MCM.

LE|SE Configurable Notification Messages      LE|SE Configurable Bribery  LE|SE Recorder - MCM   
LE|SE Improved Alternate Conversation Camera  LE|SE Custom HUD Presets    LE|SE Regen Cap        
LE|SE Menu Maid 2 - MCM manager               LE|SE Shout Organizer       LE|SE Spell Organizer  
LE|SE Yet Another Difficulty Mod              LE|SE SkyUI MCM Hotkey      

Settings Loader Series
[Automatically save and load user settings]
LE|SE Adventurers and Travelers - RE     LE|SE A Matter Of Time       LE|SE A Closer Look    LE|SE 3PCO       
LE|SE Afterlife - Resurrected            LE|SE Animated Ingredients   LE|SE Apocalypse       LE|SE AGO        
LE|SE Animated Eating Redux              LE|SE Animated Poisons       LE|SE Better Hunters   LE|SE AllGUD     
LE|SE Animated Interactions And Idles    LE|SE Animated Potions       LE|SE BFL Redux        LE|SE BHUNP      
LE|SE Animated Wings Ultimate            LE|SE ASG Multithreaded      LE|SE BlockSteal       LE|SE CACO       
LE|SE Armor and Clothing Extension       LE|SE Atlas Map Markers      LE|SE Bounty Gold      LE|SE CCOR       
LE|SE Cathedral Weathers MCM             LE|SE Better FaceLight       LE|SE Clockwork        LE|SE CGO        
LE|SE Challenging Spell Learning         LE|SE Better Vampires        LE|SE Console Binder   LE|SE DDCse      
LE|SE Combat Difficulty Customizer       LE|SE CBBE 3BA (3BBB)        LE|SE Deadly Dragons   LE|SE DMCO       
LE|SE Conditional Expressions            LE|SE Conditional Idles      LE|SE Deadly Wenches   LE|SE Draw 2     
LE|SE Configurable Commentary Rate       LE|SE Custom Difficulty UI   LE|SE Dirt and Blood   LE|SE GIST       
LE|SE Conner's Survival Mode             LE|SE Customizable Camera    LE|SE Easy Wheelmenu   LE|SE Go to bed  
LE|SE Destructible Display Cases         LE|SE Dual Wield Parrying    LE|SE Exhaustion       LE|SE Growl      
LE|SE Diziet's Bath Undressing           LE|SE Extended Encounters    LE|SE Extended UI      LE|SE Heels Fix  
LE|SE Dynamic Immersive Dark Dungeons    LE|SE Farmhouse Chimneys     LE|SE GLENMORIL        LE|SE iEquip     
LE|SE Dynamic Things Alternative BOS     LE|SE Fertility Mode+        LE|SE Hateful Wenches  LE|SE IHarvest   
LE|SE Enchanting Adjustments             LE|SE Fine-Tuned Challenge   LE|SE Honed Metal      LE|SE Imperious  
LE|SE Enhanced Blood Textures            LE|SE Focused Power Slot     LE|SE Immersive HUD    LE|SE iNeed      
LE|SE Frozen Electrocuted Combustion     LE|SE Forgotten Wenches      LE|SE iNeed Continued  LE|SE Missives   
LE|SE Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks  LE|SE Immersive Armors       LE|SE Maximum Carnage  LE|SE moreHUD    
LE|SE Immersive Interactions             LE|SE Immersive Wenches      LE|SE Morning Fogs     LE|SE OBIS       
LE|SE Immersive Spell Learning           LE|SE Inpa Sekiro Combat     LE|SE Predator Vision  LE|SE OBody NG   
LE|SE Immersive World Encounters         LE|SE JS Emissive Eyes       LE|SE Quick Light      LE|SE Ordinator  
LE|SE Knockout and Surrender             LE|SE Judgment Wenches       LE|SE QuickLoot EE     XX|SE Ostim      
LE|SE Lanterns Of Skyrim II              LE|SE Loot and Degradation   LE|SE Read the Room    LE|SE PACE       
LE|SE Legacy of the Dragonborn           LE|SE Mists of Tamriel       LE|SE Sacrosanct       LE|SE PROTEUS    
LE|SE Less Intrusive HUD II              LE|SE Party Damage Control   LE|SE Sets of Skills   LE|SE R.A.S.S.   
LE|SE Melee Power Knockback              LE|SE Phenderix Elements     LE|SE Simple Horse     LE|SE RDO        
LE|SE More Interesting Loot Reborn       LE|SE Realistic Water Two    LE|SE SkyRem - Mia     LE|SE Requiem    
LE|SE Nether's Follower Framework        LE|SE Shovels Bury Bodies    LE|SE Sleep Tight      LE|SE Sacrilege  
LE|SE Obsidian Weathers and Seasons      LE|SE Sidequests of Skyrim   LE|SE Sneak Tools      LE|SE Sky Idles  
LE|SE Optimal Potion Hotkey              LE|SE Signature Equipment    LE|SE SoS Complete     LE|SE Smilodon   
LE|SE Passive Weapon Recharging          LE|SE Skyrim Cheat Engine    LE|SE Spellforge       LE|SE Sofia      
LE|SE Relationship Change Notifications  LE|SE Skysa Grip Switch      LE|SE Stendarr Rising  LE|SE SOS        
LE|SE Separate Power Attacks             LE|SE Sleep to Level Up      LE|SE Storm Lightning  LE|SE SSSO       
LE|SE Simple Offence Suppression         LE|SE Smart NPC Potions      LE|SE Summermyst       LE|SE SunHelm    
LE|SE Skyrim Immersive Creatures         LE|SE Souls Quick Menu       LE|SE Take A Peek      LE|SE TCBM       
LE|SE SOT Sleeping Encounters            LE|SE Stealth Meter Tweak    LE|SE TK HitStop       LE|SE TK Dodge   
LE|SE Stances-Dynamic Animation Sets     LE|SE Taunt Your Enemies     LE|SE Ultimate Combat  LE|SE Unslaad    
LE|SE Survival Control Panel             LE|SE The Wheels of Lull     LE|SE Unarmed Hotkey   LE|SE Vayne      
LE|SE The Ultimate Dodge Mod             LE|SE Timing is Everything   LE|SE Unlucky Loot     LE|SE VIGILANT   
LE|SE Thieves Guild Requirements         LE|SE Toggle Compass Hotkey  LE|SE Vivid Weathers   LE|SE VioLens    
LE|SE Wards Functionalities Extended     LE|SE Trade and Barter       LE|SE Wet and Cold     LE|SE Wildcat    
LE|SE Werewolf Favourite Howls Menu      LE|SE Ultimate Dragons       LE|SE Widget Addon     LE|SE Wintersun  
LE|SE Werewolf Transformation Timer      LE|SE Unlimited Fast Travel  LE|SE Widget Mod       LE|SE Wounds     
LE|SE Witcher Style Meditate Waiting     LE|SE Unread Books Glow      XX|SE Widget Mod SEE   LE|SE XPMSSE     
LE|SE Your Choices Matter - DB           LE|SE Wonders of Weather     LE|SE Wyrmstooth       

SE Only
Notification Log|Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul|No Edge Glow|Realistic Death Physics|Dog Followers are Huskies
Random Emotions|Sensual Hagraven ESPFE|Ambriel Custom Delayed Start|Slip Off Slopes MCM|Moonlight Tales MCM Updated
NPCs Travel MCM|Faster Woodcutting Animation|Faster Mining Animation|Hide and Seek - MCM|Footprints CC Saturalia

Plants         Creation Club|3DNPC|Wyrmstooth|GLENMORIL|VIGILANT|Beyond Reach|Mari's Tundra Berries
               Beyond Skyrim Bruma|More plants and recipes|Waterview in Skyrim
Followers      Cristina|Bridget -Orphan Girl-|Bridget|Ersilia|Fredrika|Hana|Ina|Miqo'te|Horora
NPC Replacers  SeraNya
Clothes        GZ Onepiece 4
Tweaks         Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom| Mods Manager Menu Disable|Skyrim Always Active
               Delay The Forsworn Conspiracy|Falskaar - Addons and Patches - Fast Travel fix|SPID for Footprints fix
               Konahrik's Accoutrements - Fixed Esp|Goblins and Durzogs SE - Fixed esl|No NPC names in subtitles
               Borderless Window Mode|SPID for Footprints - Player Footprints Fix
Tools          ESPFE Follower - Eslify facegen and voices|FormList Manipulator|Papyrus Debug Mode

Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
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