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Automatically loads the user config file of the "Less Intrusive HUD II" mod after you start NEW GAME or install this mod, so you don't have to spend time in MCM again with each new game. NO plugin. NO NEW GAME NEEDED.

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This is QoL type mod. Automatically loads the user config file of the "Less Intrusive HUD II" mod after you start NEW GAME or install this mod, so you don't have to spend time in MCM again with each new game. NO plugin. NO NEW GAME NEEDED.

You DON'T need to install Less Intrusive HUD II - FISS Patch -towatot for FISSES support.
If you have CTD using FISS, switch to PapyrusUtil. FISS can't handle loading settings from more than one mod at a time.

1. Install mod.
2. Configure "Less Intrusive HUD II" mod in MCM and with hotkeys.
3. Go to
a) FISS: General Settings->FileAccess Interface->Save personal present.
b) PapyrusUtil: Maintenance->User Settings->Save.
4. Every new game will automatically load saved user settings.

You can try my Custom HUD Presets to see you they fit your taste :D


1. I have CTD:
Disable all Loaders that use FISS. Enable them one by one and after each activation, start the game, configure the settings and save them using PapyrusUtil.
Using FISS in 2 or more scripts at once causes CTD.

2. Failed to save user settings.
You are using wrong PapyrusUtil version. For SE is 3.9, for AE 4.+.

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[Adds the ability to save and load user settings, automatically loads settings at startup]
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Followers:    Cristina|Bridget -Orphan Girl-|Bridget|Ersilia|Fredrika|Hana|Ina|Miqo'te|Horora
NPC Replacers:SeraNya
Clothes:      GZ Onepiece 4
Tweaks:       Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom| Mods Manager Menu Disable|Skyrim Always Active 
Tools:        ESPFE Follower - Eslify facegen and voices

Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
If you appreciate my work please give me Kudos and Endorse my mods. For me, they are a source of motivation to work.
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