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Hide, rename and reorder any of the unlimited mod configuration menus you can have with this manager.

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Menu Maid 2 - MCM Manager
Menu Maid 2 is an MCM manager and the successor to MenuMaid. Completely written using SKSE and CommonLibSSE-NG, all logic and data is in the SKSE plugin, scripts are not used to manage MCMs. Written with the SE version in mind, but also works with the AE and VR (Thank you Telstarado for confirmation!).

This is my first mod written using SKSE. Although I have tried to make it bug free, unfortunately bugs can occur. Please be understanding and report them.

How it works?

MenuMaid2 manages the mod configuration menu display. The display of mods is as similar as possible to the original one. If the number of mods displayed (hidden menus are not counted) is less than or equal to the specified maximum value of mods per page, the appearance of the list will not change. If the number of mods per page exceeds this number, there will be "Next Page" and "Previous Page" buttons to navigate through the mods divided into pages. 

Unlimited amount of MCM
This mod supports unlimited MCMs by using SKSE plugin. No additional steps are needed to do this. 

To hide a mod's menu, simply uncheck it on the Visibility tab. Selecting the menu again will make it visible again. 

To rename a mod's menu, go to the Rename tab and select the mod you want to rename. To revert to the original name, simply rename to blank.

Menus in SkYUI are always sorted alphabetically. For this reason, reordering is done by adding a number to the name. Allowed values are 0-99. The number -1 disables this functionality.

  • unlimited MCMs (you are only limited by the amount of your ram),
  • hiding MCMs,
  • renaming MCMs (blank disables this functionality, reverting to the original name),
  • changing the order of MCMs ,
  • remote MCMs registration,
  • ability to set the number of mods per page (10-125),
  • Menu Maid 2 mcm name change (from 2.0.0)
  • automatic detection and registration of missing MCMs (from 2.0.0)
  • persist settings across game saves (from 2.0.0)
  • build-in support for installing in existing game (from 2.0.0)
  • ability to start in dismiss mode (from 2.0.0)
  • localization support, automatically loads and use MCM name translations.
  • automatically saves all settings to an INI file and uses them, both for a new game and for menu registration, settings path: "SKSE\Plugins\MenuMaid2.ini"
  • all logic and data is in SKSE plugin, no scripts are used to manage MCMs,
  • intuitive MCM to change settings,
  • ability to completely disable and enable this mod in MCM,
  • it does not use Trampoline, so it does not count towards the plugin limit.

All settings are saved to the INI file and automatically used when starting a new game or registering a menu whose settings have been saved to the INI file. You can modify this file yourself.

Its structure is as follows (change [Untranslated Menu Name] to something like $CCOR_CompleteCrafting):

Settings location: "SKSE\Plugins\MenuMaid2.ini".


Available for AE, SE and VR but only SE version was tested, AE and VR versions not.

Incompatible with mods that change the SKI_ConfigManager.pex file.

SkyUI Resort
This mod has support for unlimited MCM, so there is no need to use SkyUI Resort.

MCM Recorder
Works out of the box. Remember to enter "Dismiss" mode if you record or playback settings with MCM Recorder.

Installing, updating and uninstalling?

Is it compatible with mods that reskin the MCM Menu like Dear Diary?
Yes (Nordic UI in ss).

Can you add XYZ?
I would be happy to take suggestions for new features. Since this is my first SKSE plugin I can't promise to make them. 

I don't see the XYZ mod configuration menu!
Detection of configuration menus is now automatic and you don't have to do anything. 
But if you have trouble with this, here is instruction:

I found a bug!
To report bug, please: 

Is it possible to make this mod compatible with another mod that modifies the SKI_ConfigManager.pex file?
Yes, you only need to change 4 functions (RegisterMod, UnregisterMod, OnMenuOpen, OnModSelect
) as in the listings below.


LE|SE Configurable Notification Messages      LE|SE BSBruma Growable Plants  LE|SE Shout Organizer  
LE|SE Improved Alternate Conversation Camera  LE|SE Configurable Bribery     LE|SE Spell Organizer  
LE|SE Menu Maid 2 - MCM manager               LE|SE Custom HUD Presets       
LE|SE Waterview in Skyrim - Plants            LE|SE More plants and recipes  

Settings Loader Series
[Automatically save and load user settings]

SE Only
               Notification Log|Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul|No Edge Glow|Realistic Death Physics
               Dog Followers are Huskies|Random Emotions|Sensual Hagraven ESPFE|Ambriel Custom Delayed Start
               More Plantable Plants for Creation Club|Slip Off Slopes MCM
Followers      Cristina|Bridget -Orphan Girl-|Bridget|Ersilia|Fredrika|Hana|Ina|Miqo'te|Horora
NPC Replacers  SeraNya
Clothes        GZ Onepiece 4
Tweaks         Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom| Mods Manager Menu Disable|Skyrim Always Active
               Delay The Forsworn Conspiracy|Falskaar - Addons and Patches - Fast Travel fix|SPID for Footprints fix
               No NPC names in subtitles
Tools          ESPFE Follower - Eslify facegen and voices

Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
If you appreciate my work please give me Kudos and Endorse my mods. For me, they are a source of motivation to work.
Paypal or Ko-fi donation is also a good way to say thank you. You can be my Patron on Patreon.