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Keeps Skyrim always active, even in the background. ESL flagged. Compatible with literally everything.

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Keeps Skyrim always active, even in the background by applying the Skyrim.ini settings for you. ESL flagged. Compatible with literally everything.

If my little tweak helped you, please endorse.

I want Skyrim to be active when I use alt + tab to do other things. I also don't want to remember all the Skyrim.ini tweaks.

This is just a blank .esp to let Skyrim apply the included ini settings.
If you don't want to use mod, edit your own Skyrim.ini:

LE|SE Spell Organizer - Hide Remove Spells LE|SE Shout Organize - Hide Remove Shouts LE|SE Custom HUD Presets
LE|SE MenuMaid - hide unwanted MCM LE|SE Configurable Bribery - Immersive bribes
LE|SE Configurable Notification Messages

Settings Loader Series
[Automatically save and load user settings]
LE|SE Adventurers and Travelers - RE     LE|SE A Matter Of Time      LE|SE A Closer Look   LE|SE 3PCO       
LE|SE Animated Eating Redux              LE|SE Better FaceLight      LE|SE Apocalypse      LE|SE AGO        
LE|SE Animated Wings Ultimate            LE|SE CBBE 3BA (3BBB)       LE|SE BlockSteal      LE|SE AllGUD     
LE|SE Armor and Clothing Extension       LE|SE Conditional Idles     LE|SE Bounty Gold     LE|SE BHUNP      
LE|SE Cathedral Weathers MCM             LE|SE Customizable Camera   LE|SE Deadly Dragons  LE|SE CACO       
LE|SE Combat Difficulty Customizer       LE|SE Dual Wield Parrying   LE|SE Deadly Wenches  LE|SE CCOR       
LE|SE Conditional Expressions            LE|SE Extended Encounters   LE|SE Dirt and Blood  LE|SE CGO        
LE|SE Destructible Display Cases         LE|SE Farmhouse Chimneys    LE|SE Easy Wheelmenu  LE|SE Draw 2     
LE|SE Dynamic Things Alternative BOS     LE|SE Forgotten Wenches     LE|SE Exhaustion      LE|SE GIST       
LE|SE Enhanced Blood Textures            LE|SE Hateful Wenches       LE|SE Extended UI     LE|SE Growl      
LE|SE Frozen Electrocuted Combustion     LE|SE Immersive Armors      LE|SE Go to bed       LE|SE iEquip     
LE|SE Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks  LE|SE Immersive Wenches     LE|SE Honed Metal     LE|SE iNeed      
LE|SE Immersive Interactions             LE|SE iNeed Continued       LE|SE Immersive HUD   LE|SE Missives   
LE|SE Immersive Spell Learning           LE|SE Inpa Sekiro Combat    LE|SE Imperious       LE|SE moreHUD    
LE|SE Immersive World Encounters         LE|SE JS Emissive Eyes      LE|SE Morning Fogs    LE|SE OBIS       
LE|SE Less Intrusive HUD II              LE|SE Judgment Wenches      LE|SE Ordinator       XX|SE Ostim      
LE|SE Nether's Follower Framework        LE|SE Predator Vision       LE|SE Quick Light     LE|SE PACE       
LE|SE Obsidian Weathers and Seasons      LE|SE Realistic Water Two   LE|SE Sacrilege       LE|SE R.A.S.S.   
LE|SE Optimal Potion Hotkey              LE|SE Signature Equipment   LE|SE Sacrosanct      LE|SE RDO        
LE|SE Party Damage Control               LE|SE Skysa Grip Switch     LE|SE Simple Horse    LE|SE Requiem    
LE|SE Passive Weapon Recharging          LE|SE Sleep to Level Up     LE|SE Sleep Tight     LE|SE Smilodon   
LE|SE Sidequests of Skyrim               LE|SE Smart NPC Potions     LE|SE SoS Complete    LE|SE Sofia      
LE|SE Simple Offence Suppression         LE|SE Souls Quick Menu      LE|SE Spellforge      LE|SE SSSO       
LE|SE Skyrim Immersive Creatures         LE|SE Stealth Meter Tweak   LE|SE Summermyst      LE|SE TCBM       
LE|SE SOT Sleeping Encounters            LE|SE Stendarr Rising       LE|SE TK HitStop      LE|SE TK Dodge   
LE|SE Stances-Dynamic Animation Sets     LE|SE Storm Lightning       LE|SE Unarmed Hotkey  LE|SE VioLens    
LE|SE The Ultimate Dodge Mod             LE|SE Timing is Everything  LE|SE Unlucky Loot    LE|SE Wildcat    
LE|SE Thieves Guild Requirements         LE|SE Trade and Barter      LE|SE Vivid Weathers  LE|SE Wintersun  
LE|SE Wards Functionalities Extended     LE|SE Ultimate Combat       LE|SE Widget Addon    LE|SE XPMSSE     
LE|SE Werewolf Favourite Howls Menu      LE|SE Ultimate Dragons      LE|SE Widget Mod      
LE|SE Witcher Style Meditate Waiting     LE|SE Unread Books Glow     XX|SE Widget Mod SEE  
LE|SE Your Choices Matter - DB           LE|SE Wonders of Weather    LE|SE Wyrmstooth      

SE Only
               Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul|No Edge Glow|Realistic Death Physics|Dog Followers are Huskies
Followers      Cristina|Bridget -Orphan Girl-|Bridget|Ersilia|Fredrika|Hana|Ina|Miqo'te|Horora
NPC Replacers  SeraNya
Clothes        GZ Onepiece 4
Tweaks         Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom| Mods Manager Menu Disable|Skyrim Always Active
Tools          ESPFE Follower - Eslify facegen and voices

Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
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