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I mainly create QoL mods, you probably know me from my Settings Loader Series.
Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
If you appreciate my work please give me Kudos and Endorse my mods. For me, they are a source of motivation to work.
Paypal or Ko-fi donation is also a good way to say thank you. You can be my Patron on Patreon.
Thank you all for the words of appreciation. Thanks also for hundreds of requests for new patches. I will try to release new ones as soon as possible so that you can reduce your time in MCM to zero.
I have tons of messages and requests. If I forgot something, don't hesitate to remind me of it with PM. You can also use PM to ask me anything. I am always happy to help.


LE|SE Spell Organizer - Hide Remove Spells LE|SE Shout Organize - Hide Remove Shouts LE|SE Custom HUD Presets
Settings Loader Series
[Adds the ability to save and load user settings, automatically loads settings at startup]
LE|SE Enhanced Blood Textures        LE|SE A Matter Of Time  LE|SE Wyrmstooth  LE|SE XPMSSE      
LE|SE Skyrim Immersive Creatures     LE|SE Immersive HUD     LE|SE Wintersun   LE|SE AllGUD
LE|SE Realistic Water Two            LE|SE Deadly Dragons    LE|SE Summermyst  LE|SE Growl
LE|SE Frozen Electrocuted Combustion LE|SE Unread Books Glow LE|SE Sacrosanct  LE|SE VioLens
LE|SE Less Intrusive HUD II          LE|SE Widget Mod        LE|SE Apocalypse  LE|SE Missives
LE|SE Customizable Camera            XX|SE Widget Mod SEE    LE|SE Ordinator   LE|SE Wildcat
LE|SE Sidequests of Skyrim           LE|SE Easy Wheelmenu    LE|SE Go to bed   LE|SE OBIS
LE|SE Immersive World Encounters     LE|SE Dirt and Blood    LE|SE Imperious   LE|SE GIST
LE|SE Cathedral Weathers MCM         LE|SE CBBE 3BA (3BBB)   LE|SE TK Dodge    LE|SE moreHUD
LE|SE Immersive Interactions         LE|SE Ultimate Combat   LE|SE R.A.S.S.    LE|SE BHUNP
LE|SE The Ultimate Dodge Mod         LE|SE iNeed Continued   LE|SE iNeed       LE|SE TCBM
LE|SE Nether's Follower Framework    LE|SE Vivid Weathers    XX|SE Ostim       LE|SE RDO
LE|SE Honed Metal
NPC Replacers:SeraNya
Clothes:      GZ Onepiece 4