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I mainly create QoL mods, you probably know me from my Settings Loader Series.
Hope my mods made your game more enjoyable and less cumbersome to configure.
If you appreciate my work please give me Kudos and Endorse my mods. For me, they are a source of motivation to work.
Paypal or Ko-fi donation is also a good way to say thank you. You can be my Patron on Patreon.

Thank you all for the words of appreciation. Thanks also for hundreds of requests for new patches. I will try to release new ones as soon as possible so that you can reduce your time in MCM to zero.

All MCM Helper-based loaders automatically save and load settings. You don't have to do anything in this regard.

I have tons of messages and requests. If I forgot something, don't hesitate to remind me of it with PM.

Anyone can translate my mods, as long as the translation needs the original to work. Anyone can release presets from my loaders and other mods as they wish.


LE|SE Configurable Bribery                    LE|SE Custom HUD Presets  LE|SE Recorder - MCM  
LE|SE Configurable Notification Messages      LE|SE Shout Organizer     LE|SE Regen Cap       
LE|SE Improved Alternate Conversation Camera  LE|SE SkyUI MCM Hotkey    
LE|SE Menu Maid 2 - MCM manager               LE|SE Spell Organizer     

Settings Loader Series

[Automatically save and load user settings]


SE Only

Notification Log|Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul|No Edge Glow|Realistic Death Physics|Dog Followers are Huskies
Random Emotions|Sensual Hagraven ESPFE|Ambriel Custom Delayed Start|Slip Off Slopes MCM|Moonlight Tales MCM Updated
NPCs Travel MCM|Faster Woodcutting Animation|Faster Mining Animation|Hide and Seek - MCM|Footprints CC Saturalia

Plants         Creation Club|3DNPC|Wyrmstooth|GLENMORIL|VIGILANT|Beyond Reach|Mari's Tundra Berries
               Beyond Skyrim Bruma|More plants and recipes|Waterview in Skyrim
Followers      Cristina|Bridget -Orphan Girl-|Bridget|Ersilia|Fredrika|Hana|Ina|Miqo'te|Horora
NPC Replacers  SeraNya
Clothes        GZ Onepiece 4
Tweaks         Fullscreen Book and Item Zoom| Mods Manager Menu Disable|Skyrim Always Active
               Delay The Forsworn Conspiracy|Falskaar - Addons and Patches - Fast Travel fix|SPID for Footprints fix
               Konahrik's Accoutrements - Fixed Esp|Goblins and Durzogs SE - Fixed esl|No NPC names in subtitles
               SPID for Footprints - Player Footprints Fix
Tools          ESPFE Follower - Eslify facegen and voices|FormList Manipulator|Papyrus Debug Mode