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Adds Ordinator perks to Path of Sorcery in a tasteful and somewhat balanced fashion.

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Path to Ordinance is a small but very impactful mod that introduces Path of Sorcery perks to Ordinator. This is not just a splice like Vokriinator++, but it changes, combines, and rebalances several perks in order to facilitate more unique and interesting builds. If you are looking for a completely unique playthrough, give Path to Ordinance a try!

“My magic is my armor.”
In Path to Ordinance, Alteration is by far the most diverse school of magic. Within this tree, you will find perks that can change your attributes, open locks, make you intangible, change the way you cast perks, and even turn your enemies to gold. In order to fit everything, many perks have actually been merged. A fix for Path of Sorcery's “Synergy” perk is also included. Full list of perks:


"The Conjuration Mage never stands alone."
Conjuration is split into two distinct paths – the path of the Necromancer and the path of the Oblivion Caller. Command an army of the undead, the ranks of which consist of mighty revenants, rattling skeletons, and even undead Dragons. The oblivion caller is an army by himself, able to conjure forth atronachs, daedra, and wield weapons of terrible power.  


"Fire, frost, or shock - you will perish by MY hand."
Fire, frost, and lightning. Rain down disaster on your foes and become a walking force of nature. Will you wield all elements, casting them in devastating combinations or will you specialize in a single element, unlocking its hidden potential? Or will you rely more on skullduggery and runes to unmake your enemies before they even know what hit them?


"I am a master artificer. The artifacts of old are naught but cheap baubles compared to my masterworks."

Enchanting is the art of imbuing the physical with magic. In Path to Ordinance, Enchanters are able to better use staves, scrolls, and enchanted weapons as well as weaving magic in-between each strike. Pour time into your items and they shall serve you well when the time comes.


"Restoration is the school of magic that manipulates the energy of living things. Whether to heal, protect or harm is up to you."
Many consider Restoration to be the healer's school. That is not false, but it leaves out the whole truth – a restoration master can control all manners of natural energies. Even some... unnatural ones. To master restoration is to understand its divisions – The Healer, the Wardmage, the Crusader, the Revenant, and the Devotee.  


 After some deliberation, I decided to split up the installation into two different files. The first one is Core File, which includes the mod itself. When installing, you will be asked to choose between two different Illusion trees – Ordinator's and Path of Sorcery's. Choosing Ordinator's perk tree will revert all changes to illusion spells back to vanilla which might be better for compatibility.

The second file includes several compatibility patches. Note that some of them can be used without Path to Ordinance, like the Animated Armory patch. The reason why they are no longer packed is to allow the user to install the patches at the end of the modding process so as to avoid accidentally forgetting a patch.

Finally, load order is extremely important – if you get it wrong, Path to Ordinance will NOT work. LOOT WILL get the load order wrong, so you will need to adjust it manually.

Path of Sorcery →Ordinator → Path to Ordinance → PoS Patches → Ordinator Patches → Path to Ordinance Patches

I cannot stress enough how important it is to load path of sorcery BEFORE ordinator for this mod to work. This is a very deliberate choice on my part to make sure that certain perks like Arc Burn work properly. While Path of Sorcery will work with Ordinator, there are a few problems. If you were using Path of Sorcery with Ordinator in the past, you may have noticed that certain Ordinator destruction perks would actually activate. In the case of Arc Burn, getting “Augmented Shock” would cause you to be able to use it!
If you are using aBashed/Smash/Merged patch, know that it can (and will) mess up. My advice is to remove ALL Perk entries, remove “AVAlteration”, “AVConjuration”, “AVDestruction”, “AVEnchanting”, and “AVRestoration” under “Actor Values”.  As far as compatibility goes, the only conflicts that you will have will come from patches for Ordinator and/or Path of Sorcery. I have included a number of patches available, but if you notice any compatibility problems do contact me.

Enai Siaion and Steelfeathers for their mods and advice.

The xEdit team for their amazing program – this mod would not have been possible without it.

Corpseletter for help with getting everything to work.

SimonMagnus , ViktorF, ALEXXiRAPTOR, Ricky, and several other individuals from multiple discords. Thank you for putting up with my ceaseless questions and for your invaluable feedback!