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A 'simple' patching/merging of three major perk overhauls and one excellent spell mod, forming a single enormous replacement for Skyrim's (skill) perk trees.

Permissions and credits
Minor update: The big old Real Life has been giving me a runaround this week, so updates (like me documenting more perk descriptions down below) keep getting pushed back. I'll post updates when I can get to it, but in the meantime, sorry for the slowdown!

This amalgamation of perk tree replacers was born from the decision that one perk overhaul mod was not enough for my Skyrim. I set out to melt together my favourites and reshape them to more-or-less fit the constellations that represent each perk tree, and this is the result.

This overhaul forms its core from EnaiSiaion's Ordinator and TheThirdRace's TTRSO, with the Magic skills' trees significantly expanded via steelfeathers' Path of Sorcery and rounded out with built-in support for reaperix's Elemental Destruction Magic.
Elemental Destruction Magic was patched in with some reference to DrMonops' patch with Path of Sorcery and Studio5's patch with Ordinator. Their patches helped me learn how to modify what I wanted out of the other mods' content.

The "Ferris Perks.esp" has the core mods as masters. Installation order should be:
<main Skyrim .esm files>
. . .
. . .
Elemental Destruction.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Elemental Destruction - Ordinator Patch.esp (recommended for its updates to EDM's and Ordinator's assets, but shouldn't be strictly necessary)
Ferris Perks.esp
. . .

TTRSO comes in a merged or a modular version, but which one you choose shouldn't make a difference. I used the modular version in making this; if you choose modular, all the .esp files should be deactivated, and only the TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esm should be activated. With the merged version, it shouldn't be much different - just make sure the .esm is activated and you should be good to go.

For users curious about compatibility with NSO: I've learned from MrSkyrimBro that using Wrye Bash to redirect master references from Ordinator and Elemental Destruction Magic to NSO's file instead seems to work mostly as normal. From how that's set up I would imagine Mayhem overwrites NSO's merged changes to the Thief perk tree, but that can be solved with some fenangling with xEdit (creating a patch plugin simply copying NSO's changes and loading it after Mayhem). As I don't have access to NSO, I can't test or confirm this myself.

Details on the perk trees can be found below, but first, some acknowledgements.

Mayhem has been posted with permission from EnaiSiaion, TheThirdRace, steelfeathers, and reaperix. Without their mods this one would have no reason to exist, and without their permission it would have no right to. So a huge thanks to all the mod authors referenced here!
These were all mods that I became enamoured with upon trying them out and seeing them in action, and I couldn't bear having to choose between them. You've each made something great enough that I just had to have all of it, and that's incredible.

Combat Skill Perks

Descriptions of other perk trees coming soon!
Light Armour