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Gives Serana a home away from home in the Safehouse! It can't be worse than a Dusty old castle, right?

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  • German
There's a joke about a vampire goth girlfriend here somewhere. I was having such a great time with all of my modded companions in the Safehouse, and wanted Serana to be included on all the DnD-style hijinks. 


NOTE: This is an UNOFFICIAL patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn, if you need help or experience an issue please leave a comment here or send me a DM. 


  • Vampire and alchemy-themed area for Serana. It will start out rather sparse but becomes properly furnished once you finish the Dawnguard DLC. Compatible with any incarnation of Serana (vanilla/SDA/etc) as the patch doesn't make any changes to her. The Molag Bal shrine painting has an alternate texture available under 'Update Files.'

  • A unique bed for Serana made by gutmaw, giving the room some unique flair. Pairs quite nice with their suite of Snazzy furniture mods and companion rooms!

  • The room will only enable once you buy the Follower Room A/B furniture, and will occupy slot A-3, A-4, B-2, or B-4
  • Below is the room chart from Gutmaw's Follower Patches for reference:

    These rooms are the only ones I plan to maintain. You are, of course, welcome to modify the patch to use a different room. I'll happily link to your mod page or host it here.

  • Six displays:
    1. Vampire Royal armor 
    2. Vampire Gauntlets
    3. Vampire Boots 
    4. Bloodcursed Elven arrows
    5. Sunhallowed Elven arrows 
    6. Scarlet Fang - A new weapon for Serana.

  • Replicas
  • Curator's Companion patch


  1. Download ONE of the patches and Install with a mod manager
  2. (Optional) Download and install the TCC patch
  3. Run everything through LOOT to sort properly.

Don't add this to an existing save, or the patch might not work correctly. It should go without saying but don't swap versions mid-playthrough either.

Other Follower Safehouse room patches:
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Special Thanks:
LOTD Team - Legacy of the Dragonborn, LOTD patch devkit, Curators Companion, Safehouse Plus
Gutmaw - sending me a unique mesh/texture for Serana's bed. It was a lovely surprise and further motivated me to improve this patch. 
Bethesda - Giving us the sarcastic vampire Serana. 

My stuff: 
@thatguy8995 on Discord, Spacedroner in the LOTD discord/elsewhere